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Coding Project
Ila the Computer Programmer
Ila, a second grader at Parley's Park, wants to be an actress. "I love it," she says, "and I love Coding, too!"
Watch Ila the Computer Programmer
"Coding is really fun. I like to build characters and scenes. There's thousands of characters. You choose the ones you want and put in a code for them, and you can make them say the words you want. I like it because it lets us be creative and explore what we want to explore. And, you get to do it with a partner!"

This is Coding Specialist Kim Quapp's second year teaching the PCSD Coding Project. "Last year was the pilot for first grade, and it was eye-opening. I am so excited we are doing this K-3rd grade this year. The kids are learning foundational skills they can take anywhere in life. The critical thinking skills are huge! They are constantly talking with each other to work through problems and ideas together. Their classroom teachers are noticing the kids doing a better job in math and reading because of these skills.
"It's also teaching the kids to persevere. There's always a mistake when you write a program, and they are learning, it's not a big deal. You take a breath, you look back through your work, maybe you ask your teammate for help. And, that is carrying over into other classes as well - they're 'decoding' a word they are having trouble with in reading, or, looking back through a math problem they are stuck on."

Ila and PPES Coding Teacher Kim Quapp

"That's right," says Ila, "I just debug it if something goes wrong. You go back and fix it.  If something is really hard or bothering me, I can figure it out because of coding. And, I can help other kids, too."
"I love that the kids have to communicate with each other," smiles Quapp, "You have to be able to talk face to face - not just texting or emailing. It's another life skill!"
This is Year Two of the Coding Project, which PCEF has been able to fund, thanks to private donors. 
To learn more or to contribute to the Coding Project follow this link.

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Donor Spotlight: Why We Give: Molly & Kevin Efrusy and Ari Ioannides
Efrusy Family
Like many people who move to Park City, the Efrusy's and Ioannides' started with a visit, and felt this was home. "I was taken by the beauty, and attracted by the sense of community and livability," says Ari Ioannides. The Efrusy's agree, "We wanted to raise our kids in the midst of nature, within a vibrant, aspiring community. If you ask residents, would you still choose to live here, ignoring economic or career constraints, everyone would. There are not many communities like this in the country."
Both started supporting PCEF soon after moving. "What is unique about PCEF is in addition to covering programs that aren't in the budget, PCEF sees its role to generate ideas, run important educational experiments, and incubate new programs to ensure the district can evolve with the rapidly changing needs of the real world," notes Molly Efrusy.
Ari Ioannides
"The source of pride the community has for our school district is infectious," Ari says, "I work with many districts, and the more I became involved, the more I realized how amazing our public schools are. Supporting the work of PCEF allows the district to offer programs that would otherwise be impossible."
Both support the Coding Project. "I was a product of a trial program in the late 70's providing programming to high school students," remembers Ari, "I thought future students would have access to programming classes, but that hasn't happened. I strongly believe that all students should be exposed to the language of code at an early age. Not just for an hour each year, not as an elective in high school and not only for those who choose to join some club. The world we live in is dominated by code, and every student should be exposed."
The Efrusy's are equally passionate, "It's not so much about coding itself as it is about introducing a new type of learning and teaching to the classroom. What we love about coding is that it has the potential to introduce necessary project-based learning into the classroom. If taught properly, coding projects compel kids to work together, to understand that frequent mistakes and experiments are a necessary part of the process, and to realize there are many good ways to approach the same problem. While individual programming languages come and go, these skills are universal.
"Furthermore, coding can be immune to the achievement gaps we struggle with in Park City. Latino students tend to start and progress at the same rate as their classmates, and girls are much more likely to pursue programming in high school and beyond if they are introduced to coding at an early age. The program has a lot of potential if developed properly K-12.  We have a long way to go, but it is wonderful we are willing to pioneer a new approach."

If you are interested in the Coding Project, please contact our Executive Director, Abby McNulty.

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Teacher Spotlight: Celebrating 30 Years
Throughout the year, as part of our 30th Anniversary Celebration, we will spotlight teachers and administrators who have been in the District for 30 years, or graduated 30 years ago!

DeEtte Hone, Class of '86
DeEtte Earl

-PACE (Program for Academic Challenge and Enrichment) Specialist at      Parley's Park


-PCHS Grad Class of 1986


-28 years teaching/10 in PCSD


-BS in Elementary Education University of Utah, Master's in Gifted Learners  University of Phoenix, ESL, STEM, Technology & Gifted Endorsements


The district has grown so much in 30 years. When I graduated in 1986, the high school was Division 1A, with less than 400 students in grades 9-12, so of course the teachers and students knew each other really well. My skilled teachers in Park City fostered a love for learning in me. Although small, the district was very focused on academic excellence, just as it is today
Today, the world is transforming so fast, and the curriculum is constantly changing. Students have so much information at their fingertips. I feel it's very important to help students be creative problem solvers because you don't know what careers are going to be in their future.

DeEtte, center, Student Council Secretary
Some of my best memories include the humor that students give to your day. One year my 6th graders had to care for a 5-pound bag of sugar for a week, as if it were a baby.  One of the boys left his "sugar baby" sitting at his desk wrapped in a blanket and left to go to the restroom.  The class was quietly working when all of a sudden the "sugar baby" on the desk started crying and asking for a bottle.  The class erupted into laughter as I picked up the "sugar baby" and a two-way radio fell out of the blanket!
PCEF helps students in Park City have greater learning opportunities.  My role as the PACE Specialist allows me to work with students doing math and language arts enrichment, creativity and critical thinking activities, and STEM lessons, all of which happen with PCEF support.  The students are now utilizing that critical thinking and STEM connections within their Coding classes.
It was my experience as a student and my love for learning that keeps me teaching, and I'm so glad I could return to Park City and give back!

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Coming up in March, our Annual Casino Night will be at the Hi-Ute Ranch on 3/11/17...more details to come.

EVA (Elementary Visual Art) Lesson for January: Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein

Comic Book Style Self-Portraits

* How does a comic express a self portrait?
* How does the dramatic and colorful nature of pop art 
    express emotion?

Students will learn about the artist and work of Roy Lichtenstein.  Lichtenstein (1923-1997) was an American painter who is well known for his pop art depictions of everyday objects. His paintings are instantly recognizable as he often simulated the Ben-Day dot patterns present in the commercial printing of comic books, newspapers, and other mainstream media. Students will then learn about comics and comic faces.  In the style of Lichtenstein, students will create a comic self portrait.

Thanks to our donors, PCEF provides over $90,000 per year for the EVA program.

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