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Empowering All Students
Rebeca Gonzalez was born and raised in Park City. She's going to college at the U, and is studying to be a teacher. At first glance she seems a typical grad of PCHS, but she's not.
Rebeca has been a trailblazer all her life.  She was in the first Leadership Class at Treasure, the first cohort of students in PCCAPS, the first ACT Prep class for First Generation students, the first Latina to go on the PCHS/Courchevel study abroad program, the first PCHS grad to be a coordinator for the Afterschool Program, and now, the first coordinator of the brand new Bright Futures program. In between she was also President of Latinos In Action, received a Brink Scholarship for First Generation students, and was named one of four Standout Students by the PCSD Board of Education for the Class of 2014.
Rebeca is the first to say she could not have done this without the help and mentorship of many. "A lot of times, our Hispanic families are fearful. We are kind of taught to be quiet and stay in our bubble. But I always wanted to challenge myself. I've always wanted to figure out, why can't we all work together? Why can't we come together and understand our struggles? With the support of so many people, I've put myself out there. I jumped on the opportunity to lead the Bright Futures Program.  I wanted to share my story with these students to help them achieve their college dreams too.  Did you know that only 25% of first generation students graduate from College?  The Bright Futures program is going to change that.

"I tell my Bright Futures students, you can't be afraid to be vulnerable. Accept the help, AND work hard. I remember handing over the scholarship check to pay for the first semester of college. I almost didn't want to. It represented so much hard work - tons and tons of volunteer hours, so much homework in challenging classes, so many times I cried because I was out of my comfort zone. It was all worth it, and I felt I earned the help the scholarship gave me.
"I see what PCEF does. Yes, they fund programs, but they also help bring our community together. As an adult, I'm part of the team now, and I see all the work behind the scenes that helps our community. It's why I wanted to be the Afterschool Coordinator, so I could give back all that had been given to me when I was in that program. And now, with Bright Futures, I can help these First Generation kids get to, and through college, because that is what I'm going through right now."
Because of you, we can support more students like Rebeca, Please, if you would like to change students lives, make a year-end gift to Bright Futures, here.
PCEF Awards $75,000 in Teacher Grants!

Thanks to our donors, we can bring teacher ideas to life!
It's the happiest time of the year, and the heart of what we do. Our teachers know what it takes to keep students engaged, and Teacher Grants give them the opportunity to pilot innovative ideas and programs. Perhaps someday, one of these pilot programs will become a district-wide initiative!

An anonymous donor gave $20,000 this year, so more teachers than ever received grants!
Many thanks to Deer Valley Resort for their    support of Teacher Grants!

Read all about it in the Park Record, or watch it on Park City Television.
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Donor Spotlight: Why We Give: Tommy Tanzer and Joanne Bloom

Tommy and Joanne moved from Pittsburgh to Park City in the late 70's, because, "Joanne wanted to ski every day with Robert Redford!" Joanne was a teacher, and Tommy became one as well. "I was hired to teach 3rd grade in 1978 at the old Marsac School. My first year I was a 'permanent sub,' and the other 3rd grade teacher was Eileen Bailey. She was the best, warmest teacher, and a fantastic mentor.
"I loved the kids, and really enjoyed doing afterschool sports with them. There wasn't any outlet for elementary sports back then. I just took it on, because it needed to be done."
In 1982 Tommy was asked to be on the negotiating team for teacher contracts, which he did for the next three years. "I found I was really good at it. That's how I morphed into becoming a sports agent. I did that until 2004, and that was the year Eileen died.
"I was so inspired by her, and I wanted to keep helping the kids here. I went to the kids we had taught, 2nd and 3rd generation Park City kids now grown up, and we started a group called Back To Our Roots, honoring Eileen. We raised money for the Eileen Bailey Scholarship fund, to give scholarships to kids who need it.
"As time went on, the needs of Park City students grew greater, and budgets grew smaller. I met Abby McNulty and learned more about what PCEF was doing, and it just made sense to join forces to work together.  Through PCEF, and collaborations with other like-minded individuals, Joanne and I can make a bigger difference both financially and through volunteering for programs like the National Competition Fund, Latinos in Action, and Bright Futures, as well as scholarships when needed.
"I believe education is the only way we are going to get anywhere in this country. If we help the next generation of Americans, we are going to be in a better place."

If you would like to make a donor-directed gift and change a child's life, please contact our Executive Director, Abby McNulty.
VIP Registration Opens January 9th! 

Everyone's favorite race that's a party is May 20th, 2017, and registration opens January 9th!
What a great gift to give your family!

VIP registration will be more exciting than ever, and is available to more teams this year! Discount pricing, product giveaways; being a VIP has never been so much fun! Watch for more info to come on the RWE website,  Facebook,                                                                                                              and Twitter

Former PCEF Board Members Celebrate 30 Years of Serving Students!

PCEF celebrated turning 30 with a party honoring its former board members at the stunning Susan Swartz Studios. Over 60 past members gathered, mingled with old friends and new, and celebrated a legacy that has changed Park City's public schools. They were given an update on two critical PCEF programs, Bright Futures and Preschool.

 Original board member Carla Coonradt noted, "PCEF has always been about the kids - how to make their experience better and more successful.  The Park City community has always supported the Education Foundation with their time, their energy, their passion and their checkbook.  The whole town has built PCEF into what it is today because it's always been the right thing to do."

Check out all the photos on our  Facebook page! To make a difference in the next 30 years, and give to Bright Futures or Preschool, please click here.
EpicPromise Supports Preschool and More!

Vail Resorts revealed the 2017 recipients of their EpicPromise Program. Through EpicPromise, Park City Mountain will continue to be a major supporter of Preschool, Presenting Sponsor of Running with Ed, and a Red Apple Gala sponsor.

We thank Vail for their tremendous support, and are grateful they are continuing their Golden Apple partnership with PCEF! 
Mark Your Calendar!
"Underwater Dreams" is an epic story of how the sons of undocumented Mexican immigrants learned how to build an underwater robot from Home Depot parts, and defeat engineering powerhouse MIT in the process. The  
post-film panel is sure to be fascinating as experts and PCEF-funded Robotics Club students lead a discussion about the computer science revolution.

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