Explore World's Greatest Rivers

 Nile River bank (left) and aerial view of the Amazon River (right)

In the upcoming months, we are going to feature the best rivers in the world with exciting itineraries that allow you to explore all that each river has to offer!

This week, we are focusing on two great rivers on separate continents! The Nile in Africa is all about exploring rich and historic cultures, while the Amazon in South America is all about nature taking centre stage! For many, one or both of these rivers are on their must-see travel lists and these itineraries won't disappoint!

The Nile River: Ancient History and Archaeological Marvel

For the full Nile experience with a great mix of activities and sightseeing, as well as a focus on Egyptian history, we recommend Avalon Waterways Highlights of Egypt Itinerary. Sail through 5,000 years of history on this incredible Nile river cruise tour! 9 day river cruise from Cairo to Cairo with 2016 departures.

Want a bit more time to explore the land of the pharaohs? Viking's Pathways of the Pharaohs River Cruise explores the Nile in comfort and style with stops at all the must-see historical sites! Touch the pyramids and see the eternal Sphinx, walk through ancient temples and meet the friendly people of today's Egypt on this enriching 12-day cruisetour with 2016 departures.

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Not interested in a river cruise, but still want to explore the best of the Nile? We suggest Goway's Classic Egypt Land Tour! This tour is a true classic designed to give the traveler with limited time a superb introduction to the civilization of Ancient Egypt, focusing on the Nile and its importance to the people. 9 day journey along the Nile with 2016 departures.  

The Amazon River: Portal to Exotic Plants & Wildlife

For budget conscious travellers who still want the ultimate Amazon experience with a heavy focus on wildlife and the Amazon jungle, we recommend 

G Adventures Riverboat Adventure. Gain a rare glimpse of how life on the river is lived and experience the magic of the Amazon on this once-in-a-lifetime riverboat tour. 9 day Lima to Lima tour with 2015 and 2016 departures.


On the other end of the scale, if you want to experience the Amazon in ultimate luxury, Haimark's Amazon Discovery Itinerary is incomparable! This luxury expedition is aboard the remarkable and new Amazon Discovery. While cruising the Amazon River, guests will explore one of the largest expanses of tropical rainforest in the world, and immerse themselves in the most biologically diverse region on earth. 7 day river cruise with optional land tour extensions.

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For a more regional experience, we absolutely love Oceania's Journey Through The Amazon ocean and river cruise! The stars of this voyage are the mighty Amazon River and the five ports of call along its length along with stops at some of the famed ports in the region. 22 day voyage from Rio de Janeiro to Miami, March 11th to April 2nd, 2016.



Interested in more river cruise options? Avalon Waterways and Seabourn Luxury Cruises offer Amazon river itineraries. Contact us for more information.

To get the most of your Amazon river cruise or if you'd prefer to experience the Amazon jungle by staying in one place, we recommend staying in a remote and luxurious Amazon lodge like La Selva! Contact us about your options!


Aswan on the Nile (left) and view from the deck on an Amazon River Cruise (right)

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