December 2015 Newsletter

Enjoy the start of winter - Happy holidays from our foundation board!  
Amy Burkhart, MD, RD

20 Gluten-Free Gift Ideas: From Budget to Luxury, Sentimental to Practical & More

As the holidays approach, you may be searching for a great gift idea for someone that adheres to a gluten- free diet. I personally enjoy finding unique gifts for my friends and family so I have included items you may not have thought of or known about. I wanted to bring in different perspectives and ideas to fit any budget. Use this list to simplify your gift buying or provide it to relatives asking for ideas. From practical to extravagant, there is something for anyone on a gluten-free diet!  Read more 
News and advice from Bay Area gluten-free entrepreneurs

By Vic Dolcourt - This month I'm checking in with business owners we featured in our Local Company Profiles - bakery owners, a cookbook author and the owner of a certified gluten-free and organic rental kitchen - all dedicated supporters of our community and business success stories. I've reached out to discover what's new with our "alumnae" and ask their advice for prospective gluten-free entrepreneurs.   Read more
FDA publishes proposed rule and opens comments 

On November 18th, the FDA published its long-awaited proposed rule for the gluten-free labeling of fermented and hydrolyzed foods, including FDA-regulated beers (beers made from non-traditional ingredients like sorghum). FDA's proposed rule does not directly impact gluten-reduced beers because they are regulated by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). However, after the FDA rule is finalized, TTB will make a decision about the labeling of gluten-reduced beers.

Food scientists and celiac disease experts recommend that people with celiac disease avoid gluten-reduced beers. Because the gluten is broken into fragments by an enzyme, the gluten content cannot be scientifically verified by testing and the health effects are unknown. Join the Facebook group 
We Got Sick Drinking Gluten-Reduced Beers to converse with people who have been impacted by the confusing marketing of these products.
Perhaps the ongoing controversy over how gluten-reduced beers are marketed will lead TTB to reconsider whether allowing confounding terms like "crafted to remove gluten" is a safe and effective labeling approach. The public has 90 days from November 18th to comment on the proposed FDA rule.

Our physician board member honored by Kaiser  

Our board member, Kaiser gastroenterologist and researcher Doug Corley, MD, PhD ("Doctor Doug" to nine years of campers at Camp Celiac), won the 2015 Morris F. Collen Research Award for his work on colorectal cancer screening. He's lauded in this video as a "triple threat" (clinician/researcher/mentor) and a Kaiser "rock star." 
We couldn't agree more - Congratulations, Dr. Corley!

Gluten-Free Friends (GFFs)

Gluten-Free Friends is a new support group run by several Bay Area parents to organize events for gluten-free kids.

Upcoming Events:

Candle Making in San Jose - Saturday Dec. 5th 4-6 p.m.  Glow Candle Lounge 1140 Lincoln Ave  San Jose, CA  95125. Let's meet at Glow in Willow Glen to make some amazing candles! (They make for beautiful holiday gifts). Please bring a GF snack to share. If homemade please note the ingredients. Contact: Rachel indigofamily1@gmail.com

Gluten-Free Cookie Decorating - Dec. 14th 1:00pm-5:30pm in two time slots for different age groups. More info and sign up on Facebook here or contact: Amy Fothergill, 415-609-4206, 

Elaine Taylor honored for Camp Arroyo work  
Elaine Taylor. Photo
Elaine Taylor. Photo by Mitch Tobias

Congratulations to Elaine Taylor for being honored by Diablo magazine with the 2015 Threads of Hope Visionary Award for her work for kids and families! Elaine is the co-founder with her late husband Barry of The Taylor Family Foundation, our partner for Camp Celiac. We are delighted to see ongoing recognition for Elaine's extraordinary community work. There's a very nice interview with Elaine in this article.

Donut Donation!
An especially sweet shout-out to Katz Gluten Free, a company based in New York that makes delicious gluten-free baked goods and ships nationwide, and to the Sacramento area Celiac Support Group. When Katz Gluten Free recently discovered that it had mistakenly shipped 45 cases (270 packages!) of glazed chocolate donuts to one of its customers in Placer County near Sacramento, it contacted us seeking to donate them. 

Diane Craig of the Celiac Support Group and her husband came to the rescue, making the trip to pick up the donuts, distributing hundreds of packages to freezers at a food bank and Sacramento churches that feed the hungry, and saving the rest to distribute at Sacramento area support group meetings and for outreach at health fairs. (Diane thoughtfully tried to find a way to donate the donuts to Camp Celiac, but we couldn't find enough freezer space). 

Thanks to Katz Gluten Free for its generosity and to the Sacramento Celiac Support Group for jumping in to save the day and distribute happiness in the form of chocolate donuts. If reading this is making you hungry, order up some chocolate donuts and support this generous company.

Mariposa Baking:  Oakland & S.F. Ferry Building Bakeshops  

The Winter Holidays are just around the corner, and Mariposa has plenty of gluten-free treats to celebrate! Here's what to look forward to in December:
  • Seasonal Panettone Bread - Enjoy this sweet, traditional Italian bread on your Holiday & New Years brunch or dessert buffet.
  • Gingerbread People, iced or plain -  Decorate them with your family for a fun Holiday activity.
  • Coconut Pecan Macaroons - Perfect for the Chanukah Holiday and beyond. 

Holiday offerings at Bacano Bakery in Emeryville  
Bacano's donuts

Bacano Bakery, a dedicated gluten-free bakery based in North Emeryville, California, is serving up a range of sweet and savory options for the upcoming holidays. Bacano Bakery never uses preservatives, artificial flavors, trans fats or GMOs. Holiday orders should be made by phone, email or in person, by Monday, 12/21. info@bacanobakery.com, 510-250-9751

Buche De Noel * Apple Pear Cardamom Pie (sugar-free) * Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Cake with Dried Cherries and Brandy * Chocolate Peppermint Cake with Italian Buttercream * Coconut Persimmons Cake (grain and dairy-free, with no refined sugar) * Orange Almond Pistachio Cake (flourless)* Kalamata Olive and Walnut Boule with Anise (vegan)  * Bacano's sweet Ginger Bread (vegan) * Oregano Thyme Dinner Rolls (dairy-free) * For the Jewish holidays, Bacano serves a full range of donuts

We are seeking a Napa support group 

The Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California runs a quarterly support group at Whole Foods in Napa. We are seeking a kind, organized and responsible local resident to co-lead the group.

You do not need to be an "expert," and you can be recently diagnosed or the parent of a child with celiac disease.  You do need to adhere to our mission of evidence-based support. 

It's light duty, well supported by our foundation, and it is an essential role in our support network. For more information, please contact Jennifer Iscol jiscol@celiaccommunity.org.

Would you like to attend a class, special event or support group?
Take a look at our monthly Events Calendar

Celiac Disease Foundation
Gluten-Free Allergy-Free Marketplace

Underscoring its role as a leader in online tools for the gluten-free community, Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF) launched the Gluten-Free Allergy-Free Marketplace, a retail destination hosted on celiac.org. The Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for all of your gluten-free and allergy-free needs, and is also available as an App! Start browsing today

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