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Afterschool Program
It's a Monday afternoon at Parley's Park Elementary. The regular school day is done, but 20 kids are lined up in orderly rows in the gym. A Taekwondo instructor and her assistants call out some orders. "Yes ma'am," the students yell back, in perfect unison, "No ma'am!"
Each elementary school in the District has an Afterschool Program (ASP,) combining an extended learning day with with fun, healthy activities.  PCEF funded the first academically oriented ASP at McPolin Elementary starting in 2007, and the format spread to each elementary in 2011.

"Having a safe, well structured program at school makes sense on so many levels," says McPolin Principal Bob Edmiston. "The students and the parents know the building and the people so they feel welcomed and safe. The teachers are able to work with the ASP staff to better align the Afterschool activities and learning to the regular school-day work."

PCSD Superintendent Dr. Conley adds, "The ASP provides a safe environment to extend, enrich, and engage our students at a different level.  We use science to engage our students and reinforce important literacy skills.  Our children are learning at greater levels because of the support from PCEF!"

Back in the Taekwondo lesson, all the kids know is that they are having fun. "I like Taekwondo because it teaches you to be respectful," says one student. Another says, "I love the structure. I like standing at attention. I don't get to do that in the classroom." Principal Edmiston sums it up, "Bottom line, students that take advantage of the PCSD Afterschool Program outperform their peers who use other approaches to after-school care. It makes a positive difference for our students."

Men4Ed Helps Deliver 100 Thanksgiving Dinners!

Men4Ed is PCEF's group of guys doing good!
From fundraising to volunteering, these 'Champions of the Underfunded' make a difference in our schools while having fun as a group. 

Their latest volunteer project? Helping Westgate Resort and Spa and 9 other hotels and restaurants deliver 100 full Thanksgiving meals in homes to local families in need on Thanksgiving Day!

Thanks to the Park City Institute, Men4Ed members may enjoy the Pacific Mambo Orchestra on December 17th. Free tickets are for Men4Ed members only, and are available on a first come first serve basis. Contact Court Durling at to RSVP.

Want to learn more and help build a $1,000,000 endowment to support student needs outside of the classroom? Click here.
Donor Spotlight: Why We Give: The Greally-Ugaki Family
Janice Ugaki and Doug Greally have supported PCEF for many years. Janice, a PCEF Board member, says, "We were inspired to give because of the tangible impact we can see in the kids lives. It's a small town, and helping to create a close knit, supportive community that values education and educational opportunity is very important to us."
Giving back has become a family affair in their household. Oldest daughter Emma needed to do a 6th grade service project, and was wondering what she could do. "My mom said, 'What are you good at, that could benefit the community?' I said I'm good at Taekwondo. Then my little brother Connor said maybe we could teach the Afterschool kids. He is friends with a lot of them, and thought they would like it. And we both speak Spanish because of the Dual Immersion program.

"Our Taekwondo teacher is a World Champion many times over. She loved the idea and volunteered to help us, and the Afterschool Coordinator at Parley's said we could teach on Mondays. We started last February."

Connor, now a 5th grader, adds, "The first couple of lessons were a little unusual. The kids weren't very respectful and were goofing around a lot. But by the third lesson they transformed and jumped to attention. Now, they have learned discipline. And it helps that we can teach in Spanish if we need to."

"The program was able to buy uniforms over the summer, and that has made a huge difference," notes Janice. "They are doing really well. We have been overwhelmed by their attention, desire and ability. Some parents are starting to come early to watch, and the kids are proud."

Emma continues, "It started out as a community service project, but now its more than just a school requirement. This is good for our community, and it's good for students who don't have this kind of chance. After being a teacher, I have more respect for my teachers. It's taught me how to be a leader and how I can help my community. I may not be student body president, but I can do something that helps others with my own talent."

"The surprise is watching my own kids grow in the program, and seeing how their perspective on community service has changed, "says Janice. "Its not just a requirement that a teacher is mandating."

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Scholar Circle Members Enjoy an Evening at Glenwild

PCEF Scholar Circle Members and guests enjoyed mingling and hearing from teachers and students about the importance of arts education in today's world. We were inspired by the stories of how the creative arts have shaped our students into leaders, problem solvers, and passionate young people. 

Scholar Circle is comprised of families who invest over $1,000 annually into PCEF funded programs.  Scholar Circle members receive premiere benefits throughout the year including VIP invitations, private events, Insider Updates, networking opportunities, and recognition.

As a Scholar Circle member, your leadership support is critical to prepare our students to make an impact in higher education, the workforce, and the world. You can help us go beyond what public education provides and meet the needs of our students, teachers, and community! To learn more or to join, please click here.

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Teacher Spotlight: Celebrating 30 Years!
Throughout the year, as part of our 30th Anniversary Celebration, we will spotlight teachers and administrators who have been in the District for 30 years or graduated from PCHS 30 years ago!
PCHS Class of 1983
John Howard                                  
  • Park City native and 21 year veteran of PCSD
  • 4th and 5th grade teacher at Parley's Park
  • BS in Human Development from Univeristy of Nebraska. BS in Elementary Education, Minor is History Teaching from Westminster College
  • Avid fly fishing, fly tying, river trips, bird hunting, mountain biking, skiing!
  • Wife Kit is a teacher at Trailside
I love teaching because every day in the classroom is a new experience. No two days are the same, and that keeps things fresh. Living and teaching here, we have world class outdoor recreation opportunities right outside our doors. Besides taking advantage of local recreation, I spend my summers guiding fly fishing trips in Montana. It's a great place to recharge the batteries. After a couple months dealing with adults on the river I am ready to get back to a room full of 9 and 10 year olds!

Our use of technology is the biggest difference from when I first started teaching. Every student uses a computer in the classroom. The challenge is not every student has access to a computer at home.

I've been around long enough now that some of my fondest memories are from students who return to the classroom and thank you for making a difference in their lives. It makes you realize you do make an impact as a teacher. 

The PCEF has made a huge difference in our schools by providing support to schools and classroom teachers. These funds provide programs that would otherwise not be available. Support by PCEF is one of the main reasons that our schools and students are envied by others.
December EVA (Elementary Visual Art) Lesson: 3-D Pop Artist Jeff Koons

How do artists make everyday objects or subjects into art?

How does a 3D representation impact the art and the viewer's experience of the artwork?

Students will learn about the artist and work of Jeff Koons.  He is an American artist known for working with popular culture subjects and his reproductions of banal objects-such as balloon animals produced in stainless steel with mirror-finish surfaces. Using clay, students will make their own Koons like balloon animal while learning about 3D art, composition and spatial awareness. 

EVA is a collaboration between PCEF and the Kimball Art Center, to provide monthly art lessons to 1500 students! Thanks to our donors, PCEF provides $90,000 per year to this program.

Park City Raises Over $1.7 Million for Live PC Give PC!

Thank you to everyone who donated to school projects and PCEF!

Special thanks to Vinto Pizzeria for their support of school Live PC Give PC projects, and for the Vinto Participation Challenge Grants:

1st Place: McPolin Elementary $1,000
2nd Place: Parley'sPark $750
3rd Place: Trailside Elementary $500

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