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April 2014 Newsletter
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6SensorLabs Developing a Fast Gluten Sensor
By Jennifer Iscol
Shireen Taleghani Yates
Product under development for planned 2015 release 
It would have been impossible to do her job without dining out frequently, so for the five years she worked in marketing at Google, Shireen Taleghani Yates developed the ability to function with a certain level of stomach pain. At home, Ms. Yates was in control of her diet and health, but eating out made her vulnerable to cross contamination. For people with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, dining out safely is one of the most intractable challenges of living with a medically prescribed gluten-free diet.  Read more  


The Celiac MD™
Amy Burkhart, MD, RD

Update on Restaurants and Gluten-Free Dining

As I was driving down Highway 5 in California with my family this past week, I couldn't help but think about "food plans" for the trip. As anyone with dietary restrictions knows, traveling requires planning, planning and more planning. No longer can you hop in the car and easily "pick up something on the road."  The stops are planned around the restaurant options and pockets are packed with protein bars just in case. Food becomes central to the planning process because the last thing anyone wants to do is spend their vacation sick or hungry.  Read more



Gluten-Free Klippy's - Rich and Delicious
By Vic Dolcourt


The thing about a really good cookie is that it should be so flavorful and so delicious that you need only one to be satisfied - oh yes, rich, too. That is the way that Gluten Free Klippy's cookies are. But I am getting ahead of myself.
Laura Klipp and I met at a comfortable coffee house in Mountain View because Wednesday was Laura's day to be on the peninsula. She is a pastry chef extraordinaire with a particular penchant for cookies - that is to say great cookies. I'm not easily intimidated; however, it made sense to me to bring along an expert in this sort of thing, my wife and partner, Hallie. I'm glad I did because Laura and Hallie speak the same language. I just bake bread.   Read more 


Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California + Whole Foods Santa Rosa
Support meeting and tasting: Tuesday, April 15th 12-1pm
Coddingtown Whole Foods, Santa Rosa




Whole Foods will be sampling a healthy gluten-free recipe and our foundation will run a support meeting, answer questions and provide information on symptoms, testing and the gluten-free diet. Free and open to the public; no sign-ups necessary. Newbies, the newly diagnosed and the experienced are all welcome. 


Join our team on Saturday, May 10th, 2014 in Santa Rosa
May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month
We will be walking with a banner in the Sonoma County Human Race as part of our annual fundraiser
Bring your family and friends! It's loads of fun and a very low key crowd. Shuttles for parking make it easy. Walkers of all ages and abilities and kids and baby strollers are welcome.
If you want to donate or fundraise, go to our donation page and share the link.
If you want to walk with us behind our banner, send an email to for race day instructions.
See you there!
 GFF: Gluten Free Forever Magazine runs Kickstarter for fall launch in San Francisco
Would you like to see a gorgeous gluten-free magazine launch in San Francisco? Here's the Kickstarter where you can help see GFF: Gluten Free Forever magazine become a reality. What's not to love when they feature Sadie Scheffer's gluten-free sourdough at Bread Srsly on the cover of the launch issue planned for fall? Check it out on the Kickstarter page and in an article in Eater S.F. magazine.


Participate in the CeliAction research study  The CeliAction Study is a clinical research study evaluating an investigational medication for celiac disease. The study will explore whether the study medication is able to improve the damage in the lining of the intestine caused by even the smallest traces of gluten. The study will also evaluate whether the investigational medication improves any symptoms of celiac disease compared to a placebo. While enrolled in the study, you will be asked to maintain the gluten-free diet you are currently on.


The CeliAction Study is sponsored by Alvine Pharmaceuticals in San Carlos, CA. The investigational study medication is called ALV003. ALV003 is a mixture of two different enzymes, which in a test tube can break down gluten into smaller pieces of protein.


To learn more and see if you are eligible to participate, go to or call 1-855-3226-ACT



Job posting: Bakers needed at Zest Bakery in San Carlos


What is there not to love about this amazing gluten-free bakery and its community-oriented owners? Contact Zest at or





Celiac Awareness at Culinary Institute of America


As part of our Celiac Disease Awareness Campaign, board member Dr. Amy Burkhart gave a presentation at the Culinary Institute of America's Greystone campus in St. Helena to educate future chefs about safely accommodating gluten-free diners and clientele.


News from Fearless Dining founder Sandi Gaertner:


There is a new feature on Fearless Dining! One of my biggest challenges is finding restaurants to contact. I get emails each week asking for me to expand to that person's city. It is a big task, and there is only one of me. Now you can help! 


At the far right on the Fearless Dining menu bar you will see a new "Add a Restaurant" tab feature. Now, you can either ask a restaurant to come to my site and fill in their own information into the database or add a restaurant that you trust. Any additions will go into a moderation folder so I can contact the restaurant directly to verify the data. Restaurants no longer need to be just in the Bay Area, they can be from any city and state. (My plans are to expand into Santa Cruz, then the Sacramento area.)

Seeking county leader for Napa County
Image credit: <a href=''>pauljune / 123RF Stock Photo</a>
Volunteer- Join us!

We have an opening for a volunteer leadership position in Napa County. The county groups are part of the Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California and receive our administrative support.  The roles can be customized to fit the leaders' background, preferences and availability. You don't need to be an expert or have loads of time - just a willingness to serve our community and be a local contact. If you would like more information, please contact Jennifer Iscol at
Attend the only celiac disease and gluten sensitivity conference in California! 
Celiac Disease Foundation, Los Angeles

June 7th and 8th, 2014

Speakers include:

Alessio Fasano, MD (pictured at left)

John J. Zone, MD

Pamela A. Cureton, RD, LDN

Celiac Disease Foundation National Education Conference & Gluten-Free Expo in Los Angeles    Details and registration

Events for April 

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Check out our monthly listing of support groups, events and classes in the greater Bay Area, Sacramento and Central California.  
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Participate in a research study on breastfeeding and celiac disease 
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Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University is conducting a study on the breastfeeding experiences of healthy women and women with celiac disease. If you or a family member gave birth to a child in the last 10 years, please take a few moments to complete our survey. To contribute to the study, we ask that you take just a few minutes to fill out a survey. Participation is completely voluntary and anonymous.


The survey can be found via the following link:
There is no compensation for participating in this study, but the information you provide can help further our knowledge about celiac disease. If you have any questions about the study, please email or Danielle Heller at



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