Ideas to Impact: Your Gifts at Work! 
Elementary Visual Arts (EVA)
  • $85,000 yearly District Grant for EVA
  • Serves 1,500 students at McPolin, Parley's Park and Trailside
  • Students receive a professionally taught art class once per month
  • The Kimball Art Center provides curriculum
"My students cheer when it is their art day! With the lack of art in the school and classrooms, I've noticed that children are less likely to take risks.  Art education is extremely valuable." - Amy McGarr, PPES Teacher

Art was removed from the elementary curriculum many years ago. Although there are state standards, there is no art requirement or funding for elementary art. Teachers were simply encouraged to somehow incorporate art into a math or language arts lesson, or squeeze it into an already jam-packed day.
Many volunteer-taught art programs popped up, but several years ago, McPolin asked PCEF to fund a part-time art teacher through a School Grant. Trailside followed suit, and three years ago EVA was born and implemented at three of the four elementary schools (JRES has an excellent volunteer program.) The idea: PCEF pays for a professional part-time art teacher and supplies, while the Kimball provides age-appropriate curriculum which meets state standards, and often coincides with rotating art shows at the gallery.
Now in its third year, EVA has proven to be a successful and integral part of the fabric of each school. Some student comments: "I like that we can be creative and don't have lots of directions." "It gives me something to look forward to every month. It's like a break from school." "I can let my inner crazy out." "The lessons make me think of things in a different way." "I love walking the halls and you can see all the creative art."
Parents and teachers agree. "As a parent, I am pleased with the art program.  My daughter views herself as an artist and Mrs. Allen reinforces this in class.  Art class is extremely positive and accepting," says Amy McGarr. Teacher Alana Gaspari concurs, "For sure my students are always overjoyed when it's Art day.  The product that I have seen on the walls of the building that all of our students create is amazing.  I think Mrs. Allen does a fantastic job with the many perspectives and techniques of the art world."

Aide Dana Mulick notes, "I think for our ELL students, especially our non-English speakers, the art class is truly a place where the language and cultural barriers are gone and the kids can really shine."
Many thanks to Zions Bank, and all our donors who help make this terrific program a reality!

PCEF Art Facts
  • The Arts is one of PCEF's six areas of interest for program funding
  • Programs we support:
    • EVA (Elementary Visual Arts)
    • Art tools such as graphic arts scanner, clay extruder and 3D pens at Ecker, Treasure and PCHS
    • Musical Instruments such as steel drums at PCHS and ukuleles and xylophones at elementary schools
    • Smart Music software program at Ecker
    • Drama Department support at PCHS
    • Dance support at PCHS
  • Together with our donors, this year we funded $155,000 in The Arts!!

Donor Spotlight: Why We Give
Todd and Becky Giauque
The UPS Stores Park City
Todd and Becky Giauque moved to Park City from Salt Lake in 2004. "We had worked for Corporate 7-11 for twenty years, when they decided to franchise all the Utah stores. We didn't want to be in the 24-hour business, and the two UPS Stores in Park City were for sale.  Within six months we bought them, sold our house and moved up here!"
Their daughter Bailey started Kindergarten at Trailside with Mr. Etheridge that year.  She's a junior now, and her younger brother Alex is in 4th grade.
The Giauque's started giving right away. "Running two stores, I didn't have time to volunteer for the PTA," says Becky, "but I could give resources. So, I donated all of the printing. Anything they needed from our stores, they got for free.  Even when I didn't have kids there, I continued to donate resources."
The Giauque's UPS Stores became a Running with Ed sponsor four years ago, then added Parent Appeal sponsorship as well.  "Of course we love supporting PCEF and our schools, because our own kids, and all kids, benefit from having an excellent public education. But more than that, we love being a part of the community. It's really fun. We want people to know that we're not just some faceless corporate entity, that when you do business at one of our UPS Stores, the money comes back to the community."
The Giauque's generosity extends to other non-profits as well.  Furburbia (now Nuzzles & Co,) EATS, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Relay for Life, Playing for Life, Park City Soccer Club and the Miner Nation Report and PCHS Football broadcasts on KPCW have all benefitted from The UPS Stores Park City. Becky donates her time as well, volunteering at Jans Winter Welcome and the Red Apple Gala.

Men4Ed is building a membership of 1,000 men who care about kids, education, and the Park City community.  Membership is a one-time donation of $1,000 and with it comes a lifetime of benefits. Join here!

