March 2016
Get a Black Belt in Up-Selling
Check Out My New Logo and Website

Welcome to the March Cirrostratus Group Newsletter.

Spring is a great time of year to make changes. Last month I introduced my new mobile friendly newsletter. This month I am introducing my new website. Both this newsletter and my website use my new logo.

This month's theme is again on successful up-selling. Read my thoughts below on the first key requirement for successful up-selling. In coming months I'll continue to explore the other requirements in more detail.

I am always interested in your plans for developing and offering cloud applications. Let me know what you're working on.

Paul Ressler
The Cirrostratus Group  

Seven Key Requirements for a Black Belt in Successful Up-selling
Seven colors of martial arts Taekwondo belts in order from low to high
  • The right customer
  • The right staff skills
  • The right staff motivation & incentives
  • The right product structure
  • The right information
  • The right tools
  • The right customer attitude - happy & satisfied
Link to Blog Post on the Seven Key Requirements
All Star Award
I am pleased that this newsletter is a Constant Contact All-Star Award winner again this year. It is in recognition of the quality and quantity of the interactions with you via this newsletter. It is also a great example of a SaaS customer engagement program by Constant Contact.

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