March 2015


Welcome to the March Cirrostratus Group Newsletter.

Below I've shared some work that I've been doing on putting together an event about Agile product owners and product managers.

A great survey is available on SaaS internal sales which I've shared below.


I am always interested in  your plans for developing and offering cloud applications. Let me know what you're working on. 

Paul Ressler
The Cirrostratus Group




Have Agile Teams Taken Over Product Management?

For the past couple of weeks, in my role developing programs for the Boston Product Management Association, I have been working with Agile New England on a joint event. The event will be a panel on May 7th about the role of the "Product Owner" in an Agile development team and how that relates to the product manager role. Are they separate roles? Are they the same role? Does it matter?

In my research for the panel there isn't really a consensus so it should be a very interesting event.

I'm looking forward to finding out some answers on May 7th. If you are interested in this topic I would suggest that you sign up soon. 
How Does Your Inside Sales Group Measure Up?   

This report by The Bridge Group has a lot of excellent information about the structure, compensation and quota information for SaaS inside sales groups. Just as important is the information on turnover and onboarding. As we all know inside sales is a critical function for any SaaS business and is directly related to the important Cost of Customer Acquisition and Churn Metrics.

David Skok has an excellent commentary on the report and you can download a copy of the report here.


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