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LAST CHANCE: 2016 ACHPER Professional Learning: Singapore Program
Complimentary Multimedia resource for teaching Personal Development
Announcing new ACHPER National Board
30th ACHPER International Conference
NEW Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and PE
Term 4 Professional Learning
My journey into using IT in PE
What is your 30 minutes?
Enhancing Well-being - Naturally
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2015 Professional Learning

Upcoming professional learning events being held by your ACHPER State/Territory Branch: 

12-16 October 2015

14 October 2015

26 October 2015

23 October 2015

9-13 November

23-24 November 2015

26-27 November 2015

2015 ACHPER Membership
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Murdoch University is seeking applications for a Lecturer in Health and Physical Education within the School of Education.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: Friday October 9, 2015 

Celebrating 60 years
Partners & Supporters
On September 18, the Education Council fully endorsed the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education (HPE).  As part of eight learning areas fully endorsed by the Education Council, a truly national approach to HPE curriculum can be supported within all schools, in all states and across all sectors.  This is a momentous decision for full endorsement of AC:HPE. ACARA, States, ACHPER and all contributors to the scoping and production of this curriculum should take a moment to celebrate the achievement.

Activation of the endorsed curriculum requires further support. Recognition of local context, embracing the needs and requirements of students and developing teachers through 21st century professional learning is a responsibility for ACHPER to support the implementation of this curriculum. Advocacy for HPE will support implementation of the curriculum. I would encourage you to investigate the National Health and Physical Day (held on Wednesday September 9) infographic in this issue and congratulate all schools, parents and teachers for highlighting the importance of the learning area.  With the theme HPE: Good for Schools, it was an opportunity to re-inforce the value of what HPE, sport and healthy and active living can contribute for future generations.

LAST CHANCE: 2016 ACHPER Professional Learning: Singapore Program
This professional learning opportunity in Singapore from January 10 - 20, 2016 has been designed specifically for teachers and school leaders engaged in planning and delivery of the Health and Physical Education curriculum from P-12 and the cross-curriculum priority - Asia and Australia's engagement.

ACHPER is pleased to announce that ACHPER Tasmania President, Tim Medwin, will represent ACHPER as tour leader for this professional learning opportunity. Tim has extensive experience in leading tours of teachers and students throughout Asia, Europe and America and as a Curriculum Teacher Leader of HPE with the Department of Education in Tasmania, Tim has delivered quality professional learning locally, nationally and internationally.

COMPLIMENTARY Multimedia resource for teaching Personal Development
If you're teaching Personal Development in 2016, What's Happening to U? is a complimentary, syllabus compliant, multimedia resource to assist you with the teaching of puberty, menstruation and personal development.  Watch what it's all about here.

After extensive teacher and student training and advice, What's Happening to U? offers materials that tap into real attitudes and needs, with an emphasis on students talking to and being heard by other students. 

What's Happening to U? is a completely customisable teacher resource including:
  • Print
  • DVD
  • Powerpoint
  • Electronic white board files
You can find out more and order complimentary resources for your school at
Announcing new ACHPER National Board
At the National Representative Forum (NRF) held in Adelaide on August 22nd and August 23rd, ACHPER farewelled two members of the National Board, Dr Graham Dodd and Mr Guy Cassarchis. ACHPER would like to thank them for the valued service during their Board tenures.

ACHPER welcomes Dr Shane Pill to the National Board as Vice-President and congratulates Mr David Keating who was re-elected as a Board Member, both for three year terms.

30th ACHPER International Conference
ACHPER National is pleased to announce that the 2017 30th ACHPER International Conference will be held at the University of Canberra on January 16 - 18, 2017.

As the Australian Capital and home of the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra offers much to encourage your attendance. ACHPER invites researchers, academics, educators, teaching professionals and associated health practitioners nationally and internationally to save the date, plan and lock in Canberra 2017 for the 30th ACHPER International Conference.

NEW Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and PE
jnl cover v2.1
Volume 6 Issue 2 2015 of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education is now available for members to read online. This edition beings together an interesting and eclectic collection of papers.

This edition includes part two of David Kirk's ideas around the educative purpose of physical education in the school curriculum in dialogue with Steven Stolz. The remaining five papers cover a broad range of topics, theories and practices across an array of arenas relevant to all engaged in health, sport and physical education, which includes Graham Dodd's Fritz Duras Memorial Lecture from the 2015 International Conference. 

Term 4 Professional Learning
Looking for quality professional learning for Health & Physical Education? There are a number of workshops and conferences for both primary and secondary teachers being held by your ACHPER branch which present an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues and get the latest information on curriculum, assessment and pedagogy.

You can view Term 4 events via the National PD Calendar. This is updated regularly so make sure you keep checking back. 

My journey into using IT in PE
As a primary school PE teacher, Kirsty Crouch from Immanuel Primary School in SA, is always looking for new tools to improve her teaching program...... so into the world of IT in PE she jumped!

In this blog post, Kirsty shares seven iPad Apps which she uses regularly in her classroom that work successfully for her and her students. Are you incorporating any of them in your teaching program yet?

What is your 30 minutes?
National HPE Day ambassador and President of the Australian Primary Principals Association Dennis Yarrington, believes physically active kids are generally healthier, are more confident, do better at studies and are happier.

This extends to us as adults, and he encouraged everyone to focus their attention on their daily habits of being physically active on National HPE Day by finding those 30 minutes. 

Enhancing Well-being - Naturally
The Human Movement Program at the University of South Australia provides first year Human Movement students with a compulsory four day outdoor camp which is viewed as valuable as it is a medium to develop stronger social, learning and professional development relationships.

In this blog post, Dr Amber Mosewich, Scott Polley and Scott Adams from the School of Health Sciences at the University of South Australia, analyse results from a pilot study conducted to examine the camps impact on students' well-being.