September, 2012


Welcome to the September Cirrostratus Group Newsletter. This edition starts the second year of my newsletters and I appreciate all of the positive feedback I've received over the last year.


My article in Sandhill on Customer Engagement Analytics outlines a new type of analytical tool that SaaS providers can use to better understand their customer engagement. This information can be used to make substantial improvements in trial conversions and to reduce churn. It's an exciting area that I think you will find interesting.


SaaS University will be in Boston October 24 - 26, 2012 and I will be speaking at the event. Details and discount information is available below. This is a great opportunity to network and to learn more about a variety of SaaS topics.


Please contact me if I can be of assistance to you or your organization. I would be very interested in hearing about your plans for the Cloud.

Paul Ressler
The Cirrostratus Group



 Customer Engagement Analytics: 5 Steps to Success
Customer Engagement Analytics  

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions have the inherent advantage that you have all of the application access data and are able to use this data to understand how customers are using your solution. This is a typically untapped source of information that you can use to substantially improve your business. A new and emerging area of analytical tools called customer engagement analytics are helping to tap that information to improve trial conversion, reduce churn and support product management. Check out my article here or get a downloadable copy.

SaaS University will be in Boston October 24 - 26
SaaS University  
Softletter's Saas University is aimed at software companies, executives, and staff who need to understand how to profit and grow in the rapidly expanding Cloud and SaaS market. There is great agenda and interesting speakers.
I will be presenting on the topic of SaaS business metrics. Measuring and improving the right metrics can help focus a business on the key issues. Spending time tracking and improving the wrong metrics can drive your business in the wrong direction or at best waste time. I will be addressing the following topics:
  • What are the key financial, business and operational metrics that you should track as a SaaS business?
  • What metrics and targets do public SaaS companies use?
  • What metrics and targets do venture capitalists and angel investors look for?
  • What operational metrics and targets are appropriate for development, service delivery, customer acquisition and the customer experience?


I hope to see you at SaaS University. Register and save $100 if you use the coupon CIRROSTRATUSSAVE100.


HTML5 Readiness

We read and hear a lot about the timing of HTML5 and many developers and product managers are trying to figure out the right timing for incorporating HTML5 into their product.


The HTML5 Readiness website has a straightforward graphical way of looking at HTML5 feature maturity and what browsers are supporting what features. There are also links to the details behind each of the features. I found this a great way to understand some of the issues associated with this technology. If you are using, planning to use or considering HTML5 this is a resource worth checking out.


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