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The Well Armed Woman NewsFebruary 2013
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"It is difficult to break down a real woman because she will learn from her mistakes, gather her strength 

from her struggles and overcome 

the obstacles" 



Be the kind of woman, that when your feet hit the floor, the Devil says 'Oh crap. She's up.' 




 "Before anything else, preparation is the key to success" 

Alexander Graham Bell



 Websites That Highlight Story's of Guns Saving Lives

Choosing the right holsters can be challenging and confusing
Women's Holster Talk - Magnetic on the Waist Holster
Women's Holster Talk - Magnetic on the Waist Holster
Here is a collection of videos that 
can help. 

For a woman, by a woman...
Great for the new shooter or soon to be new shooter.

video cover

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There are some very serious legal issues that you must acquaint yourself with to fully understand your legal rights, federal laws and those of your state as to the ownership and use of firearms.



An Honest Look At Concealed 
Carry Purses






Shelby, Tina, Becca and Kris

MISTY'S daughter trying on Mom's eyes and ears.

Sturdy and well padded nylon pistol cases in multiple sizes and fun patterns.  2 magazine pouches on the front and a really good zipper.  
Comes in the following sizes 
11"x 5"
11" x 7"
13" x 7"
15"x 7"
And... comes in the following fun patterns and colors:
Pink Camo
Purple Leopard
Golden Leopard

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What product(s) do you feel are missing for woman shooters? 

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 2013 has started out with a bang!


Things have never been busier at 

The Well Armed Woman. 

The current political battle have us gun owners worked up, speaking up and busy contacting our government officials, the TWAW Shooting Chapters are taking off like a rocket, the TWAW/NRA Instructor classes are filling quickly and our products for women are flying off the shelves. I must say I am thrilled. 
Unfortunately all of the activity industrywide has some manufacturers running way behind. Finding ammunition or firearms is getting difficult and we are experiencing longer waits for a few of our products. Please know that it frustrates me to have any of you have to wait and that I am doing all I can to get you your products as quickly as possible.
I want to tell you how proud of you I am! So many of you have been writing letters and speaking up about your rights and needs as a woman gun owner. We are finally starting to hear our "voice" in the public debate. It has been wonderful to see all of your "Face of the American Gun Owner" photos and your enthusiasm in sharing them with others. These are important times and your commitment to protecting our rights is inspiring.
The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters are really coming together. We have 140 leaders in 38 states organizing groups! In less than 2 months, 11 chapters have already fully organized and started their shoots. You can see more about these chapters on the website here. New ones are added regularly so keep checking. If you are interested in leading a chapter, send me an email at info@thewellarmedwoman.com.
A BIG thank you to the women who have stepped up to take on the leadership roles, truly an inspiring and talented group of women. 

The SHOT Show (The largest firearm industry trade show) was a wonderful experience, I have found and am developing some new products/holsters for women and hope to be announcing more of them over the next month. I had the chance to meet and talk with some wonderful people in the industry as well. I can tell you that they ARE very interested in what we as women want and need. Beretta invited me to join in a couple of great live round table conversations about women and guns and concealed carry for women. You can view them both here.

We as women gun owners are making great progress, so continue to speak up and share. 

My Best,

 Carrie Lightfoot


Survival Story
I was 24, my husband was deployed in Iraq. He comes from a well armed hunting family from Nebraska, so before he left he bought a high point 45 pistol for me, I was told to keep it under my bed. 

My little sister and her 9 month old son were staying with me, and one night we woke up to my kitchen and living room windows breaking and 3 men were outside them!!! So I grabbed the gun first, then the house phone and my sister and my nephew and put them in the middle room of the house, which was the bathroom, I put them in the shower and closed and locked them in, and stood outside the door while I called the police.

The men were trying to come inside the windows, and the dispatcher heard them breaking more glass to come in, so she asked me if my pistol was registered, which it is, and to aim and fire at the intruders. I was scared and she could tell so she told me to calmly drop to my knee aim and fire, so I did. I shot at the two windows they were trying to enter, missed, but it worked, they ran as I sprayed more bullets, almost the whole clip! I hit there car, and that's all I hit, but as long as they left! By that time the cops arrived in full force on foot and in cars guns out and surrounded the place. The criminals almost got away but they were blocked down the road. They got out on foot and tried to run but were apprehended within a couple miles! They told the police they were going to rob us, but the gangland style window breaking they did suggested that it might have been an abduction, and scaring two women and a baby by bashing in the windows was a tactic meant to let us know they're in charge and they're not messing around!

