The ACHPER Advocate
 Issue #6   
July 2014
In This Issue
2014-16 National Strategic Plan
Call for papers now open
2014 National Health & Physical Education Day
Stretching our learning through effective goal setting
What is your Leadership Paradigm?
Parents in Sport: A socio-cultural discussion
Asia-Pacific Journal for Health, Sport & PE
Active & Healthy Magazine

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Primary package
Primary teachers, in what is a crowded curriculum, are you time poor and want the best for your students?

These ACHPER resources can assist you in delivering active content with student health and wellbeing outcomes, with links to the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education propositions.


2014/15 ACHPER Bookshop Catalogue
View the ACHPER Bookshop's 2014/15 Health & PE Resource Catalogue which highlights the latest titles available in the areas of primary, secondary, self-development, teacher education, sport and recreation, and dance. 


Rethinking Drinking Kit
Rethinking Drinking is a program of alcohol education classroom ideas for lower-middle secondary school students.


THAT IS A 50% SAVING!!!!  
A message from ACHPER's National Executive Director, Alison Turner
Welcome to the latest edition of the ACHPER Advocate. I hope that many of our teachers and educators were able to replenish with student free time over the semester break. 
It is a time of great anticipation for the Health and Physical Education learning area as we await on news of the outcome of the Australian Curriculum review as indicated by the Students First process. 
2014-16 National Strategic Plan
Four key strategic priorities
ACHPER National is forging ahead with leadership and support for our purpose of 'promoting active and healthy living' through the delivery of the 2014-16 National Strategic Plan.

Developed by the National Office and National Board with State/Territory branch input and collaboration, the ACHPER National Strategy 2014-16 informs members, kindred agencies, partners and other stakeholders of the direction that we intend to prioritise. 



Call for papers - now open!
29th ACHPER International Conference
The 29th ACHPER International Conference Program Committee invites submissions for presentations for the 29th ACHPER International Conference in Adelaide, South Australia from 13-15 April 2015. 

Presentations will be structured in concurrent sessions of 20 minutes, 45 minutes or 90 minutes in length, and can be structured as a paper, presentation, workshop, forum, or poster.  



National Health & Physical Education Day
Good for Children, Good for Schools, Good for Communities
This year's National Health and Physical Education Day will be held on Wednesday September 10.

In 2014, National Health and Physical Education Day will focus on how the Health and Physical Education learning area is 'good for children', and develops students' knowledge, understanding and skills to strengthen their sense of self, and build and manage satisfying relationships. 


Stretching our learning through effective goal setting
New to the ACHPER Blog
The beginning of a new semester is the perfect time to look at goal setting and how this valuable tool can be used with your students. 
Mel Hamada from Yokohama International School in Japan shares her experience about how she asks her students to set goals frequently including individual goals within team goals, and how we must be careful about ensuring goals are realistic for each individual.

What is your Leadership Paradigm?
Popular post
Are people "born leaders"? Principal of Avoca State School in QLD, Michael Kiss, isn't so sure.

In this blog post, Michael elaborates on how he has used the leadership style Lead Management in the evolution of his own personal leadership over time, and outlines how it may assist you in the development of your own 'Leadership Paradigm'.  


Parents in Sport: A socio-cultural discussion
ACHPER Blog highlight
Parental involvement in children and youth sport is often portrayed negatively, perpetuating the view that there is a 'growing' problem with parental behaviour.
Sam Elliott from Flinders University discusses his research over the past five years on this subject, and how elite sport, as a tier of broader society and culture, plays a role in how parents interact and behave in youth sport.

Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and PE
Members can access online
The July issue of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education brings together another interesting collection of papers from researchers from across the Asia-Pacific Region, and beyond.
It features two papers that were solicited at the completion of the 28th ACHPER International Conference late last year, including David Kirk's presentation of the 22nd Fritz Duras Memorial Lecture.

Active & Healthy Magazine
Special issue on Cooperative Learning
Volume 21 Issue 2/3 2014 of the Active & Healthy Magazine is now available for members to read online. 
For this edition we have assembled a world-leading editorial team in the area of Cooperative Learning in Health and Physical Education. Dr Ash Casey (Loughborough University, UK & University of Limerick, Ireland), Victoria Goodyear (University of Bedfordshire, UK), and Ben Dyson (University of Auckland, NZ) have taught and written extensively over a number of years about this topic and have assembled a team of writers from around the globe to bring you up to date with this pedagogical approach. 

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