September, 2013


Welcome to the September Cirrostratus Group Newsletter.


Pacific Crest Securities puts out a great survey every year on SaaS and there is great information in it on SaaS metric targets. The 2013 results are now available.


"Big Data" and SaaS are very closely related and this month I've included some market research on "Big Data" revenue and market forecasts.


Facebook is a founding member of and one of their early contributions is a white paper on the facebook infrastructure and their vision of their future infrastructure, great information on very large, very cost effective infrastructure.


Please contact me if I can help you or your organization. I would be very interested in hearing about your plans for the Cloud.

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  Pacific Crest SaaS Survey
Customer Acquisition Cost
Source: Pacific Crest Securities - 2013 SaaS Survey
David Skok, partner at the VC firm Matrix Partners, has done a great job of commenting on the results of the 2013 Pacific Crest SaaS Survey. This is one of the best surveys on growth rates, margins and customer acquisition costs. There is also data on sales compensation rates which is always hard to find.
When I look at  the customer acquisition costs for upselling and renewing existing customers it is a great reminder that this is the most cost effective way to grow a SaaS business. My previous article on SaaS account growth is a great way to think about how to grow your existing customers and accounts. If you don't have all the metrics in place to compare check out my article on the topic of SaaS Metrics.
"Big Data" Revenue and Market Forecast
Wikibon has been an excellent source of information to define the "Big Data" marketplace. They recently released a vendor revenue and market forecast which has a lot of good information in it about where the opportunities are.
If this is a market that you are interested in or are pursuing this is definitely worth a read.
 Facebook's Cloud Infrastructure


Facebook is a founding member of This organization is committed to providing Internet access to everyone in the world. Facebook started their contribution to the organization with a white paper on how they have achieved the datacenter and application efficiencies to date and their vision of their future infrastructure and how they envision achieving the goal of access for everyone in the world.


Although almost no one needs the level of infrastructure that Facebook has there is a lot to learn from them. Check out the whitepaper.


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Pacific Crest SaaS Survey
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