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2016 Professional Learning

Upcoming professional learning events being held by your ACHPER State/Territory Branch: 

26 October 2016

14 - 18 November 2016

21 & 22 November 2016

24 & 25 November 2016

ACHPER's 30th International Conference
National Your Health Link Photography Competition
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Welcome from the National Executive Director 
As educators, health and sport professionals involved in schools we all know how meaningful the contribution you make in schools is to students in the learning area of Health and Physical education (HPE). ACHPER also recognises the impact that HPE has on the community through celebrating National HPE Day with the wider community on September 14. HPE scaffolds learning through movement in active play and developing confidence and capabilities in fundamental movement skills, providing the foundation of lifelong well-being, provides children and adolescents with a sense of inclusion, supports the sport, recreation and community clubs to ensure they can continue to develop and foster programs for children and young people and provides families with the opportunities to share experiences and achievements relating to physical activity. Therefore HPE: Good for Communities was a day to reflect on the impact that HPE has for students, families and the wider community.  

I congratulate all involved and encourage you to celebrate HPE on that day and every day!

#ACHPER2017 Program Update
Less than one week to go until the Conference Program will be released!

With over 220 sessions to choose from, the conference will be the perfect opportunity to engage with national and international presenters through a variety of avenues.  The program offers a spectrum of presentations aiming to support ACHPER's audience including 
primary, secondary and tertiary presentations, practical sessions, workshops, health and well-being and sport pedagogy.  

Registration options cover single or multiple day attendance and reduced rates for tertiary students.

Bronze e-Lifesaving Program
Bronze e-Lifesaving is a FREE interactive e-learning program that can be easily implemented in the classroom and has strong links to learning outcomes in the new Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education. Utilising aquatic themes, the program challenges students to explore risk-taking behaviour, personal attitudes, beliefs and personal relationships, and to develop skills in making informed decisions, refusal tactics and leadership. Bronze e-Lifesaving teaches students survival skills, rescue techniques and basic emergency and first aid care for managing situations where their own or others' well-being and safety may be a risk.

Bronze e-Lifesaving provides interactive and meaningful content to engage the learner. It challenges and prompts students to explore, analyse and discuss issues and concepts to reach informed decisions. 

There's no need for teachers to be experts in lifesaving!

Best of all Bronze e-Lifesaving is FREE for all Australian Secondary Schools.

For more information and to enrol go to

*Advertising does not indicate ACHPER's endorsement of the product or service.

National #HPEday 2016
View the reach and social media impact for National HPE Day in 2016.

We are pleased to announce our winners from our National #HPEday competition! Congratulations to Chatswood High School in NSW and Tumby Bay Area School in SA who have both won a sporting prize pack.

Thanks to all schools, parents, children and communities for their

Many primary school teachers around the world are responsible for the implementation of physical education, some of whom have limited confidence, competence and time. With this in mind, it is timely that terms such as 'literacy' and 'education' are discussed to support teachers delivering pedagogy further.

In this Blog post, Timothy Lynch of Plymouth University (UK) discusses the results of a recent study by Lynch & Soukup (2016), as to whether physical literacy has offered further clarity to teachers or if it is a great way to promote physical education in schools.

Term 4 Professional Learning
Looking for quality professional learning for Health and Physical Education? There are a number of workshops and conferences for both primary and secondary teachers being held by your ACHPER branch which present an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues and get the latest information on curriculum, assessment and pedagogy.

You can view Term 4 events via the National PD Calendar. This is updated regularly so make sure you keep checking back. 

The Department of Transport in Western Australia has implemented four behaviour change programs, one of which is TravelSmart to School. This program aims to create a healthy community by encouraging active transport to and from school, whether it be by walking, riding, scooting, skating or taking public transport.