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Welcome from the National Executive Director 
Welcome back to your academic year, in schools, universities and other workplaces around the country aiming to promote health and well-being through education in 2017. 

I am writing this as ACHPER celebrates a highly successful and educative 30th International Conference and also the release of our Strategic Priorities 2017-2019. The ACHPER International Conference was in many ways an actual celebration of the Strategic Priorities of: Advocacy, Relationships, Leadership, and Branding.  

The 30th ACHPER International Conference held at the University of Canberra from January 16-18 2017 provided 320 teachers, researchers and health, sport and recreation professionals from across Australia and overseas with a dynamic and highly engaging professional learning experience.

The conference theme - Participating in an Active and Healthy Life - Valuing the Participant Voice - prompted us to engage with people as learners and actively seek their voice to inform our work and improve the achievement of learning outcomes as well as their lives. 

Launch of ACHPER Strategic Priorities
ACHPER is forging ahead with leadership and support for ACHPER's purpose 'to enhance the health and well-being of every Australian by educating, advocating, and leading professional practice in health education, physical education, sport and recreation' through delivery of the 2017-19 Strategic Priorities

The 2017-19 Strategic Priorities guides how ACHPER will prioritise support for the future-focused HPE learning area and drive change to support members and kindred agencies over the next three years.

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Tennis Australia International & National forums
Immediately following the 30th ACHPER International Conference, ACHPER collaborated with Tennis Australia to offer a series of forums to ACHPER delegates and other advocates for HPE and sport, specifically focusing on engaging students in movement through tennis.

On January 21, International delegates from countries such as the US, Canada, NZ, and Hong Kong gathered to discuss how advocacy for HPE can be maximised by sharing International perspectives. Also on the agenda was discussion about opportunities for collaboration and establishing of partnerships on a global scale to engage children to be more active and have fun while playing tennis.

A national-focused forum was held the following day with ACHPER representatives, National Principal Association representatives, leaders in curriculum knowledge, and the Tennis Australia participation management team to consider directions in tennis value-adding to teacher/school and education issues, as well as initiatives taking place in educative environment settings.

#achper2017 on WIN News Canberra

jnl cover v2.1
Through the new rolling on-line publication of manuscripts by Taylor and Francis, ACHPER Members can now view papers from the Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport & Physical Education in a much more timely fashion.

Log-in and browse the latest articles today, including  
Richards and Gordon report on a New Zealand study into the opportunities and barriers confronting PE teachers in the implementation of the Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility (TPSR) model. 

Photo highlights of #achper2017

ACARA website update: Curriculum Connections
The 'Resources' section of the Australian Curriculum website has been updated with an interdisciplinary teaching resource: Curriculum Connections. This new feature is designed to assist teachers with the implementation of the Australian Curriculum. 

The four F-10 curriculum resources include:
  • Consumer and financial literacy
  • Food and fibre
  • Food and wellbeing
  • Outdoor learning

The latest issue of the Active + Healthy Magazine contains a number of articles that focus on improving student health outcomes as one of the best ways schools can maximise learning and student achievement.

An article of interest to all HPE educators by Sue Whatman and Troy Meston discusses how Indigenous games have clear educative purposes and are a 'natural opportunity' to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges in the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education. They suggest that teaching of these games and activities be undertaken in tandem with respectful dialogue and engagement within the cultural interface.