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AHNA May 2015 Newsletter 
Why We Give So Many Treats
(Coming next month - Cat treats at AHNA!)
When we give treats throughout the course of a visit, our goal is to make veterinary care a positive experience instead of something for you and your dog to dread. The frequency and timing of the treats is extremely important. Your dog cannot reason, "I like going to get veterinary care because I get a treat at the beginning and/or the end of the visit." To help your dog enjoy coming in for medical care, he or she should get frequent treats all during the visit. Fortunately, your dog does not value treats by their size (like we do) but just loves getting something tasty. The effect of a small treat is just as great as the effect of a large treat. For that reason, the main treat we use is freeze dried liver - Click Here to learn more about our treat policy.
AHNA Recommendations for Keeping Your Dog Healthy & Avoiding Parasite Transmission to Humans
(Coming next month - Our Recommendations for the Health Care of your Feline Companion!) 
An Annual Comprehensive Wellness Exam is one of the most important things you can do for your pet. Even if your pet has had several veterinary visits during the year due to illness or other problems, please make sure to bring your pet in for his or her annual wellness exam.  This comprehensive exam is a much more thorough physical and dental examination than can be done during an illness visit, and will focus on every aspect of care of your pet as a whole with recommendations outlined for keeping your pet healthy. Important parasite preventatives and other medications will be - Click Here to Read More.
Top 10 Toxin Calls in 2014
The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center tallied calls received in 2014, and some common themes emerged. Check out the 10 substances that accounted for the most calls.

1. Human Prescription Medications

Human medications topped the list of calls the APCC received in 2014, and the types of medications closely reflect the most common human prescriptions. Cardiac medications (especially antihypertensives) led the list, closely followed by antidepressants and pain medications.

Click Here to see the rest of the list!
Celebrating Specially-Abled Pets! Video & Stories
May 3rd was National Specially-Abled Pets Day, which celebrates disabled pets, helps to educate the public about caring for disabled pets, and helps to find homes for orphaned, specially-abled pets. Throughout May we have been celebrating these amazing and heroic pets on our Facebook page!

Click on the photo above to watch a video about these pets and also to read their touching stories.

To all the families that have a specially-abled animal in their life: A pet with special needs will inspire you to be a special kind of person. Thank you for all you do!
Cat with the Loudest
Purr in the World!
Most domestic cats purr at around 25 decibels, but Merlin has hit a magnificent 100 - louder than a hair dryer, a hand drill or a lawnmower. The 12-year-old pet is so noisy that owner Tracy Westwood struggles to hold telephone conversations or hear the TV.
CLICK HERE or on the photo above to watch the video and hear the loudest purr in the world!   
Upcoming Pet Behavior Sessions & Classes At AHNA
(for people only)

Cats W.I.N. (What is normal cat behavior?)
Tuesday, June 16th at 7:00 pm

How to Help Your Dog's Noise Phobia
Tuesday, June 23rd at 7:00 pm

Puppies W.I.N. (What is normal?)
Tuesday, July 21st at 7:00 pm

Learn a new language... DOG (Canine Body Language)
Tuesday, July 28th at 7:00 pm

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(training classes for dogs and their people)

Concentration: Dog Training Class
July 18th and July 25th

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By embracing new knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, our mission at AHNA is to provide the highest level of medical, dental and surgical care possible; to deliver it with integrity and compassion for our clients, but most importantly, to constantly see ourselves through the eyes of our voiceless patients who understand only that we are gentle and kind; to have as our first priority, relief of their pain and discomfort and to strive to minimize separation from the people they love.