January, 2014


Welcome to the January Cirrostratus Group Newsletter.


If you missed my 2014 predictions for security, SaaS performance and infrastructure management tools check them out. 


2014 promises to be an exciting year for the cloud and I'm looking forward to many opportunities to interact with all of you as you develop your plans and services for 2014 and beyond.

Paul Ressler
The Cirrostratus Group




Customer Experience Isn't Just About Your Product 
This is a brief real life case study of how to make your customers look like the above picture. Remember, user experience isn't just about your software but about the whole experience. 

There is currently a controversy about the importance of Platform as a Service (PAAS). Some say that it is a critical part of cloud services and will continue as a major category. Others are saying that it is dying. What is clear is the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have blurred the lines between PAAS and IAAS and that PAAS is changing. This post in Network World is a good example of the PAAS is dying perspective. This post in Information Week is a good example of the opposite argument.

This question matters because selecting a PAAS is a long term and strategic decision.


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