May 2014
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4,782 products, all grown or made in Oklahoma, from 88 farmers, growers, and small business producers.

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May 2014

Graduations, Memorial Day, cookouts, picnics, Father's Day, just because.  There are so many reasons to order from the OK Food Coop.  Get a jump start on all your festivities!


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Wichita Buffalo Company
Healthy Cravings
Anichini - Moore Ranch & Farm
Heaven Sent Food & Fiber
Buffalo Goods
Sugarloaf Farms
High Tides & Green Fields
OFC Paper Products
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Wichita Buffalo Company 
Wichita Buffalo logo
 buffalo meat and grass-fed beef

Wichita Buffalo Company would like you to know that Bison Meat Is Healthy Meat.


Bison meat is a low-fat alternative to beef. Next time you're looking for a low-fat meat to have for dinner, try a bison stir-fry, bison cooked in the slow cooker, pasta sauce with ground bison or a bison meatloaf. This nutritious meat is lower in fat than beef and lower in cholesterol than chicken, making it a healthy alternative to these more commonly consumed meats.

High Protein and Low Fat

A 3-ounce serving of roasted bison meat contains 122 calories, 24.2 grams of protein and 2.1 grams of fat, including just 0.8 gram of saturated fat. This is 48 percent of the daily value (DV) for protein, 3 percent of the DV for fat and 4 percent of the DV for saturated fat for those who follow a 2,000-calorie diet. This is less fat than even grass-fed beef, according to a 2012 article published in "Mother Earth News."

B Vitamin Benefits

Bison will boost your intake of B vitamins. Each serving contains 14 percent of the DV for riboflavin, 16 percent of the DV for niacin, 17 percent of the DV for vitamin B-6 and 41 percent of the DV for vitamin B-12. The health of your eyes, hair and skin depends on these B vitamins, which also help you turn the food you eat into energy and ensure healthy liver and nervous system function.

Healthy Cravings
Healthy Cravings logo
Superfood Snacks, Gluten Free, Low Glycemic, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Paleo Friendly


Healthy Cravings became a producer for the Oklahoma Food Coop in February 2014.


Healthy Cravings was created in Oklahoma City in March of 2013. From looking for alternatives to preservative and chemical filled snacks. Snacks that above all, TASTE GREAT! Coming from the fine dining section of the restaurant industry, that is a very important part of this concept.


We provide a variety of snacks including Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly, Dairy Free and Refined Sugar Free options (sweetening instead with coconut sugarlocal raw honeyorganic agave nectar, Turbinado sugar, organic molasses, maple syrup). We use Fair Trade, Chemical Free, Organic, Local and Non-GMO Ingredients in our products. Every menu item contains a minimum of at least one Superfood ingredient to provide you with phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. We use THE BEST INGREDIENTS available to us in every product!


The company was formed with personal and corporate sales along with local Farmer's Markets, wholesale and retail business.


We are very happy to be a member and  new producer to the Oklahoma Food Coop. Please contact us at any time with questions or to discuss details.


Our new Website will be ready in Spring of 2014 at

Anichini - Moore Ranch & Farm

anichini-moore ranch & farm
Heritage meats from cattle, pigs, lamb, sheep; heirloom & speciality produce, fruits, herbs, flowers, wool, native plants and compost


We have a SALE ON ECOLOGICALLY GROWN MUTTON AND BUFFALO.  Prices slashed $5 to $2 per pound.  We also have plenty of Belted Galloway Beef and some lamb in stock too.  All prices were previously reduced below our operational costs.  Stock up now before we re-inventory and return to our standard pricing levels.

Unfortunately, meat cut sizes are beyond our control and are never uniform when returned from the processor.  After our upcoming Agro Ecology Educational Farm Tour we will try to separate cuts into smaller weight ranges which involves a complete re-inventory.  To help facilitate the re-inventory before July, we have slashed many of our prices again.

In the meantime, please let us know your size or pound preferences.  We aim to please and will do our best to ensure you have the sizes or weights you prefer.  We will read your notes and promise to contact you if we need additional information before we fill your order.

The Agro-Ecology Educational Farm Tour in conjunction with OSU Camp Turf is scheduled for June 11th in Woodward. Please send us an e-mail if you plan to attend. 

New demonstrations are planned plus we are having a local foods grilled lunch with grass fed meat, asparagus, etc.  We will also have some items for sale from various demonstrators.

We do need a head count to ensure we have enough food available.  Look for more information next month.

Thank you,


Heaven Sent Food & Fiber

Heaven Sent logo
Wool, Fiber, Honey, Flowers, Herbs, Transplants, Soaps, Vegetables, Fruit



It's Grillin' Time!
In celebration of finally getting some warmer weather we are having a Pork Chop Sale! $6.49/# for pasture raised pork. 
Other Butchers' Choice items that will go great on the grill - 
All Pork Hot Dogs
  - WOW ARE THESE GOOD! 4 to a pack much larger than the bun - 1 makes a meal! 

Smoked Sausage 
Smoked Sausage with cheese 
German Sausage 
For your lighter lunches we have: 
Enjoy good weather, good company and GOOD FOOD! 
Thanks for supporting local agriculture!


