August, 2013


Welcome to the August Cirrostratus Group Newsletter.


This month I have included some great tips for improving your SaaS technical operations, the Gartner Cloud IaaS Magic Quadrant and information about a MassTLC survey on cloud costs. 


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  Ideas to Improve Your SaaS Technical Operations
  Geek Summer Camp Logo  
Here are some ideas that I learned at "camp" this summer. I am familiar with Dyn and had previously written an article about their enterprise offers. When I heard about their user conference I decided to attend since there were speakers from some of the larger web properties talking about how they implement their services. Dyn's user conference is aptly named "Geek Summer Camp" and the name provided an interesting theme throughout the conference. One of the areas that I found most interesting was some of the things that different companies do to lead and inspire their technical operations staff and my blog post highlights some of those ideas.
You can also view a video of one of the key presentations on this topic, Mike Rembetsy, VP of Technical Operations at Etsy.
2013 Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant
IaaS Magic Quadrant 2013      Source: Gartner (August 2013)
Gartner just released the 2013 Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant which you can view here. I think the big news here is how much of a leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) is at this point. A telling statistic is that they have 5 times as much capacity as all of the other 14 providers combined.
A quote from Gartner is that AWS "is a thought leader; it is extraordinarily innovative, exceptionally agile and very responsive to the market." A pretty strong statement but one that is consistent with my conversions with AWS users. Time will tell whether they stay in such a dominant position.
MassTLC Cloud Infrastructure Pricing Survey
 MassTLC Logo

MassTLC's cloud infrastructure pricing survey is underway to help the industry understand what companies are choosing for their cloud infrastructure AND what they are paying for it. As an incentive to take the survey, you will get access to the raw survey data. TAKE THE SURVEY!


The goal of the survey is to provide:

  • Side-by-side comparisons of the cost of cloud infrastructure
  • Aggregated survey results for the community at large
  • Pricing summary and detailed analysis of different cloud uses
  • Practical advice on how to use the cloud in a cost effective way

The results will be shared with all participants and discussed  at MassTLC's annual cloud summit on October 8th. Executives from Netflix and Intuit are keynoting the event.


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