May 2014
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4,782 products, all grown or made in Oklahoma, from 88 farmers, growers, and small business producers.

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May 2014

Don't forget graduations, Memorial Day gatherings and Dads!!  The June order won't arrive until after Father's Day, so now's the time to get your great gifts and grilling goodies for celebrating with dear ol' dad!


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Thanks for supporting the farmers, growers, and small business producers who grown, raise, and make the products available through your Oklahoma Food Cooperative! 

Thanks, also, for supporting the Oklahoma Food Cooperative as an organization!

You can show your co-op even more love buy purchasing merchandise sold as fundraisers by the co-op. One such line is Orchid Paper Products. Prez Bob reports: 
We've restocked on the most popular lines, both as individual packages and as case lots.
Support your co-op by purchasing one or more packages of bathroom tissue, paper towels, or paper napkins
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Oklahoma Organic Garden Planner
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Snider Farms
  Fresh-made Peanut Butter, Flavored peanuts (nine flavors), Salted Runner & Spanish peanuts

Hi everyone,

Just a short note to let you know we have plenty of peanuts and peanut butter.  They're good for snacks or for baking or cooking with, and we're always happy to make what you need.

We're rejoicing right now because we got a little rain - 6 tenths, but that's more than we've gotten in a long time.  We even saw a puddle or two!  

God bless, 
Jamie and Stephanie Snider and family 
NaturalFarms logo
Piedmontese beef, natural pork, and natural chicken

Have you checked out our NEW family packs yet?? We are now offering some new packs:


Chicken Sausage Sampler pack for $35.00

- 1 pkg original chicken sausage

- 1 pkg sun dried tomato chicken sausage

- 1 pkg Apple Raisin Chicken Sausage

- 1 pkg Blueberry Maple Chicken Sausage

- 1 pkg Spinach Feta Chicken Sausage

- 1 pkg Chipotle Pepper Chicken Sausage

(each pkg is approximately 1#)


#1 pack for $30.00

- 2 lb. ground beef

- 2 lean round roasts


#2 pack for $30.00

- 2 pkg's Beef Stew Meat (1# per package)

- 2 pkg's Ground Beef (1# per package)

- 1 Pkg Pork Bratwurst or Pork Italian Sausage (4 links per package)


#3 pack for $30.00

- 2 pkg's Ground Beef (1# per pkg)

- 2 pkg's Pork Italian or Pork Bratwurst Sausage (4 links per sausage)

- 1 small Pork Loin Roast 


Breakfast Meat's Sampler Pack for $25.00

- 1# naturalfarms Pork Bacon

- 1# Pork Breakfast Sausage

- 1 Pkg Pork Breakfast Cutlets (6/pkg)

- 1# Original Chicken Sausage 


And for all you dog owners out there:

Dog Pack for $18.00

- 1 - 5 lb. bag naturalfarms dog food

- 1 Pkg Dog Bones

- 1 Pkg Dog Chews 

Thank you for supporting our small family owned business! 


Jeff, Chris, and Meghan 


420 South Utica Ave

Tulsa OK 74104


Oklahoma Organic Garden Planner gardening-items.jpg
A reminder, ALL our products are still available this month: 2014 Oklahoma Garden Planner (#2714), Herb Booklet (#2722), & 2014 Garden Calendar (#2597). What makes the Planner a more valuable tool is the completeness of this work.
It includes not only the Garden Calendar, BUT --

The 'Appendix' is intended as a miniature encyclopedia of gardening information: plant variety & tool lists; how to use math in the garden, including specific helpful formulae; OKC weather averages for the ENTIRE year; a gardening dictionary; easy-to-read pH chart; seed company contact data; a list of books, magazines, & TV/radio shows on gardening; and an abbreviated "Growing Guide" containing LOTS of growing info presented in an 'at-a-glance' format.

The 'Forms' section includes specifically-designed hard copy sheets for recording what YOU did and WHEN & HOW you did it. This allows you to avoid mistakes (no one sees it but you!) and repeat your successes next year. Track crop performance so you'll know what varieties did/didn't work for you, plan your seed-starting times & transplant dates to make best use of timing, keep inventory of seed & supplies on-hand to help control co$t, and so much more. Make as many copies as needed to insure you don't forget any details of your efforts. HAPPY GARDENING!


Bill & Trudy Smith
Skyridge Farm
herbs, vegetable and flower plants, handcrafted items such as handcrafted paper greeting cards

We still have tomato plants and now we can offer pepper plants and some basils. We have lots of butterfly plants, salad herb gardens, tea gardens. Something for your health, for insect repellent purposes, for the cats and the bees and the hummingbirds. Something for everyone. If you have any questions or special plans feel free to e mail me at and let me know how your plants arrive.

I will be at Crestview Farm's festival May 4th, Will Rogers Park Festival May 31st, Ponca City Festival June 3rd, and the Junk Hippy Show at the OKC Fairgrounds June 14th.

Thanks again.