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Preschool Registration
Preschool registration for the 2016-2017 school year is open. Parents can register their student at the PCSD Office.

Welcome to Kindergarten!
Kindergarten registration for 2016-17 is now open

PCEF is proud to support PCSD Preschool and Kindergarten!
PC: The Park Record
Teacher Spotlight - Krista Ingle
  • 3rd grade teacher at Trailside Elementary
  • Teacher for 21 years, 13 in PCSD
  • Originally taught Special Education
  • Bachelor's Degree in Recreational Therapy, Master's in Special Ed, Endorsed in ESL and Technology and working on STEM
Krista grew up in Killington, Vermont, a small ski town, and never had a teaching career on her mind. "There were only six students in my classes from Kindergarten thru 6th grade, and frankly, I never thought about becoming a teacher. I did not like school growing up!"
She graduated from the University of Utah in 1991 and worked for the National Ability Center. "It was called Park City Handicapped Sports back then. "When her friend Kara Brechwald (TMJH Special Ed. teacher) went to get a Master's in Special Ed, Krista thought that was a good idea, too! "If anything, the fact that I didn't like school growing up made me want to become a good teacher!"
After several years teaching in Salt Lake and Wasatch County, Krista wanted to teach in Park City to be in the same District as her children.  She started in Special Education at Trailside, then moved to a regular classroom eight years ago.
"The best part of working at Trailside is my students and co-workers. PCSD is an innovative district that attracts amazing teachers. My colleagues are passionate about teaching, and they make me strive to be a better teacher every day. And the District provides students with the tools they need to be outstanding citizens.
"The best part of my day is the AH HA moment in a child's eyes when they 'get it.' That is a priceless moment for a teacher. Plus, all the funny things kids really do tell their teachers!
"PCEF has made a huge impact on my teaching. I have received several grants from PCEF over the years, and each grant has impacted so many children. Teachers are full of amazing ideas and sometimes need a little help to make them happen.
"The EVA grant for our entire school has changed the way I teach and look at art.  It allows students to learn about artists and art forms and express themselves in a different way. I've been inspired by our fabulous EVA teacher (Mrs. Kimche) and incorporated more art lessons into my classroom."
Krista has two sons, Gunnar in 11th grade at PCHS and Anders in 9th grade at TMJH. Her husband works in the Education Department at Westminster College, teaching teachers to be teachers! She loves to read, bike, hike, ski and travel. "I also have a slight NCIS habit as well!"

Teacher Spotlight - Jordan Ulrich
  • Architecture, Engineering Design, Construction Technology and Woodworking teacher at PCHS
  • Teacher for nine years - five at PCHS
  • B.S. in Industrial Technology with a double minor in Physical Education and Construction Trades from Western Michigan University, Vocational Certification in Construction Technology, Endorsement in ESL
  • Was a Licensed Contractor by age 18
Jordan started working at a very young age, cleaning shop at a large Detroit conveyor company that built assembly lines for the automotive industry. He loved to work and took several different jobs, but at 16, he realized his passion for education. "I started teaching Snow Sports at Pine Knob Ski Resort when construction was slow. It was a fun job that allowed me to experience the personal fulfillment that comes with being a teacher."
By age 18 he was building 'green' homes before 'green' was big. But the real turning point in education came to him his senior year, as the shop foreman for his engineering teacher. "With that experience I knew I wanted to teach, and I received a scholarship to Western Michigan University for Industrial Technology."
Upon graduation he moved to Utah to teach at Morgan High School, and four years later came to Park City High. "I've wanted to live in the mountains since I was a child. When I was five I drew a picture in my journal, of me living off the grid in Alaska. Today I drive a snowmobile to get to and from my house in the winter!"
Jordan loves teaching in Park City.  "I love the diversity of the student body! An engineering environment is much stronger when students approach the curriculum "outside of the box" and are from different cultures and backgrounds.  I like to think project based learning is comparable to "recess" and a break from the traditional classroom environment.  It is exciting for me to see the students engage and really enjoy the class time we spend together!"
When asked what PCEF has meant to his classroom, Jordan doesn't hesitate, "Support!!  My students love the 3D printer and the Digitizer. PCEF grants help improve the overall classroom experience.  The program would not be the same without the innovative technology funded by PCEF."
Jordan loves anything to do with the outdoors. He was on the Alpine Ski Team and Boardercross Team at Western Michigan. He builds bobber choppers and plays in a blue grass band in his spare time. In the summer he is a Stewardship Contractor for the U.S. Forest Service.

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