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May 17, 2014

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Funding Focus - Cameras Beyond the Classroom
PCHS Students Emma Fox and Morgan Keller with Writer/Director
Richard Ayoade

Putting cutting edge tools into the hands of students is part of our mission to advance student achievement. So, funding PCHS teacher Ryan Miller's grant requests for the latest Digital SLR cameras was a perfect match. They were put to great use during Sundance, where Ryan's students were given press passes to gain access to several panel discussions. While learning about the film making process, students were able to use their PCEF funded cameras to get pictures of the producers, directors, and actors.


"We received four passes from Sundance, which were transferable, so 20 students were able to take advantage of the opportunity," noted Miller. "The best thing about these cameras is, #1, having the latest technology, so our students are getting the most relevant learning. And #2, having enough cameras for students to check out and take outside of class. Before, if a student wanted to take a camera out of class for a project, then I wouldn't have enough cameras in class. It really limited my teaching and what we could do. And the students are learning about scheduling the equipment, just as they would have to on any project out in the 'real world.'"


To see all the great ideas we fund, go to 

RWE - Check Out What's New!

The RWE Committee is so excited for the 5th year anniversary of the race! We have lots of new ways to make it easy for you to be a part of the race that was voted 'Park City's Favorite Fundraiser.' Save the date for May 17th!
  1. New On-Line Registration - Thanks to local company, we now have easy on-line registration.  

  2. Family Teams - After a trial run last year, family teams are back! 5-Person Family Teams are comprised of at least four related members, with two members being 18 or younger. We'll have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies for this unique category.  

  3. Larger Teams Are Available - Spread the love and share the legwork! 6-person, 7-person, even 10-person teams can enter. This makes it easy for kids and 'non-runners' to walk, run, skip, or dance through the legs. Check out our map to see those easy legs.      

  4. No Walk-a-Thon - Yes, it's true. The race has grown so much (thank you!) that we are out of room for the Walk-a-thon. So, sign up your family for the race (make it easy with a 10-person team!) volunteer for your school's exchange, donate that $20 you would've spent to your favorite team's fundraising page, or come to the rockin' Finish Party for just $10 bucks!    

  5.  Ragnar Participation Challenge Grant - Every racer gets a point for their school. Schools with the highest participation can earn $5,000, $3,000, $2,000, or $1,000! Thank you to Ragnar Relay for their support.    

  6. All Proceeds Go To Your School's Site Grants - What a great way to raise money for our schools! Get active and get your family and friends together to join the 'Celebration for Education!'

Go to for full details and to register. Watch this fun video from last year. And be sure to check out your teachers, friends, neighbors and yourself on the  RWE Facebook page.

 Teacher Spotlight

Angie Erickson  

Angie Erickson is a Special Education teacher at Treasure Mountain Junior High. "I always wanted to be a teacher when I was a little kid. But then as a teenager I was drawn to art. I got my B.A. in Fine Arts at James Madison University in Virginia. After graduating, a friend and I went out to Utah to become artists. I made jewelry and sold my pieces in art shows. I was in the Kimball Arts Festival for 11 years!"


"But I decided I wanted a 'real job' and went back to Westminster to get my Masters in Education, thinking I would teach art. I knew Kara Brechwald (a Special Ed teacher at TMJH) and started subbing for her. I really enjoyed it. It's hard to find subs for Special Ed, and so I was asked to sub all the time. I liked it so much I took an extra year at Westminster and got my endorsement in art and Special Ed."


"The best thing about teaching these special populations, is you get to work with the kids for two years. It's really cool to see how far they progress in that time. Probably the best part of my job is seeing those 'light bulb moments.' It's great when you've been working on something for months, and then you see the children do it on their own. We work a lot on communication and life skills, so it's a real feeling of accomplishment when you've helped them do something that they can use for the rest of their life."


When she isn't teaching, Angie and her husband love to remodel houses. They are on their second home project; "We couldn't live in it for nine months!" They have a four-year-old daughter named Marlow.

PCEF Annual Report 2012-13  


The annual report is an opportunity to see exactly how your dollars were invested last year through financial information and story telling.  Please find it here: PCEF Annual Report

Calling Volunteers!  Seussville, Park City Style!   


Put your striped hat on and find your red bow tie, Park City School District needs volunteers to read to our students!  Volunteer to read to elementary students on March 3, 2014.  For every volunteer that reads to students, their teacher will receive an age appropriate book for their classroom library.   


This is a partnership with Park City School District, Park City Educators Association and all books are provided by the Park City Education Foundation.   


More information and volunteer sign-up links can be found at and on school websites.   

Park City School District Science Fair  


Volunteers are needed to help with the Park City School District Science Fair on February 25th.  Click here to sign-up!