All of these inhumane crimes being done to women these days is out of control. You've all got to watch out for yourselves ladies, because you never know who's out there and who's watching. It was definitely life saving to have had a gun and need it, then to not have had one at all!
If you have a story in which your possession or use of your gun saved your life or that of someone else and you would be willing to share it - please email me at info@thewellarmedwoman.com 


This message was in last months newsletter but we need to keep the conversation going. I realize that there is so much happening involving gun ownership and gun legislation right now. The Feinstein Gun Ban Bill has been introduced and a vote may come soon. Read the ban here.   I know personally I am drained and find myself feeling anxious, but we MUST pay close attention, educate yourselves and get involved. We really don't have time to wait or to put off speaking up. We already have the disadvantage as women, we can't loose our right to match the firepower and capability of the violent criminal, who by his very nature will not abide by gun laws. 


A Call To Women Gun Owners - Speak Up!
A Call To Women Gun Owners - Speak Up!
Here are some great links to assist you in contacting your local, state and national representatives.
Smith & Wesson - preserve Americas Rights 
Training Tip
woman drawing purple  

Drawing your gun is directly connected to how you holster your gun. How to move through the draw depends entirely on where you draw your gun from. Your decision on how to conceal and carry your firearm is a very important one and there is a multitude of factors to consider when selecting your method. The clothing you wear each day will likely require different holsters to worn in different ways with different styles. A draw from a bra holster will require a different technique than from a draw from an ankle holster. 

Drawing from the Marilyn Bra Holster


Practicing your draw from all holsters that you use, including CC purses is absolutely necessary! All of the shooting skills in the world aren't going to do you much good if you can't access and draw your gun fast enough. Throw in some major stress and adrenaline and you are in big trouble. Practice is necessary so that a safe and quick motion comes quickly and naturally, this can only happen with repeated and regular practice. Many holsters like the bra holster are a plastic clam shell design, these require a "snap" of a draw to release the gun, unlike a leather holster that would have more of a smooth pull draw. Practicing your draw is always done with an unloaded gun, always. You may want to practice in front of a mirror to assist you in making sure that while you are drawing, the muzzle of the gun is not covering any part of your body.


Read More... 

You've been asking for them!

These women's reinforced holster belts were created with mindset of "FUNCTION THEN FASHION" These women's belt are constructed with the finest quality leather and materials. Each belt has a layer of reinforcing plastic built right in. This means they will support the weight of a gun and the grip of the gun stays in nice and close to your body. You'll also notice that you don't feel the weight of the gun dragging down or moving independently of you. This equates to a huge difference in comfort level throughout the day or night.  Because the belt doesn't flex as you draw your firearm, it also means your gun will come free of the holster more quickly resulting in a faster draw time.    

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Fight Like A Girl Calendar

I had the wonderful privilege of participating in this Fight Like A Girl Foundation fundraising calendar. Proceeds support and empower women fighting cancer. I think we all have been touched in some way by this awful disease, I lost my mother to it much too early. 
Let's raise them some money shall we! 
The cover was donated by Ted Nugent!

TWAW has not and will not be compensated in any way.

The Well Armed Woman/NRA Instructor Training Program 
Training Women to Train Women.  
These unique 3 day trainings will prepare, train and certify women as The Well Armed Woman/ NRA Certified instructors (Pistol) to effectively train women. This woman centered curriculum will uniquely "fit" women instructors to meet the ever growing demand of women entering gun ownership who require firearm training that meets their needs as women. Becoming a The Well Armed Woman/NRA Instructor is unique and being under the banner of The Well Armed Woman offers some special benefits and support. The first 2 trainings are scheduled in Phoenix March 22-24, 2013 and April 26-28, 2013. Both are filling quicky and space is limited to assure the best training experience. 
If your range would be interested in hosting a TWAW/NRA Instructor training in your area, have them send me an email at info@thewellarmedwoman.com  


NEW TWAW Embroidered Caps! 
Soft and comfortable The Well Armed Woman embroidered cap in 6 colors
  • 100% Bio-Washed Chino Twill
  • Six-panel, low-profile
  • Pre-curved visor
  • Adjustable self-fabric back with tri-glide buckle close
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The Well Armed Woman is committed to your growth as a shooter and strives to Educate, Equip and Empower you! 

You are a big part of accomplishing that through your emails and sharing on Facebook.  


I am so grateful for your participation and partnership with The Well Armed Woman. We are on an exciting path together to grow as shooters and expand the world of firearms to other women. Please feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions, desired products or current events in the industry.

If you haven't already joined in the fun on Facebook or Twitter please do. We are having a great time!

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