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29th ACHPER International Conference sessions filling fast
BOUNCE Inc launches new curriculum resource for schools
Celebrating 60 years timeline
A national HPE curriculum - what difference will it make?
Developing essential questions to drive the inquiry process
The quest to engage higher level thinking
New ACHPER resource portal
Active & Healthy Magazine: Volume 22 Issue 1 2015
Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport & PE: Volume 6 Issue 1 2015
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2015 Professional Learning
Survey - Positive Use of Australian Sports Commission resources in schools
2015 ACHPER Membership
Educators are constantly being asked to do more in their professional context, to make a difference to their students, schools and communities. Embracing change and 21st century learning and expectations can be both a challenge and an opportunity for all teachers in early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary. Engaging in professional learning is a career journey for educators and ACHPER is pleased to be able to support and assist you in accessing opportunities for professional growth.

As the representative of ACHPER National, I was fortunate to be able to explore and engage with our kindred association SHAPE (Society of Health and Physical Educators) America in their first SHAPE America National Convention and Expo in Seattle last month. 


#achper2015 Conference sessions filling fast
There are less than two weeks until the 29th ACHPER International Conference kicks off! Session preferences are filling up fast so don't miss this opportunity to be involved in what will be a professionally stimulating and dynamic event. 

The 2015 program offers something for everyone whether it be teachers, academics, sport or health professionals, and provides a diverse range of sessions for delegates to choose from.


BOUNCE INC launches new curriculum resource for schools
BOUNCE is a safe and secure "trampoline universe" with over 100 interconnected trampolines. BOUNCE sporting facilities offer a unique learning environment for students to participate in skill based developmental programs. Since 2012, BOUNCE has hosted more than 700 school groups. BOUNCE is the ultimate destination for encouraging participation, developing skills and growing confidence, whilst expanding movement and health knowledge.

BOUNCE's new Schools Program is compatible with and supportive of the 5 propositions of learning outlined in the Australian Curriculum - HPE and aligned with the Bands of schooling. 
For more information and to be the first to receive the new Bounce Curriculum Resource, please register your interest at

BOUNCE will be exhibiting at the upcoming ACHPER International Conference and welcome attendees to attend a venue tour at Bounce Adelaide on Tuesday the 14th of April between 7.00 - 8.00am. To secure your place email [email protected].

Celebrating 60 years
ACHPER (originally the Australian Physical Education Association) came into being when state physical education branches, national fitness council branches, and university and teachers' college staff were looking for a sense of professional cohesion and common ground to further their cause. 

2015 is of particular significance, as it marks 60 years of the organisation operating as a National association. To highlight this occasion, a timeline of ACHPER's history featuring momentous occasions and projects of national significance has been compiled.



A national HPE curriculum - what difference will it make? 
What opportunities does the Australian Curriculum: HPE create to enhance learning in this area? How could the new HPE curriculum make a real and positive difference to current teacher practice and consequently to student learning? 

CEO of ACARA Robert Randall gives us a preview of his Keynote presentation to be held at the upcoming 29th ACHPER International Conference in this ACHPER Blog post.

Developing essential questions to drive the inquiry process
Mark Williams from Stamford American International School, Singapore has found himself more and more using an inquiry based approach to drive his program and teaching in PE.

On the ACHPER Blog, Mark gives us a taste of what you can expect in his session at #achper2015 and how teachers can set up lessons/activities using conceptual and factual questions that allow students to do the talking and the teacher to facilitate inquiry.

The quest to engage higher level thinking
"Asking authentic questions - questions to which the teacher does not already know the answer or to which there are no predetermined answers - is extremely powerful in creating a classroom culture that feels intellectually engaging. Such questions allow students to see their teachers as learners and to see that we don't always have THE answers!"

#achper15 international presenter Mel Hamada shares her quest to engage higher level thinking in this ACHPER Blog post. 

New ACHPER resource portal
ACHPER National has been a publisher of high quality resources specifically catering to the needs of the Health and Physical Education profession for many decades, and have a range of published resources that are compatible with and supportive of the Australian Curriculum for Health and Physical Education. 

A new resource portal is now available online, allowing users to filter resources by strands, sub-strands, general capabilities and bands of schooling. 


Active & Healthy Magazine: Volume 22 Issue 1 2015
The March issue of the Active & Healthy Magazine is now available for members to read online. This edition examines the value of movement from a diverse range of perspectives to support you and your work with students, families and communities.

A highlight of this issue is an article on Nature Games by Anne Goodman from Wanguri Primary School, NT which demonstrates what physical education teachers can achieve by empowering their students. 


New Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport & PE
jnl cover v2.1
Volume 6 Issue 1 2015 of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education has been published. This edition brings together another interesting collection of papers from researchers from across the Asia-Pacific region.

The opening paper involves an exploration of IT in the delivery of mainstream PE pedagogy. The following five papers cover a wide range of diverse issues to advance HPE scholarship and practice across the region.