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May 16, 2015

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Your Gifts at Work - Teacher Support   

Join us this Friday for the award presentation at your child's school.

Excellent Educator Awards:

PCHS - 8:20am 

TMJH - 8:45am 

MPES - 9:10am 

PPES - 9:30am 

EHMS - 10:00am  

JRES - 10:20am 

TSES - 10:45am 

"It's so nice to have widespread community support; to have this organization that promotes our profession and puts teaching in the spotlight. PCEF brings recognition and focus on teachers and students, and what's most important in the classroom." 

Trailside 2nd grade teacher Lesley Rockwood's words mirror one of our core values, and that is to support teachers through Professional Development, Teacher Grants, and Community Recognition.


What does that really mean? Well, by the end of this school year, over 90 teachers will have received their Technology Endorsement, a program supported by PCEF the past 3 years. We've covered costs for teachers to receive their Gifted & Talented Endorsement, and provided funding  to help several teachers receive their National Certification Boards, one of the most rigorous certifications in the country. 


In addition, every fall we provide $50,000 in funding for innovative Teacher Grants, helping teachers cover the costs of trying new and unique ways to improve learning for their students. Deer Valley Resort has provided a meaningful gift for the past three years to support Teacher Grants, and we are thrilled to announce that they have committed to supporting our teachers for the next three years as well!


Finally, we love to recognize our teachers through the annual Doilney Excellent Educator Awards, sponsored by Deer Valley Resort. These awards are given to the Excellent Educator at each school, as voted on by their peers. In addition, the Sarah and Stephen Doilney Award is given to one teacher, voted on by the Senior Class, as the most influential during their time as a student in the Park City School District. These awards are always a surprise, and it's one of the most joyful celebrations of the school year!

RWE Registration
Extended One Week!
Due to unprecedented demand,  RWE registration has been extended through this Sunday, April 26th! Don't miss out on all the fun you've been hearing about! Help raise money for next year's School Grants! Help your school win the Ragnar Grant! Register at !

Ideas to Impact 

Over one hundred donors attended Ideas to Impact, PCEF's annual donor recognition event.  Donors socialized and enjoyed hearing from teachers and students about the direct impact their donations are making in the classroom!  Donors were thanked for their continuous support and encouraged to think of PCEF during School Registration next year!


Teachers: Liz Thompson (EHMS), Laura Morrow (TMJH), Bret Hughes (PCHS and TMJH), and Sam Thompson (TMJH)

Teachers presented their PCEF funded programs at Deer Valley on March 27th:


Summer Marshall - GenYES 

Bret Hughes - Park City Band

Julie Hooker - Leadership Class

Kim Meade - African Drumming

Melissa Nikolai - Author in Residence

Annie Wallace - EHMS Garden Project

Anna Williams - Latinos in Action (LIA)   

Nicole Hopkins - Courageous Characters

Melissa Allen - Elementary Visual Arts (EVA)

Sam Thompson - IOWA Professional Development

Libby Wadman - Puppets to Enhance French DLI Proficiency


Thank you Deer Valley Resort for hosting!  Check out the Ideas to Impact Photos as well as all of the PCEF funded Teacher Grants!


Kyle, Kaden, and Kataleeya getting ready to showcase their program GenYES, a grant written by Summer Marshall and funded by PCEF.

Teacher Spotlight - Jen Wheelwright   

Jen has been the PE teacher at Parley's Park Elementary for twelve years. "I came to Utah from back east to compete in Freestyle Moguls. I was on the NorAm team for two years, which is one level below the Olympics.

After that I was ready to go to college, and thought I wanted to go into Physical Therapy, but the classes didn't inspire me, and I found that I loved working with little kids. The U had a K-12 Physical Education degree, which was perfect! Little did I know that elementary PE was being cut across the country."


"I really lucked out, because a family friend was teaching at Parley's, and told me the PE teacher was moving to a different school. I interviewed for the job, and was lucky enough to get it! The best part about being here is that people value PE. We have a budget for equipment, and we are a big part of the team in each building. I feel lucky and proud to be here"


"I love trying new things, anything to get the kids moving. The teacher in the classroom where I student-taught really inspired me, as she was always doing new and different activities. My goal is to create ways for all kids to be successful in PE. I want them to leave liking exercise and I want them to be healthy. The best part of the day is when a student finally gets something, and you just see this huge smile across their face! And kids cheer for each other, they want their classmates to succeed!"


"For me, PCEF is a support system for all of our schools, helping us fund programs so we can be the best and most innovative school district."


Jen has two children, Cody, a 2nd grader at Parley's, and four-year-old Ellie. She and her husband Shane love getting the kids into sports (skiing of course!) and doing anything outside as a family.


Teacher Spotlight - Michele Dieterich

Michele is one of the art teachers at Treasure Mountain Junior High. She came to teaching a little later in life, by way of travel and art. After getting her degree in Filmmaking at the University of Boston she, "traveled and bummed and explored the world. I traveled as much as I could, and I often paid for it by teaching. I taught scuba in the Galapagos Islands, taught art and math in an orphanage school in Guatemala, and worked for Outward Bound in Montana. After so many years, I decided it was time to settle down, and I knew I wanted to teach. Montana State's program offered student teaching in New Zealand, so I knew that was for me!"


"I came to Park City after, as my husband and I could get jobs ski patrolling. My first teaching job was in Logan teaching jewelry making, and then I was lucky enough to get a job at Treasure. Pam Strong was the art teacher, and had grown the department to need another part-time teacher. So I taught art and Spanish. I've been here nine years, and now am full time with art, commercial and digital art, and jewelry!"


"The best part about teaching in Park City is the outdoor influence on the kids. Most kids here are healthy and love the outdoors, because their parents do. I think it makes them more open-minded.   And I want to be an example of all the possibilities that are out there. It's exhilarating when I've helped them understand something, when you see the 'aha' moment in their eyes, and you've reached them at the right moment so they make the connection."


"PCEF helps me give the kids opportunities they might not otherwise have. I can propose a new idea, and get it funded. It keeps teaching exciting so you don't get trapped in an old routine."


When not teaching, Michele loves skiing, running, playing guitar, and jewelry making. She finds it ironic that her two biggest passions, being outside, and jewelry making, are opposites in their settings!