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Are you wondering what type of SaaS community is appropriate for your business? Read my blog post below on the different types of SaaS communities and what may be appropriate for you.


Some great information on Internet trends was presented at the D11 Conference and a less serious view of wearable devices was on Saturday Night Live. Take your pick, the serious view of future technology or the humorous view.


Once you've reviewed the D11 information you may want to revisit your mobile strategy and I've included some information on incorporating mobile into your SaaS solution.


Please contact me if I can be of assistance to you or your organization. I would be very interested in hearing about your plans for the Cloud.

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  SaaS Communities

The word community is used a lot in the SaaS business. The days of just having one user conference per year for your software product are long gone. What do we mean when we talk about community? It means different things to different businesses and it is worthwhile clarifying what kinds of communities your SaaS business has and needs. Three types of communities are common for SaaS businesses and have entirely different although potentially interrelated purposes.


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Internet Trends
  Computing Device Trends                
The D11 conference is just finishing up today. You've probably seen some of the many summaries of Mary Meeker's annual Internet Trends presentation. Rather than looking at a summary I think it is much better to review the actual presentation. She can pack a lot of data into a short presentation.
Here is the video version of her presentation or you can look at the slideshare version. She has a tremendous amount of information on a variety of trends. Whatever your technology business or interest you'll find something applicable. The data on mobile, tablets, wearable devices, China and applications is great.
On a lighter note if you have not seen the Saturday Night Live parody about Google Glass you'll get a good laugh from this.
What is Your Mobile SaaS Strategy?
Tablet computers such as the iPad and the "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) to work trend have combined with the general trend of increased use of smartphones to rapidly accelerate the use of mobile devices in business. When you designed your SaaS application this may not have been the case and you may not have foreseen this change. Are you and your SaaS application prepared to deal with this change?

Here are 5 Opportunities to improve your business to business SaaS solution using Mobile Devices.


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