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Welcome to the July Cirrostratus Group Newsletter.


My blog post, "Thinking Strategically About Mobile SaaS", covers some of the things I talked about at a recent Cloud Meetup about SaaS mobile strategy. This month I've also highlighted some insights into SaaS and mobile user experience and an article I wrote on enterprise search capability for SaaS providers.


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  Enterprise Search Capability For Your SaaS Application  
Search capability is at the forefront of any analysis process dealing with textual data, and in many cases enterprise search capability within applications has not kept pace with the increase in data and the requirements for significant insights into that data.
If you aren't providing search capability in your Software as a Service (SaaS) application that can deal with the growth in the amount of data and the functionality needs outlined above, then your customers are working harder to use your application than is ideal.
My article in gives an in depth look at why you should provide excellent search capability with your SaaS application and the issues you should consider when providing it. You can get a downloadable copy of the article here.
Thinking Strategically About Mobile SaaS
As a SaaS provider you can no longer think about mobile use of your application as purely access via a different device. I believe that you should think about mobile SaaS applications strategically. Here are three high level questions you should be able to answer about your mobile SaaS strategy.
Great User Experience for SaaS and Mobile Applications
 Business woman with thumbs up
I recently saw a presentation on developing solutions that deliver a great user experience. My blog post talks about how this applies to SaaS applications. The speaker Joe Baz, CEO of Above The Fold gave a great presentation on the topic, and I would recommend taking a look at his slides.


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