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Excellent Educator Express
2016 Ecker Hill Excellent Educator Winner Liz Thompson, surrounded by the Doilney Family, Deer Valley Resort's Dirk Beal, and her son and husband.
The Excellent Educator Express
"I remember my first day of teaching vividly. I was so excited. By the end of the day, I was telling everyone I couldn't believe I was getting paid for doing something so cool. My family still teases me about it today. I love being a teacher and I can't think of a better place than Ecker Hill Middle School and the Park City School District to be one.  

"But kudos in teaching can be few and far between. I really appreciate PCEF, the Doilney family, and Deer Valley for providing an avenue for us to come together and honor one of our own each year. The Excellent Educator Express Day has become one of my favorite days of the school year. I have always rallied behind my colleagues and joined in the excitement of my students.    

"So, I just want to thank you for giving me this recognition. It couldn't have come at a better time and the experience was amazing. It will be a memory cherished by my family and me in the years to come. I am honored and grateful." - Liz Thompson, 2016 Ecker Hill Recipient.

The Excellent Educator Award is voted on by the teachers and staff at each school. It is one of PCEF's
longest-running programs, started in 1996 by Jim Doilney to honor his mother, who had been a teacher. Deer Valley Resort has joined in sponsoring the program since 2013. 

Join us on April 28th as we take the 'Excellent Educator Express' to surprise the winner at each school! In addition, at PCHS, the Sarah and Stephen Doilney Award is given to the teacher voted by the Seniors as the most inspirational in their school careers. The Sarah and Stephen Doilney Award is named for Jim's mother.

Smiles and tears of joy make it one of our favorite days of the year!
30 Seconds Can Make a Difference!
Please take 30 seconds to answer our 2-question survey. Help us help our students and teachers!

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We promise - ANYONE can do Running with Ed! It's THE community event of the spring, voted Park City's Favorite every year. 

We need YOU to help raise $250,000 for our schools, students, and teachers during this celebration of education.

Your school needs YOU to win the Ragnar Grant! The first three schools with the highest participation can win $5,000, $3,000, and $2,000!

Rankings as of April 21:
PPES 25.3%
JRES 21.1%
MPES 18.3%
TSES 16.9%
EHMS 9.3%
PCHS 8.7%
TMJH 4.6%

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Donor Spotlight: Why We Give: The Strazdins Family and Deer Valley Resort

Strazdins Family
"I moved to Utah in 2002, and then Park City in 2004, because I love everything about living in the mountains," says Kerry Strazdins. "From hiking, mountain biking, trail running to skiing and snow shoeing, I wanted to live in a place where I could make all of that part of my lifestyle. I met my husband in Park City in 2004 and we couldn't imagine a better place to raise a family.
"I took a position with Deer Valley Resort as the Resort Revenue Manager in 2011. They're an amazing company and I was drawn to their service culture, and the way they really take care of their staff... like family. I became involved with PCEF through Deer Valley's support of Teacher Grants and the Excellent Educator awards.
"My son loves the PACE (Program for Academic Challenge and Enrichment.) In first and second grade, I saw his excitement and enthusiasm when we were learning math and science together at home, and I was concerned because he would come home from school and tell me he was bored. In 3rd grade, with the advent of the PACE program,  I was amazed at the difference I saw in him. He was more engaged, he was challenged and happy.  He really connected with the STEM topics. I am so grateful to PCEF's efforts in making the PACE program possible."
Bob Wheaton, Deer Valley Resort President and General Manager, agrees. "Deer Valley is honored to support the Park City Education Foundation's mission to drive student success in Park City. The fundraising efforts by PCEF are invaluable to the community. Their Teacher Grant program empowers our local educators to create and implement invigorating programs for Park City's youth that go above and beyond standard curriculum. These outstanding programs are pushing public education in Park City to the highest level and shaping our future community leaders."
We are grateful for Kerry's service on our board and Teacher Grant Committee, and grateful for Deer Valley Resort's fifth year of support for our teachers!

Teacher Spotlight: Celebrating 30 Years
Throughout the year, as part of our 30th Anniversary Celebration, we will spotlight teachers and administrators who have been in the District for 30 years, or graduated 30 years ago!

Juleen receiving the 2013 Excellent Educator Award for EHMS
Juleen Smith
-Ecker Hill Social Studies Teacher with 35 years in PCSD

-Taught 7th grade Social Studies, 8th grade American History, PE and various elective and enrichment classes

-BA in History & Economics from University of Utah, Technology Endorsement

"First and foremost, the reason I've been a teacher so long is I get to work with great students and supportive parents. Second, I am challenged to grow by building administrators and fellow teachers. Third, teaching social studies to middle school students, keeps me on my toes and helps keep me young at heart. 
"The biggest change from when I started teaching is the use of technology. Modern technology in the classroom has been transformational in the way I teach.  Typewriters, filmstrip projectors, wall maps and little tiny color pictures in a textbook just can't compare with what our students have at their finger tips today.

Juleen and students visiting Senator Jake Garn in Washington, D. C. circa 1984.
"I've taught so long, it's hard to isolate just one 'best' memory. I have great memories from outdoor education trips to Arches, travel study to Washington, D.C. and Florida, biography and oral history presentations, school plays, over 20 years of National Geographic Geo Bee Competitions, and most recently, CSI Mock Trials, just to name a few.
"I was very honored to receive PCEF's Doilney Excellent Educator Award in 2013, but it was a little awkward, too. Every teacher at Ecker is so talented; it is hard to single anyone out. One of the best parts of that award is the chance to read comments other teachers write about you during the nominating process.
"In general, PCEF acts as an advocate for education in Park City on so many fronts. I love that! Lately I am very aware of their support of Ecker Hill's LIA (Latinos in Action) Program. On a personal level, I enrolled in the very first district technology endorsement class, which received support from PCEF. Hopefully, I have become a successful 'digital immigrant' in the field of education."
EVA (Elementary Visual Art) Lesson for April: Georgia O'Keefe

Spring has sprung and out come all the beautiful flowers!  Students learned about the artist Georgia O' Keefe and her work, particularly her flowers that are painted from an up close and personal look.

Teachers read "Through Georgia's Eyes" to introduce students to this important artist and her style of work.  Emphasizing the idea of looking closer at details of an image, students used magnifying glasses or a closer look of flowers or objects to draw and paint their image in the style of O'Keefe.

Thanks to our donors, PCEF provides over $100,000 per year for the EVA program.

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