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Ageless & Wellness Medical Center
Dr. Randolph's Dispensary
Now Open!

We are pleased to announce the opening of Dr. Randolph's Dispensary, located in Suite 300 of the Ageless & Wellness Medical Center, for your convenience and continued use of Dr. Randolph's personalized bio-identical compounded formulas. Dr. Randolph's Dispensary is staffed by lead compounding pharmacist, Will McGalliard, and two experienced pharmacy technicians, Tonya Griffin and Marilee Torres.

Contact Information for Dr. Randolph's Dispensary 
Phone: 904.746.3046
Hours: 8am to 6pm, Mon-Fri and 9am to 2pm, Sat

The high-quality personalized compounded prescriptions you currently enjoy will be available from our Dispensary. As always, you have the option to fill your prescription at any outside pharmacy. At the Dispensary, we will also have a selection of pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and nutritional supplements for your good health.

We look forward to working with you to ensure your continued hormone health and wellness goals!
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Employee Spotlight: Dispensary Staff
Dr. Will McGalliard

Will McGalliard is the Compounding Pharmacist at Dr. Randolph's Dispensary. Dr. McGalliard's pharmacy career began at an independent compounding pharmacy located in Pensacola, Florida, in 2006. With a new found passion for pharmacy, Dr. McGalliard spent the next seven years earning his Doctorate of Pharmacy at the University of Florida while working in a variety of retail pharmacies and the corporate office of Winn-Dixie. He has been a member of Dr. Randolph's team since 2013.

Tonya Griffin (left) 
and Marilee Torres (right)
Tonya Griffin, a Jacksonville Beach native, joined Dr. Randolph's team in 2000 and has 16 years of experience as a Pharmacy Technician. She received her Florida State License through the University of Florida and is an Accredited Compounding Pharmacy Technician through Letco Medical. Marilee Torres has been a National Board Certified Technician since 2001 and Florida Licensed pharmacy technician since 2008. Ms. Torres joined Dr. Randolph's team in 2013.
Dr. Randolph: Pharmacist and Physician
Dr. Randolph as a Pharmacist circa 1975
Dr. Randolph earned his degree in Pharmacy from Auburn University in 1971, with a specialization in Pharmacognosy (medicinal qualities of plants). He worked as a pharmacist for six years before realizing his true passion was to be a healer. After graduating from LSU School of Medicine, New Orleans, Dr. Randolph started his medical practice in Jacksonville in 1986. In the early 1990s, after observing the effects of conventional synthetic treatments routinely recommended to patients by the medical establishment, Dr. Randolph began to question the safety and efficacy of synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Fortunately, his background as a compounding pharmacist fueled his search for alternatives. His intensive experience with pharmacology combined with an in-depth understanding of the molecular structure of hormones led him to discover ample medical research on bioidentical progesterone replacement therapy. He began to prescribe and compound bioidentical progesterone for his patients suffering from hormone imbalances. The results? Symptomatic relief without the side effects and health risks characteristic of synthetic HRT. One of many encouraging outcomes: an incredibly low incidence of breast cancer among patients. Since unopposed estrogen increases cell proliferation in hormone-dependent cancers, the use of bioidentical progesterone counteracts that effect, creating better hormonal equilibrium and helping to prevent cancer cell growth. Bolstered by these positive results and many others, in 1998 Dr. Randolph opened his first on-site dispensary within his medical practice in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The rest, as they say, is history!
Please let us know how we can help you on your path to optimal aging and wellness!


Dr. Randolph
Ageless & Wellness Medical Center