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Donate Pet Food to Our Annual Matching Pet Food Drive

Please help us as we once again hold our annual Holiday Pet Food Drive to help needy dogs and cats in our community. A great many dogs and cats will need food and warmth this winter, so please donate to help them! Animal Hospital of North Asheville will match the first 2,000 pounds of food donated, so bring those bags and cans in. Donations will be distributed to Asheville Humane Society (which now includes Animal Compassion Network), Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, and Meals on Wheels Pet Food Program. Drop any canned or dry pet food, blankets, pet toys and/or monetary donations off at Animal Hospital of North Asheville during normal business hours before January 1st. Click Here to learn more about how you can help.
Join Us In Welcoming Two New Veterinarians To AHNA!

Please join us in welcoming two new wonderful veterinarians to Animal Hospital of North Asheville: Dr. True Ballas and Dr. Susan LeCoq. We are so excited to have two such kind and accomplished veterinarians joining our team. Click on their bio links above to learn more about our two new doctors.
Special Announcements

No Puppy Preschool on Thursday Nov. 26th due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

AHNA will be closed on Nov. 26th in observance of Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful day with your friends and family!

We are not having our free behavior classes in December due to the pet food drive and the holidays.
Bring a Pet Food Donation & Get a Holiday Pet Photo: Dec. 8th, 6:30-8:00 PM 

Come join us for festive cheer, photos and to help end pet hunger in our community on Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 from 6:30-8pm at Animal Hospital of North Asheville. We will be hosting a Winter Holiday themed photo booth (with holiday props for you to choose from) to help encourage food donations for our AHNA Annual Holiday Pet Food Drive supporting the Asheville Humane Society, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and Meals on Wheels of Asheville and Buncombe County.

Click Here to learn more!
Sad Announcement: Dr. Goetz is Moving to New Mexico

Animal Hospital of North Asheville is sad to announce that Dr. Matt Goetz, who so many have grown to love during the past two years, has to move to New Mexico. Dr. Goetz's wife Nellie, who is also a veterinarian and will soon have her Master's Degree in Public Health, has a wonderful opportunity to work for both the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Santa Fe Humane Society. Among other things, Nellie will be working to develop and put in place programs to improve the lives of needy animals on the Native American Reservations in New Mexico. Nellie's passion is working at an administrative level to improve the lives of needy animals, so Dr. Goetz will be moving in order for her to further her career goals. All who have gotten to know Dr. Goetz know that his job here at AHNA is his dream job, so of course he really hates to leave. Click Here to learn more about Dr. Goetz's plans, and to wish him well in our blog comments section!
5 Gifts To Give Your Pet This Year

Beloved holiday songs are playing on the radio, stores are decked out in festive decorations and you cannot help but feel the start of the holiday season is in the air.

This year when thinking about what presents to get your pet, try the gift challenge: think of five different gifts for five different reasons.
  1. Something they want.
  2. Something they need.
  3. Something to wear.
  4. Something to learn.
  5. Something donated in your pet's name.

Click Here to get more ideas on gifts to give your pet! 

We Welcome You to Accompany Your Pet for Treatments or Tests

At Animal Hospital of North Asheville, we realize that the love your pet has for you is unique, and that there is no real substitute for the love and reassurance that you provide. We know that your presence is comforting to your pet and that many people also find comfort in seeing exactly what their pet experiences. For that reason, almost all areas of our hospital are set up for a family member to accompany each pet whether the treatment is being performed as an outpatient visit or during hospitalization. Of course, we also realize that many people find medical settings stressful and do not wish to be present while blood is drawn or treatments are performed, so we are very good at giving treats and hugs and lots of TLC to keep our patients happy even when their family is not there. It is totally up to you whether you accompany your pet or not.
Lack of Information Caused Permanent Damage in This Dog's Teeth

By: Dr. Dave Thompson

Recently, an adorable little dog named Chance arrived with Mom to be examined and admitted for a dental cleaning and oral evaluation. This sweet boy is 11 years old and was so cute, timidly wagging his tail, a little greying in the face, and a little nervous, thus he kept an eye on Mom.

He received an injection to calm him and met Kelly C, the Registered Veterinary Technician who would be his nurse for the day, and all was well. His case is an important example of how permanent damage to the teeth and gums occurred because his Mom, a new client, had never been told of the importance of dental care for her dog. We applaud her for getting him right in and having his teeth professionally cleaned, but it is sad that irreversible damage had already occurred.

Click Here to read more about Chance!
Video And Pictures From Our Howl-o-ween Party!

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year because of all of the fun costumes your pets wear to appointments as well as to our Happy Howl-o-ween Party.

Click here to enjoy the video of our party and to view pictures of pets in costume!
Thank You Dr. Marchitelli!

The veterinarians of Animal Hospital of North Asheville wish to thank Dr. Beth Marchitelli for her excellent presentation at a lunch and learn this month. Dr. Marchitelli is especially interested in providing high quality, compassionate care for pets during the end of their lives as well as the families who care for them. She works locally to provide mobile home hospice and home euthanasia through 4 Paws Farewell. At Animal Hospital of North Asheville, we appreciate the compassionate care that she provides to many of our own patients. While AHNA provides compassionate end of life care at no charge to established patients using our home-like Bereavement Room, 4 Paws Farewell provides service in your home which many of our clients prefer. Click here for more information on the services offered by Dr. Marchitelli and 4 Paws Farewell.
Upcoming Pet Help Sessions  
& Classes At AHNA


Saturday Training Classes

Concentration: Learn How to Achieve Focus Despite Distractions
Sat. Dec 5th and Sat. Dec 12th from 4-5pm
presented by Dog-Ed; Jenny White- CPDT-KA 

NEW CLASS OFFERED: Saturday Dec 5th & Dec 12th from 5:15 - 6:15pm in the AHNA Education Room, presented by Dog-Ed; Jenny White- CPDT-KA

Cost $35 & registration is required

Learn how to achieve focus, despite the distractions. New environments, people, and other dogs can be challenging and stimulating for your dog. In this 2-week class, you will learn how to build focus and shift your dog's attention from distractions back to you. Click Here to learn more.

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Mission Statement:
By embracing new knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, our mission at AHNA is to provide the highest level of medical, dental and surgical care possible; to deliver it with integrity and compassion for our clients, but most importantly, to constantly see ourselves through the eyes of our voiceless patients who understand only that we are gentle and kind; to have as our first priority, relief of their pain and discomfort and to strive to minimize separation from the people they love.
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