October, 2013


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Looking for an excuse to make a last minute visit to Silicon Valley? My colleague Jeff Kaplan has made a couple of COMPLIMENTARY tickets available to the Cloud Channel Summit on November 4th for my newsletter subscribers. See details below. 


I think it is important to look at how different providers of SaaS type applications delivering services. Last month I highlighted information about how Facebook has scaled their service. This month I have included information about Netflix which uses the public cloud for delivering most of their services today and are on their way to using the public cloud entirely.


Gainsight recently did a survey on churn. One of the key conclusions is that a customer success organization can make a big different in improving churn.


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  Netflix: Based on the Public Cloud
I recently attended the MassTLC Cloud Summit. One of the keynote speakers was Ariel Tseitlin from Netflix who is in charge of their cloud architecture, engineering and operations. Netflix currently delivers all of their service on the public cloud using Amazon Web Services. The only exception to this is their billing which they will be migrating to the cloud soon. They are also migrating all of their internal operations to the cloud.
Along with their use of the public cloud Netflix is also a leader in open source putting the tools that they developed out as open source software. They also are leaders in DEVOPS. Here is the presentation that Ariel gave and it is definitely worth the time to review it.
One of the bigger challenges for SaaS and cloud companies is how to effectively use channels for sales and implementations.
Jeff Kaplan at THINKStrategies has provided a couple of complimentary tickets for the 3rd annual Cloud Channel Summit. This is a great chance to learn how Amazon Web Services (AWS), Avnet, Google,, Oracle, VMware and other leading Cloud vendors and channel organizations are building profitable partnerships in the Cloud.
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Measuring Churn


Gainsight recently did a survey of customer churn at subscription businesses. One of the key findings was that companies that have a customer success organization have a 24% lower churn rate.


There is also information on the way that companies measure churn. Take a look at the results especially their infographic.


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