June, 2012


Welcome to the June Cirrostratus Group Newsletter.


This months newsletter will talk about the use of open source for your SaaS solution, provide some additional thoughts on extending your SaaS solution through the use of mobile and provide some background on Oracle's recently announced cloud solutions.


The picture below with open source logos is a great way to test your knowledge of open source. How many of these open source projects you can identify by their logos? Bonus points if you know what business problem they each solve.


Please contact me if I can be of assistance to you or your organization. I would be very interested in hearing about your plans for the Cloud.

Paul Ressler
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Using Open Source Software for your SaaS Solution: 
5 Tips for Success

Open Source Software Logos


I recently published an article in about using Open Source Software (OSS) for your SaaS business. It outlines some of the ways that OSS can be used for SaaS then focuses on tips for selecting appropriate OSS for your SaaS business. You can also get a downloadable copy here.


The results from the 2012 OSS Survey, sponsored by Black Duck Software, North Bridge and The 451 Group, were presented recently by Michael Skok. Although the survey was not focused on SaaS the results provide excellent background on the current state of OSS. I think the most interesting result is that software quality is now one of the top three reasons of why companies use OSS. Here is Michael Skok's presentation on the survey results.

5 Opportunities to use Mobile Devices in Your SaaS Solution
Last month's newsletter outlined some of the key questions to ask yourself to help understand whether your SaaS solution is prepared for the continued rapid growth of mobile and whether you are prepared to take advantage of the opportunities this presents.


This month I've highlighted Five opportunities for using mobile devices in your SaaS solution. I hope that these ideas help spark thoughts about how you can add mobile functionality to your solution.

Oracle's Cloud Offerings
Larry Ellison

Oracle made a large announcement about their cloud strategy and offerings on June 6th. The press release does a good job of highlighting what is being offered and more details can be found about their cloud strategy section on their website. Oracle is such a significant player in the software market that nothing that they announce should be ignored but I think the announcement is the most interesting to current Oracle customers.


Although there are many articles and postings on this topic I have included a brief one here which I think sums up the announcement effectively and has a balanced view. One thing is clear Oracle and Larry Ellison are now focused on SaaS and the cloud.


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