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The teaching of HPE in Australian schools: A Singaporean perspective
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2015 ACHPER Membership
The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians is clear in its intention for all young people to be supported through education to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens (Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs, 2008). An educated nation is one which recognises the benefits of active and healthy students and the importance of this investment in future generations. 

The importance of the student-teacher relationship should not be disregarded if we wish to educate active and healthy students. The teacher invests time in the student and will utilise professional judgement to personalise the learning experience and cater for specific needs of students. The teacher's ability to make professional judgements may only be supported by sustained engagement with the student, the school community, the parents, and also with the teacher's own professional development and career pathway.  


Bronze e-Lifesaving
Bronze e-Lifesaving is a FREE interactive e-learning program that can be easily implemented in the classroom and has strong links to learning outcomes in the new Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education. Utilising aquatic themes, the program challenges students to explore risk-taking behaviour, personal attitudes, beliefs and personal relationships, and to develop skills in making informed decisions, refusal tactics and leadership. Bronze e-Lifesaving teaches students survival skills, rescue techniques and basic emergency and first aid care for managing situations where their own or others' wellbeing and safety may be a risk.

Bronze e-Lifesaving provides interactive and meaningful content to engage the learner. It challenges and prompts students to explore, analyse and discuss issues and concepts to reach informed decisions.


There's no need for teachers to be experts in lifesaving!


Best of all Bronze e-Lifesaving is FREE for all Australian Secondary Schools.


For more information and to enrol go to  


Nominate for the ACHPER National Board
Interested in contributing to ACHPER's national profile and providing leadership and support to strengthen advocacy nationally for the HPE learning area?

ACHPER is now seeking nominations for the following National Board Member Positions. Nominations close Friday July 3.

National Vice President (3 year term)
National Board Member (3 year term)

Job Alert: School Competition Coordinator
Looking for a career change? Tennis Australia is currently looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic School Competition Coordinator to join the Participation Team. 

The successful candidate will be responsible for providing more opportunities for primary school aged children to become engaged in Tennis through the school competition pathway.

The teaching of HPE in Australian schools: A Singaporean perspective
Dr Anthony Leow from the Ministry of Education in Singapore draws some comparisons between Health and Physical Education (HPE) classes in Australia and Singapore after his recent visit to Adelaide. 

What were the many similarities and subtle differences that he believes may facilitate the teachers' cause in achieving the educative purpose of HPE? 

Student Membership SPECIAL
Are you a tertiary student who is currently studying within the fields of education, health, physical education, sport, sport science, dance, fitness and human movement? Being a member of ACHPER will ensure you have the ability to connect and network with other like-minded professionals in your areas of interest, engage with up-to-date information and benefit from a range of products and services to further your professional interests. 

Take advantage of the special 12 month membership rate for tertiary students of $25 (normally $50) until June 30, 2015. 

Play with Purpose: New Game Sense resource for soccer
ACHPER's latest resource to join the Play with Purpose series focuses on a game-centred Game Sense approach to teaching football (soccer).

Play with Purpose: The Game Sense Coaching Approach for Football (Soccer) by author Shane Pill emphasises learning of the tactical and technical connection required for expertise right from players beginning game development, with more than 50 game-based practice activities included.  

2015 ACHPER National Awards now open
Nominations are now open for ACHPER Life Members, Fellows, National Honour and National Service Awards for 2015.

These National Awards recognise the outstanding service and significant contribution given by members and non-members to their Branches and to National ACHPER over many years.  

What makes great teachers or school leaders?
What makes a great education system? Supporting and promoting teacher and school leader professional learning is essential. 

Find out more about how the best teachers are the best learners in this Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) animation, which supports ACHPER's teacher quality strategic priority.

2017 ACHPER International Conference: Call for expressions of interest for committees
ACHPER National is seeking expressions of interest from members and the wider community who would like to be part of the Organising and Program Committees for the 30th ACHPER International Conference to be held in Canberra from Monday January 16 - Wednesday January 18, 2017.

This is a great opportunity to share your skills, knowledge and experience to positively influence the success of ACHPER's 30th International Conference.