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PCEF Celebrates 30 Years!
Yes, it's true. PCEF is celebrating our 30th Anniversary this year! Since 1986, we have worked with donors to
go beyond what public education provides to meet the needs of our students, teachers, and community.
In our first year, we provided a $2,000 grant to send two PCHS students to a Space Science Academy at Stanford. Today, with your help, we provide over 20% of the District's discretionary budget, funding 90 programs impacting 4500 students and 250 teachers!
It is your $180 per student that builds the base for this work. It's just $1 per school day - we simply cannot do what we do without YOU!
To give $180 now, or to set up $15/month, please click here.  Please go to the PCEF Website to learn more.
1986 Program Memory...
"The 1986 Space Science program was a transformational experience for me.  It opened my eyes to what a college experience out of state could be, and in fact, I ended up going to Stanford. I am grateful that PCEF donors gave me the opportunity in 1986, and thrilled they are supporting EVERY student today." - Chris Eisenberg, Director of Development, Natural History Museum of Utah one of the two students who took part in PCEF's first grant.
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Give $180 Q & A:
1)   Why $180?
 We ask every parent to give just $1 per school day, or $180 per student. At least one PCEF program reaches every child.
2)   Is it required?
 No, but collectively your $180 helps fund over 90 programs going beyond the public education budget. For instance, there would be no EVA (Elementary Visual Art) or Author-in-Residence without your donations to PCEF.
3)   Can I direct my $180 to my child's school?  Yes. Make a note when you donate online or in your check memo.
4)   Where does my $180 go?                                  Elementary art, robotics, and preschool are just a few of the 90 programs we fund. 
PCEF provides 20 - 25% of the District's discretionary budget.  Please go to the PCEF Website  to learn about all the programs we fund.        

5)  Can I give my $180 in monthly payments?
 Yes, you can set up $15.00 recurring donations online.
6)  Will this 'Beat the Call?'
 Yes! We will not call you if you donate at registration!!!!!

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Donor Spotlight: Why I Give
Ben and Jeanette Ling
"In my view, PCEF has been very successful fundraising for Park City schools. At more than $1 million provided to Park City schools last year, I feel my donations and volunteer work for PCEF are really helping to make the school district and, hence, the world, a better place.

"Our son is in the band program, which has received tremendous support from PCEF.  

"But it's about more than just my family or my kid. The first time I volunteered at PCHS to help the counseling office during registration, I slammed into a language barrier. I don't speak Spanish, so when parents who didn't speak English arrived at registration, it was a bit difficult to explain the intricacies of "Proof of Residence" and "FERPA." 

"As the registration lines grew longer, I looked desperately for help. And then, there he was. Jairo Talavera Estrada, a senior from the Latinos In Action program. He quickly and quietly ushered the many confused parents through the InfoSnap and e-Funds website. As I thanked him repeatedly, I also felt gratitude that PCSD has the LIA program and that it is funded by PCEF." 
Teacher Spotlight: Celebrating 30 Years!
Throughout the year, as part of our 30th Anniversary Celebration, we will spotlight some teachers and administrators who have been in the District for 30 years or graduated from PCHS 30 years ago!

Ginny Etheridge                                          
  • 30 year PCSD Teacher, including K, 1st, 2nd grades, and now Instructional Coach at Ecker Hill
  • Originally from Chicago
  • University of Iowa double major in Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Masters in Education from Westminster, Endorsements in ESL and Gifted & Talented
  • Married to fellow teacher Mark Etheridge (TSES)
  • 4 daughters, all through PCSD: Class of '07, '09, '17, '18

Ginny is pictured top row, 2nd from left!


 1) What was it like teaching 30 years ago?
"It was tough as a new teacher to know what my priorities were, and how to best teach them. I basically followed what my fellow teachers did. Today we have training and specific curriculum to help new teachers."
2) What is the best part of teaching?
"The kids and my co-workers. The funny things kids say and do make each day unique, and working with a group of people who have a common goal of helping kids succeed is very rewarding. The reason I've stayed so long comes down to the great kids, parents, and teachers in Park City. There was always a younger sibling coming up I wanted to teach, or a teacher I wanted to work with!"
3) You've been awarded many PCEF grants over the years. Which is your favorite?
"My current favorite is the Ecker Hill Mentoring Program, which is in it's second year. We meet twice a month to help kids with grades, and to help Latino parents navigate things like Powerschool and Canvas. The grant allows me to do things with the kids that we would not otherwise be able to do, like community service projects or cooking breakfast with the kids for our meetings. Doing things outside of the typical classroom setting helps these kid feel valued and makes them feel like part of the broader community."
Celebrating 30 Years!
The Red Apple Gala is September 10th! We will be kicking off our 30th Anniversary year with an elegant celebration, generously hosted by Montage Deer Valley and presented by Zions Bank.

Thank you to our sponsors for their support of the Gala, and the numerous businesses who donate items for the Silent and Live Auctions!

Watch a Utah Jazz Game in Your Private Suite!
This year's Gala Opportunity Drawing is the best ever! You and 11 friends can enjoy the 2016 - 2017 Utah Jazz game of your choice in a Utah Jazz Suite! 

Thank you to Brian and Gaby Ehman for this donation.
Everyone is Reading 
Orphan Train!
Save the date for a free Community Conversation with Christina Baker Kline on September 13th, 7:00pm at the Jim Santy Auditorium.

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