August, 2014


Welcome to the August Cirrostratus Group Newsletter.


Everybody loves pizza and beer but what does that have to do with SaaS and the Cloud? Read below to find out!


If you haven't signed up for the Connected Cloud Summit now is great time to do so. Use promo code CCSIoT14 to register and save $200 of the regular admission price. Lots of great attendees are going! This should be a great conference on the Internet of Things. 

Paul Ressler
The Cirrostratus Group




I really like this example of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS because at the top level it is fun and something we can all relate to but is also a very good comparison. The blog post by Albert Barron has a bit of background about how this was developed. 
beer_glass_full.jpg I recently took up the hobby of beer making. The results have been surprisingly good but there is always room for improvement. I was very interested to read about the Brewbot, a home appliance, which is a very cool application of the Internet of Things and a way to improve the results for your home brewing. Obviously there won't be large market for this but it is a great creative example of how mobile software and sensor technology can change the way we interact with our home, appliances and devices.


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