RWE $5,000 Ragnar Grant Standings:
PPES = 21.5%
MPES = 15.8%
JRES = 12.6%
TES = 9.8%
PCHS = 6.5%
EHMS = 5.7%
TMJH =2.1%  

Running with Ed Needs You!

What are you waiting for? RWE is May 21st, but regular registration ends April 15th.  Register your team before the price goes up!

Top 10 Reasons to Join Park City's 
Favorite Fundraiser:

10. It's so fun, it doesn't feel like a fundraiser. That's why it's been voted Park City's Favorite Fundraiser three years in a row.
9. There will be selfies with llamas. Why? 'Cause that's how crazy our exchanges are. 
8. It's really 10 parties in a row, not 10 legs in a row
7. Teams of 5 - 10 people mean you can be super competitive (special medals) or just do one leg (Easy breezy. Make your teammate run up to the UOP.)
6. You can say you did the only race in the country that runs up the side of an Olympic Jump (700+ steps) even if you rode the chairlift instead.
5. You get great swag like the coveted RWE t-shirt, collectible medal, and exclusive RWE access to (Crazy discounts on cool gear.)
4. You can win $5,000 for your school.
3. Your kids will stop bugging you when you register.
2. PC Brewery is our beer sponsor - and the beer garden is included with registration (over 21, of course!)
And the #1 reason to register:
1. We can't RAISE $250,000 for our schools if YOU don't participate!
Register now at
PC: The Park Record

Excellent Educator Awards Schedule:
Friday, April 22nd  

JRES: 8:25 am
PCHS: 8:45 am
MPES: 9:15 am
PPES: 9:45 am
TSES: 10:15 am
EHMS: 10:45 am
TMJH: 11:25 am

Your Gifts at Work: 
Doilney Excellent Educator Awards 
Sponsored by Deer Valley Resort
Since 1997, PCEF and the Doilney family have presented the Excellent Educator Awards. Jim Doilney founded the awards to honor his mother, who was a teacher. In 2013, Deer Valley Resort became the Excellent Educator sponsor. The award is voted on by the faculty and staff in each building, and is a surprise to the recipient. Each year the 'Excellent Educator Express' tours every school to present the award in a fun, music filled ceremony!
We thought it was best described by Jeremy Ranch PACE (Program for Academic Challenge and Enrichment) Specialist Paula Krueger, one of last year's winners:
"What an honor!  Anyone who knows me knows that I am really shy and really uncomfortable in the spotlight.  I was so afraid that I would faint as I walked up front.  My legs were jelly.  I couldn't speak and was so overwhelmed by the whole surprise!  It's such a special day with the band, the parade of people, and the whole school assembly. You know how you have those dreams of being a rock star? The Excellent Educator Award was my rock star moment!  I love what I do, and think teaching is the best job, but I also recognize that I could not do my job without the collaboration of all the other teachers in the building.  We all have to work together to play the song well!"
The Excellent Educator Express is next Friday, April 22nd!  Check out the 2015 Excellent Educator Recipients!
Professional Development and Teacher Recognition Facts
  • Professional Development and Teacher Recognition is one of PCEF's six areas of interest for program funding.
  • Programs we support:
    • Professional Learning Communities Leadership Training
    • English Language Arts Best Practices Training
    • Teacher Home Visit Project
    • Tools for teacher development feedback
    • Gifted & Talented Endorsements
    • Technology Endorsements
    • National Teacher Board Certifications
  • Together with our donors this year, we funded over $40,000 in Professional Development and Teacher Recognition Programs!
Ideas to Impact 
Donor Recognition Event 

PCEF donors attended Ideas to Impact, PCEF's annual donor recognition event.  Donors socialized and enjoyed hearing from teachers about the difference their donations are making in the classroom.

Teachers who presented their PCEF-funded programs:

GenYes - Sam Thompson 
Steel Drums - Bret Hughes 
Bilingual Journalism - Jacob Jobe 
Author in Residence - Kellie Yeates 
zSpaceStation Workstation - Deb Moser 
Inspiring Young Engineers - Melanie Coffelt 
Elementary Visual Arts (EVA) - Stefani Kimche 

Check out the Ideas to Impact Photo Album as well as all of the PCEF-Funded Teacher Grants!  Thank you to Deer Valley Resort for hosting!  Donors were thanked for their continuous support and encouraged to think of PCEF again next year!
Donor Spotlight: 
Why We Give
Juliana and Bob Miller
Miller Orthodontics

After many years of ski vacations, Bob and Juliana Miller decided to make the permanent move from the D.C. area to Park City in 2014. "We both grew up with an emphasis on a healthy, outdoor life, and we wanted that for our kids. We also wanted to be able to meet our kids at school for lunch, volunteer during the day, and still have our practice. Here we are five minutes away from Trailside, while in D.C. we were over an hour away from our schools. It just wasn't conducive to having the family life we wanted.
"It is scary and interesting to start all over after a 17-year career. But we have been blown away by the acceptance of this community!"
The Miller's made a conscious decision to set aside a giving budget before they even opened their practice. "There are so many great non-profits in town, and we decided we wanted to give to those that affect our patients and our family.  With braces, you are building at least a two-year relationship with these kids - it's very fulfilling. They become family. It's important to us that there is a good school system where they can thrive and blossom.
"We've both volunteered during the EVA (Elementary Visual Art) classes, and we were so impressed. We want to support PCEF, because they support programs like that."
The Millers are RWE and Red Apple Gala sponsors, and they support the Miner Nation and PCHS Football on KPCW as well. Be sure to watch for their RWE team this year - Bob promises the costumes will be unforgettable!
PCEF Staffing Changes
and Available Positions
Park City Education Foundation is excited to share our future goals and organizational restructuring to help us better obtain those goals. Over the next five years, PCEF plans to raise $2.5 million to fund high impact programs that advance student achievement. In order to meet this goal, PCEF has taken a critical look at the internal structure, realigned position responsibilities, and created one new full-time position to give the organization the internal capacity to achieve this growth.

