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May 16, 2015

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Your Gifts at Work: IOWA 

IOWA, otherwise know as the Institute of Wicked Awesomeness, is the professional development class in which teachers earn their Technology Endorsement. Now in it's fourth year, PCEF has funded the useful tool each teacher receives when taking the class - iPads the first two years, and more recently, GoPro cameras.


We asked District Technology Coach Sam Thompson why a Technology Endorsement is so important. "Because we are a high access to technology district, assisting teachers in learning how to best integrate technology in their classrooms is paramount for our student learning. We feel it is so important that we teach it here in Park City, rather than ask our teachers to drive to Salt Lake. And, it's taught by our own staff. So, what's covered in class is specific to our district. We try to make each class throughout the year answer the question, 'How would our teachers take this and use it in their classroom tomorrow?' It must be working, because by the end of this year, 1/3 of the teachers in our district will have their Technology Endorsement!"

 Sam goes on to say, "The tool that the Ed Foundation provides (iPad or GoPro) is such a positive morale booster for these folks who are spending a good portion of their free time for a year working on this. They are so excited to receive them - it feels like Santa Claus at Christmas!"  PCHS English teacher Ed Potts is working on his endorsement this year. "I thought I was pretty tech savvy, but this class has really opened my eyes as to how tech can be used in the classroom.


Thanks to your donations, PCEF can support this important program, and help our teachers with their professional development. Ultimately, this positively affects our student learning!

Parent Appeal Numbers   

36% of you (Park City School District families) donated to the Parent Appeal Campaign this year.  Your $180 gifts are making a difference in the classroom right now and our students truly appreciate it!  The rest of the year we will spend showing you the impact of your gift!   


First, Parent Appeal donors just made  $50,000 in Teacher Grants possible!  Teacher Grants fund innovative ideas in your student's classrooms.  Teacher Grants will be announced next week! 


Second, parents who donated $180 per student also fund school and district wide programs that impact 96% of students!   

That's almost every student! 


Third, the following programs would not exist without your support:

  • Elementary Art and Science Specialists
  • PACE (Programs for Academic Challenge and Enrichment) at each elementary school
  • Shakespeare in the schools at Treasure Mountain Junior High
  • Author-in-Residence at Park City High School
  • District Science Fairs

And fourth, here are some programs heavily funded by your gifts:

  • Music Support
  • Robotics Support
  • Technology and other Professional Development Support
  • Preschool Support
  • Afterschool Support
  • And many (over 50) more...

Your $15 a month makes a world of difference in the classroom!

To see more of what $15 a month can do, visit

Live PC Give PC!  

Our community came together and donated to schools during Live PC Give PC!  Donations supported school programs at each school from the Park City High School Band to the Ecker Hill Garden Project!  Combined, schools raised $32,000 for their projects and there is a chance to get more!  Vinto will donate 10% of sales to projects on the dates below.  They will also be awarding $1,000, $500, and $300 bonuses to the schools with the most participation on their nights.  

Live PC Give PC Links:

Teacher Spotlight - Aaron Webb   

Aaron Webb has been the Music Specialist at Parley's Park Elementary since 2009. He went to the University of Utah to become a composer, and left with a degree in Music Education. "I had my 'Aha' moment when I was an Arts Bridge Scholar, at the U. It's a program that pairs U of U music students with an elementary school, to work on an original musical with the kids. I was absolutely hooked, and I knew I had to be a music teacher."


"I was really lucky and got a job teaching band and orchestra at Ecker Hill for four years, then left to get my Master's. The job at Parley's opened up, and I was hooked again! I love working with kids, helping them create something they can take ownership in, like our musicals. And I love working in the context of music class - suddenly everyone is engaged and completely in the moment in the music. I live for moments like that.


"The best thing about teaching in Park City is how supportive parents are of the arts, and how enthusiastic kids are about music, performing, and learning in general. There's so much fun and energy.


"PCEF has been very supportive of me over the years. Their grants have enabled me to implement new ideas and curriculum. The baritone ukuleles prepped my kids for playing strings at Ecker. PCEF grants really open up doors and possibilities for my students."


When Aaron isn't teaching music, he is working on films, focusing on sound and music. He actually enjoys driving up the canyon to work!


Debra Alcox

Debra Alcox fits so well as a long-time math teacher at PCHS, it might surprise parents and students to know she had a 15-year career as a biomedical engineer first! She attended Northeastern on a swim scholarship and graduated with a degree in chemical engineering. After having her four children, she began consulting. Then when her youngest entered preschool, she decided to teach part-time.


"I enjoyed teaching, and decided to sub. I subbed in an AP Chemstry class, then AP Calculus, and it just grew from there. We moved out here from New Hampshire, and I started subbing at Jeremy Ranch. I decided I wanted to sub in every grade, and at all the schools in the district. I was just awed by all the teachers and how supportive the staff and community were. After all the subbing, I knew I wanted to teach at PCHS.


"I love when students think they can't do something, to get them to turn around and get them to understand that yes, they can learn this. I've found that learning is not a one-way street - you need to teach in a multi-faceted way. I am the one who is responsible for their learning - if I am not teaching multiple ways or engaging them, I am not going to inspire them or help them see connections outside of the classroom.


"For me, PCEF is the first to help. We all have Smart Boards, Lifesize Cameras, a lot of tools that were initially given by PCEF to a teacher before the school or district budget covered them for a whole department. These tools make the classroom more alive and engaging, and help us give the big picture."


When Debra isn't helping her students, she is mountain biking or running, sewing or crocheting. And, she notes, "I am a very good housekeeper!"

Game, set, match! Matching donations are a win win! Does your employer match? Last year, PCEF received over $7K from corporate matches!