Buffalo Goods    

Buffalo Goods logo
Handmade & Upcycled Jewelry, Decor, & Apparel


Greetings from Buffalo Goods!   


Now that the weather is nice (although unpredictable) feelings of renewal are in the air.  Graduation is coming up. In fact, I've got a graduate of my own this year!



My high school senior will graduate from Putnam City North in May & has exciting plans to explore film & video studies at a local college.  I'm sure he'll be immersed in our growing local film community before long.   


Right now I'm in full-speed-ahead graduation gift/party mode.  Therefore, I have taken a break from making jewelry items in the past couple of months. However, I still have lots of jewelry items listed.  Jewelry makes a great graduation gift for both guys & gals.  I've got bohemian style earrings and necklaces for the gals and cuff bracelets (upcycled from vintage belts) for both guys & gals.  Each jewelry item is gift packaged, but easy to open & view before giving.  


Mother's day is also coming up (soon!) and of course jewelry is always at the top of list of gift ideas for mom.  


Another great gift idea for moms & grads (especially if they are moving into their first apartment) is art.  I have a range of photography prints listed (and can custom frame a print by request).  Many of the photos were taken locally.  In fact, my latest series "Horses" is an ongoing venture along Oklahoma's back roads. Here are a few that I've just listed and I have many more in the works.  

Happy Spring!


Buffalo Goods

Jill Coleman


Sugarloaf Farms
Sugarloaf cattle

Howdy Folks


Sorry it's been so long since you heard from us.  We apologize for having so few beef products in the last few months.  This winter was hard on animals and people alike.


We now have plenty of ground beef available.  Other Angus grass fed cuts will be available when we butcher next week.  We may not have a complete listing submitted by opening of the order cycle but we will post our inventory as soon as it is available.


We really appreciate the positive feedback that we received on our beef products.  We invite additional comments and always welcome visitors to Sugarloaf Farms.


As always, our chicken eggs come from free range hens that are not fed soy or GMO products.


We hope everyone has a happy and prosperous spring and summer.


Jessica & Stan

High Tides & Green Fields

High Tides logo
Pepper and tomato plants -- Microgreens -- Grow to order

Spring at last!

It is with sadness that we announce that High Tides will no longer be offering microgreens. The cost of the plastic clamshells jumped almost 50% since the last time we ordered.  For a container that will be recycled after one use, it just isn't sustainable.  The cost of seeds had jumped again and again in the last year and our favorite mustard seed was suddenly not available anywhere.  If you tried the mustard two months ago, you'll know it just wasn't as tasty as the Green Wave we've been growing for years.
So, it's a good time to stop as gardens everywhere are filling with good green things to eat.  We hope to have some salad bags at the very end of the May cycle and we'll be sure to let you know.
If you ordered Plant Bucks from us for your tomato and pepper plants, they're ready for pick up at the farm during the week, or at the Brooks Farm Market in OKC on Saturdays.  
Thanks for supporting our little farm!
Dev & Kip


High Tides & Green Fields
Middleberg, OK
"We grow beautiful food." 

Oklahoma Food Network & Cooperative   

The co-op is selling Orchid Paper Products as a fundraiser. Support the co-op by purchasing one or more packages of bathroom tissue, paper towels, or paper napkins

Oklahoma Food Co-op Merchandise   

Sales benefit the Oklahoma Food Cooperative. Merchandise started as a capital fundraising campaign. Every effort is made to ensure items are as locally and sustainably produced as possible.Co-op branded fundraising merchandise includes t-shirts and  cookbook 

Co-op Classified Ads   

A classified ad at the Co-op's website offers members a cost effective way to reach thousands of co-op members and even more people who visit our website every day. Honor a friend or family member on a special day with a "Salute" ad. Commemorate an important event. Advertise your treasures! Only $5 for one month,
and $13 for 3 months.

After ordering your ad, click to view your shopping cart, and then enter the text for your ad in the comments section, and be sure to click "update". 

Remember this ancient advice: Those who have a thing to sell, and go and shout it in the well, are not so apt to make the dollars, as they who climb on trees and holler!

A Monthly Act of Generosity  

Your $5.00 donation is spread evenly between these donations funds:  
  • food to feed the volunteers on delivery day,  
  • membership fund for low income people,  
  • provide home delivery to disabled people,  
  • provide capital support for the co-op, and  
  • donation for advertising and outreach.  

Even if you can't order any food, because our delivery day is just not possible for you, you could journey with us a bit by opening an order and giving five dollars each month. Pay via PayPal and you've just made a significant contribution to the development of a local food system without ever having to go to a delivery day activity.

Your Rights as a Co-op Customer to Quality Products

When you pick up your order, if you find something that is not as described in its product description, or that is spoiled, damaged, or of obvious low quality, you are not obligated to accept and pay for that item.  You may refuse it at the pick-up site and your order will be credited. The item will be returned to the producer and you will not have to pay for it.  We encourage everyone to take the time to go through their order at the pick-up site and make sure that everything is there and of the quality you have a right to expect from our Co-op's producers.
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