Abby Funabiki, who has been an integral part of PCEF for the last five years as the Development Manager, has decided to move on to Seattle. The work that Abby does will be encompassed in the new Development Specialist position, which will focus on data and logistics for Scholar Circle, Annual Appeal, and general office operations. A new Special Events Manager position has been created to focus on taking Running with Ed, Red Apple Gala, and other major events to the next level. Jennifer Billow will be staying at PCEF taking on new and expanded roles in communications, marketing, and donor cultivation. Sara Hutchinson remains as Programs Officer and Abby McNulty will continue to lead the organization as the Executive Director. PCEF looks forward to a bright future of inspiring excellence and innovation in the Park City School District, and these staffing changes are an integral part of our future growth.

Available Positions
Special Events Manager: The Special Events Manager will oversee all aspects of PCEF's major fundraising events, including but not limited to Running with Ed and the Red Apple Gala. This position requires two years of nonprofit development experience, centered around fundraising events.  Link to Job Description

Development Specialist: The Development Specialist will manage PCEF's database as well as logistics for the Parent Appeal.  This position requires two years database experience, ability to work both behind the scenes and front and center with donors, and a strong knowledge of how to interpret data. Link to Job Description
Teacher Spotlight - Paula Krueger
  • PACE (Program for Academic Challenge and Enrichment) Teacher at Jeremy Ranch Elementary
  • Teacher for 10 years
  • Originally was a Registered Dietician 
  • BS in Dietetics, Masters in Education, Endorsed in ESL, Gifted & Talented, working on STEM and Reading Endorsement
Paula grew up in California, and her mother, sisters, and brother-in-law are all teachers. "It was probably inevitable that I would become a teacher! When my own children began school, my experiences working in their schools inspired me to change careers. I did my student teaching under Linda Crowther and Mark Etheridge at Trailside, and became the long-term sub when Kelly Crandall was on maternity leave." A year later, she was hired at Jeremy Ranch.
"We moved to Park City originally for my husband's job, but secretly, it was to ski! Since then I've found out all the seasons are pretty nice. I love living in the mountains, and I love living where I work. It's great running into students at the grocery store or on a hike. And it's nice to work in a community where education is valued.
"The kids blow me away with their insights and compassion, and they never fail to make me laugh. When I started, I had an affinity for struggling students, but I gradually came to see gifted kids as 'at-risk,' too. I felt like I was failing those kids, and decided to get my Gifted & Talented Endorsement. Becoming the PACE specialist has enabled me to follow my passion and be a better teacher for all students.
"PCEF makes things happen! PCEF looks at innovative ideas and instead of thinking of reasons why they won't work; they wonder what we need to do to make them happen.  There wouldn't be a PACE Specialist at each elementary school if it weren't for PCEF supplying the original funding."
Paula has two grown sons; one in graduate school and the other is the Assistant Director of the Adopt-A-Native-Elder program. She loves to do anything outdoors, travel, read, and cook.  "I'm a hacker golfer and tennis enthusiast, too!"

Teacher Spotlight - Patricia Munoz

  • Spanish, LIA (Latinos in Action), and Homework Club Teacher at Ecker Hill Middle School
  • Taught elementary through high school in California and Granite School District
  • Originally from Chile
  • Will finish her Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Utah next month
Patricia knew she wanted to be a teacher since she was 5 years old. "I played teacher every day after school with my dolls. I named them after my classmates and I imitated everything my teachers did. My family valued education and I went to a private school in Chile. When my older sister wanted to go to college in the U.S. my family moved here. That was 20 years ago!
"I decided to apply for a job in Park City because I heard the schools had high expectations, and it was a small district with strong community support. When you work in a large district there is a lack of personal relationships and communication. They are run like a big business. Here there is a solid understanding that we are all working together to make education better for our students.
Patricia clearly loves teaching. "The moments with my students are the best thing about teaching.  When a student understands something after having a hard time, when they say something funny, when they come in to ask me for help, when they teach me something new, when they share feelings showing trust in me, when I inspire them to make good choices, when they inspire me to do better, when they speak with a good accent, when they want to learn languages, and when we laugh or cry together," are all moments Patricia cherishes.
We asked Patricia how it felt to win Ecker's Excellent Educator Award in 2014. "When I received the Award I felt validated, and appreciated.  I was so happy that my Hispanic students were able to see a Hispanic woman get an award.  It was very special for me to show my family that all the time I have devoted to this beautiful career was appreciated.  It has also made me want to help this district, and work harder than ever inspiring my students."
Patricia loves spending time with her family, including her "wonderful son, Andrew and two beautiful boxer dogs names Yonex and Jax." She enjoys tennis, skiing, decorating and refurbishing antiques, traveling, and helping others.

Golden Apple Sponsors:

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