November, 2013


Welcome to the November Cirrostratus Group Newsletter.


It's time for 2014 predictions and you can see my predictions about security, infrastructure management tools and SaaS performance on


In this newsletter I've included some highlights from the Cloud Channel Summit, my 2014 predictions about the software industry and how early advocates fit with your SaaS customer community.


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  Software Predictions
Every year around this time publishes predictions for the following year. My predictions of changes in the software business and my thoughts on the most interesting software companies to watch in 2014 are included in their predictions which you find here.
 Early Advocates
 & Customer Communities
Last week I saw a presentation at the Boston Product Management Association on customer advocates. Brian Gladstein, the CEO of Explorics, was the presenter. He outlined the difference between early adopters and early advocates and talked about how to develop early advocate programs. One of the questions he was asked was what happens to these early advocate programs once the product becomes more mature. For a SaaS business I believe that an early advocate program can easily evolve into a new customer community or be integrated with an existing customer community.
Brian's slides are available here and are a great way to learn about why early advocates are so important. You can also read my thoughts on SaaS customer communities here.
Cloud Marketplaces


The 2013 Cloud Channel Summit was held on November 4th. One of the topics discussed was cloud marketplaces. I believe that this is one of the more interesting channel models for SaaS and cloud providers. Check out the video of the Cloud Marketplace Panel. Other videos from the summit including the keynote presentation can be viewed here.


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2014 Predictions
Early Advocates & SaaS Customer Communities
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