Cattle Tracks

Certified organic, non-GMO project verified, Animal Welfare Approved - beef, wheat, flour



HELLO & HOWDY from John's Farm.  Two gals spent Earth Day tromping around on John's Farm, from the prairie grasses at one of our OK Centennial Farms to the rocky top of one of the Gloss Mountains on our other OK Centennial Farm.  What a time of sharing, laughing, and taking pictures.  This venture has me thinking more seriously about hosting Gals at the Farm Gate in the near future!!


Pastures - seems there is a lot of discussion about pastures and grass fed these days and rightfully so.  Cattle Tracks Beef graze grass pastures from day one to processing; that's because calves are born in the wide open pastures, live there 24/7/365 and step from grass pasture into the stock trailer that delivers them to our processor only one short hour's drive away.  It's their grass diet with minimal organic oats and organic barley that allows them to thrive and develop tasty, tender meat. 


Our Earth day guests were amazed at the sustainability of John's Farm; we are all about sustainability which is why John was awarded the Henry Bellmon Sustainability Award, Environmental Stewardship.  John's Farm's sustainability is going into the next generation with the addition of our daughter and son (in law) joining us to learn the specifics of certified organic, non-GMO verified, animal welfare approved, sustainable farming.  When you read articles, and there are plenty of them out there, about young people leaving agriculture remember that Jason and Lesli are going against-the-tide; they are coming home to the farm!


We will be adding to product inventory next week as processing is on-going.  Orders will be packed with care and the addition of our monthly newsletter, including recipes and photos.  BE BLESSED!

John's Farm Certification Collage  

Double R Farms 

Berkshire, Large Black Hog and Large Black Berkshire crossed Pork, Grass Fed Criollo Beef, Crillo cross beef, Free Range Eggs and Moo to You


Hello Everyone,


I really think spring is here and I, for one, am very glad.  And with spring comes babies.  We've had puppies and calves and new piglets  All our cattle and pigs are born on our farm and spend their lives on our farm.  They all have acres to roam in and ponds to swim in and trees to sleep under on a lazy summer afternoon.   The pigs get to root and roam as they would in the wild.  The cows spend their days grazing pastures with shade trees and ponds without chemical fertilizers.

Being an Animal Welfare Approved farm there is no animal byproducts in any of our feeds.  In addition I supplement the pigs with organic sweet potatoes, farm fresh eggs and veggies.


Our heritage breed chickens have really picked up production and we have plenty of eggs to go around.  Free to roam wherever they please, they provide us with the best eggs money can buy.


Although we have beef from our Criollo and Criollo cross cattle several times a year, pork is our main product.  Look for beef in our listings this fall.


This month we are introducing another sausage.  Last month Brats, this month in addition to the brats we have mild Italian Sausage. They come 4 to a package and are just in time for grilling season.  We are very pleased with both of these and feedback has been great.  We hope you will enjoy them too.


We are increasing our herd size and hope to have more of the items that everyone loves in the coming months.


AWA logoWe want to thank you for your continued support for us and all your local farmers

Tell a Little Story Logo
Body Care, Beauty

Tell A Little Story Handmade Apothecarial Goods


At TALS, we focus on natural body care products that we believe are unique. Our pain bar is a natural remedy for joint pain, bruises, and body aches. It uses menthol for an "icy-hot" tingle, and a blend of essential oils for inflammation. 

Our Shower Bomb is perfect for relieving spring allergies. It also uses menthol, in a fizzy base that will open and clear the sinuses while you shower. 

We aren't the only lip balm producer out there, but ours is fantastic for long-lasting, soothing moisture. The coconut oil, mango butter, and beeswax base produce the fabulous result, and our flavors come from organic essential oils. Check them out!

Oklahoma Food Co-op Merchandise   

Sales benefit the Oklahoma Food Cooperative. Merchandise started as a capital fundraising campaign. Every effort is made to ensure items are as locally and sustainably produced as possible.Co-op branded fundraising merchandise includes t-shirts and  cookbook 

Co-op Classified Ads   

A classified ad at the Co-op's website offers members a cost effective way to reach thousands of co-op members and even more people who visit our website every day. Honor a friend or family member on a special day with a "Salute" ad. Commemorate an important event. Advertise your treasures! Only $5 for one month,
and $13 for 3 months.

After ordering your ad, click to view your shopping cart, and then enter the text for your ad in the comments section, and be sure to click "update". 

Remember this ancient advice: Those who have a thing to sell, and go and shout it in the well, are not so apt to make the dollars, as they who climb on trees and holler!

A Monthly Act of Generosity  

Your $5.00 donation is spread evenly between these donations funds:  
  • food to feed the volunteers on delivery day,  
  • membership fund for low income people,  
  • provide home delivery to disabled people,  
  • provide capital support for the co-op, and  
  • donation for advertising and outreach.  

Even if you can't order any food, because our delivery day is just not possible for you, you could journey with us a bit by opening an order and giving five dollars each month. Pay via PayPal and you've just made a significant contribution to the development of a local food system without ever having to go to a delivery day activity.

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