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Special Magazine issue: Game Sense
2015 International Conference Proceedings now available
Complimentary Multimedia resource for teaching Personal Development
Health on Facebook: Engaging critical minds
Term 3 Professional Learning
Receiving the baton
Healthy eating in outdoor education
Resource writers: Call for EOI
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2017 ACHPER International Conference: Call for EOI for committees
Play with Purpose: New Game Sense resource for soccer
2015 ACHPER Membership
Celebrating 60 years
It is an imperative of ACHPER's Strategic Plan to support teachers as they engage with 21st Century pedagogy and current ways of engaging their students and schools to support Health and Physical Education (HPE), sport and recreation programs. With an Australian Curriculum that has an integrated approach to HPE, this may require a shift in thinking and approaches to pedagogy. 

To support the implementation phase of the Australian Curriculum for Health and Physical Education (AC: HPE), ACHPER is mindful of a responsibility to provide leadership as teachers grapple with ways to engage the curriculum and best provide to their students local needs. ACHPER National is therefore advertising for a pool of resource writers who will have the knowledge and understanding in mapping to the AC: HPE, sport and general capabilities embedded in the Australian Curriculum. This may enable teachers to celebrate how well they currently teach curriculum and engage with a future focused curriculum delivery and modify as needed to provide for an education inclusive to all students.


Special Magazine issue: Game Sense
The July issue of the Active & Healthy Magazine is a special edition in the area of game-based learning and teaching in Health and Physical Education. 

Some of the articles have been developed by teams of writers that have plundered the playing, teaching and coaching expertise of leading exponents of their game or sport while other articles have been developed by educators who work in schools, universities and clubs across the world. Free for members, and now available for non-members to purchase.


2015 Conference Proceedings now available
On behalf of the Conference Organising and Academic Program Committees, ACHPER is pleased to present this edited book of proceedings from the 29th ACHPER International Conference in Adelaide to reflect some of the high quality research that is being undertaken in the Health and Physical Education learning area nationally and internationally. 

The papers forming the 2015 Conference Proceedings speak to both the challenges and to the triumphs occurring across ACHPER's focus areas - Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Sport.


COMPLIMENTARY Multimedia resource for teaching Personal Development
If you're teaching Personal Development in Term 3, What's Happening to U? is a complimentary, syllabus compliant, multimedia resource to assist you with the teaching of puberty, menstruation and personal development. Watch what it's all about here. 

After extensive teacher and student training and advice, What's Happening to U? offers materials that tap into real attitudes and needs, with an emphasis on students talking to and being heard by other students. 

What's Happening to U? is a completely customisable teacher resource including:
  • Print
  • DVD
  • Powerpoint
  • Electronic white board files
You can find out more and order complimentary resources for your school at


Health on Facebook: Engaging critical minds
Social networking sites such as Facebook have become a popular way for people to source health information, specifically relating to diet and exercise. However many adolescents are unable to differentiate between the credibility and accuracy of the health advice offered.

The results of a study by Stephanie Jong of Flinders University draws on two of the five propositions of the Australian Curriculum: developing health literacy and including a critical approach as ways to build on the enthusiasm of social networking sites and guide adolescents to improve the way they evaluate health information they find online.

Term 3 Professional Learning
Looking for quality professional learning for Health & Physical Education? There are a number of workshops and conferences for both primary and secondary teachers being held by your ACHPER branch which present an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues and get the latest information on curriculum, assessment and pedagogy.

You can view Term 3 events via the National PD Calendar. This is updated regularly so make sure you keep checking back.


Receiving the baton
Introducing Tracy Zilm, Senior Project Officer: Health and Physical Education (HPE) with the Australian Curriculum at ACARA.

Read more about her professional background and how she plans to contribute to the ongoing development of a learning area that she believes is one of THE most important in a young person's life.

Healthy eating in outdoor education
The nutrition-related health of Australian children is very poor. The home environment has a strong influence on food consumed, and as children get older their peers and school environment also increasingly influence their food choices. 

Read how journey-based outdoor education can be an ideal opportunity to support students in adopting healthy eating behaviours.