PCEF Monthly Update
We are starting the year with some exciting news!  PCEF has already committed over $600,000 to PCSD programs for this school year!  This incredible investment into our children's education would not be possible without YOUR support.  Thank you!

We still need your help funding many more student and teacher needs. 

The following programs will not exist without your support:
  • Elementary Art Specialists
  • PACE Specialists (Programs for Academic Challenge and Enrichment)
  • Shakespeare in schools at TMJH
  • Author-in-Residence at PCHS
  • District Science Fairs
  • STEM Fridays
  • Read Across America Day
And these programs are heavily funded by your gifts and are in need of your support: 
  • PCHS and EHMS Music
  • PCSD Robotics
  • K-12 STEM Coordinator
  • Professional Development for Teachers
  • Materials and Curriculum for Teachers
  • Dual-Immersion
  • PCSD Preschool
  • PCSD Afterschool
  • and many more...
We are asking you for $1 per school day, $180 per student, or just $15 a month to support the needs of our students and teachers.  Donate online today! 

Visit www.pcef4kids.org to see how PCEF invests your gifts!

P.S. Check out the recently published Park Record article about PCEF's fundraising goal!
Author-in-Residence FREE Community Conversation

The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics by Daniel James Brown was read by each PCHS student this summer.  Thanks to donors, PCEF is able to bring Mr. Brown to Park City to work with every PCHS English class on September 15th and 16th!  This college level experience is available to every PCHS student thanks to your $180 gifts!

PCEF and Park City High School invite you to a FREE Community Conversation with Daniel James Brown while he is in town on September 15!

Daniel James Brown Community Conversation
Tuesday, September 15, 2015
7:00pm - Jim Santy Auditorium
Facebook Event Link
Red Apple Gala Opportunity Drawing and Volunteers Wanted!
The Red Apple Gala may be sold out, but you can still take part. How? By purchasing a 'Sports Spectacular' opportunity drawing ticket for just $25!  All proceeds go to PCEF's grant programs.

Click here to buy now! You could win:
  • 2 Tickets to a University of Utah Football Game Utes vs UCLA in great seats!
  • 2 Tickets to a University of Utah Mens Basketball Game in great seats!
  • 2 Tickets to a Utah Jazz Game in great seats!
  • One Park City High School Red & White Booster Club Membership 
Gala Volunteers Wanted!
Earn $500 for your PTO/A and make PCEF's biggest fundraiser of the year a success! How? Volunteer to help us get ready for the Red Apple Gala!

There's lots of times and jobs to choose from, and it's easy and fun! Five volunteers from each school earns your PTO/A $500!  Sign-up here!
Teacher Spotlight - Virginia Skeffington
Virginia Skeffington is the 3rd Grade French Dual Immersion teacher at Jeremy Ranch Elementary, and feels she is absolutely doing what she is meant to do! "I've known since I was nine that I would speak French. My great-grandmother would sing lullabies to me in French when I was little, so I think it's in my blood!"
Virginia began teaching others early, starting as a fitness instructor when she was 16. She majored in French, and received her Master's in French as well. "I lived in France for 9 years, and traveled to Morocco and the Dominican Republic. Speaking French made it easier for me to get jobs to support my travel."
She and her husband decided to move to Utah when their son was born. "We were living in Florida at the time, which is where I'm from originally, and we knew we would have to put him in private school. We loved the mountains and skiing, and after checking out three ski towns, we decided to move to Park City!"
Virginia started teaching French and Spanish at Treasure Mountain, and as soon as the French Dual Immersion program started at Jeremy Ranch, "I knew that was the job for me!" She's taught the French side of 1st grade for two years, and rolled up to 3rd grade this year.
It's no surprise that Virginia thinks the best thing about teaching in Park City is the Dual Immersion program. "I love it and believe in it! I walk down the hallway and I hear the kids speaking beautiful French. It tugs at my heartstrings and makes me smile and giggle with pride and love and joy."
When asked what PCEF means to her, she replies, "PCEF is our foundation, the base that provides funding for what we want to do. Because of PCEF, each of my students can take a French book home to read every weeknight."
In her spare time, Virginia plays tennis, hikes, skis and snowboards. And she is a spin instructor at the MARC!

Teacher Spotlight - Melissa Nikolai
Melissa Nikolai is an English teacher at the High School and has been teaching here for seven years. "I wanted to go into education, because literature really impacted me. I learned a lot about myself through the protagonists in books. I felt if I could help kids find out who they are through literature, I would be serving my purpose."
Originally from Wisconsin, she earned her degree at the University of Montana, and got her first teaching job in Gardnerville, Nevada. "I started as a reading specialist, then taught language arts in 7th through 12th grade. It's what gave me the courage to apply here. I wanted to move to a place that was more like Missoula. When I visited Park City, I realized it wasn't just a ski town. There was a real community that cared about the outdoors and had this healthy, vital culture."
"Park City teachers are the best teachers in the country, and to be a member of that community is such an honor. Their level of integrity, commitment, and passion, I never saw before. My colleagues totally inspire me to be the absolute best!"
When asked about the best part of teaching, Melissa says, "At the end of the year, you get these letters from kids, and you had no idea you made them feel valuable, and worthy, and helped them see their own magnificence. And the kids teach me so much - they have no idea how much they teach me. Lessons in unconditional love and forgiveness, patience, acceptance. Working with teenagers every single day, I get these lessons."
And what does PCEF mean to her? "PCEF gives teachers so many opportunities to do things in different ways, and allows us to give different opportunities to kids. For instance, to be able to bring a major published author here and give the kids that experience is really amazing."
In her free time, Melissa loves to mountain bike, hike, read and cook. She is a Reiki Master and makes gourmet vegan desserts!
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