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Celebrating One Year of Puppy Preschool!
Puppy Preschool Video
STEPS - Basic Needs for Cats
Heart Murmurs in Dogs & Cats
Introducing A New Cat to the Household
Dog & Cat Behavior Sessions
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AHNA June 2014 Newsletter 
Celebrating One Year
of Puppy Preschool!
For the past year, Thursday nights at Animal Hospital of North Asheville have been filled with the sounds of puppies, families, laughter and play. Puppy Preschool has been the place to be. Over the past year our Puppy Preschool has grown, changed and developed in to a special place for puppies and their families to socialize and learn.
Our first Preschool session had three wonderful puppies in attendance: Shadow, Zoe May and Brinkley. Since then we have had over 80 puppies and their families join us.  These first families and all of the families that have joined us since have helped shape the lives of our preschoolers and mold Puppy Preschool into what it is today. Whether the families and the puppies were there for only one class or for 8 classes, they were an important part of the experience. We thank you for joining us.

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies - Preschool Video! 
Puppies! Puppies! Puppies! We wanted to share a glimpse into how much fun we had over the past year during our puppy preschool while celebrating our puppy preschoolers. Click Here or on the photo below and enjoy our video. 
S.T.E.P.S. Basic Needs for Cats:
Starting Off on
the Purrrfect Foot
Whether you are bringing a new cat into your household or you already have established feline family members, be sure you have met their basic needs. Cats need more than just food and water available. When cats are stressed it can affect their health and behavior causing issues such as inappropriate urination, lack of appetite, inter-cat aggression and much more. By making your house "cat friendly" and providing these basic needs you will be helping to give your cat a healthy and happy life.

Click Here to learn more about your cat's basic needs.
Heart Murmurs in Dogs & Cats  
By: Dr. Caroline Kiss 

What is a heart murmur?

A heart murmur is an abnormal sound heard on auscultation (listening) of the heart with a stethoscope.   The normal heart makes two distinct sounds often described as "lub" and "dub", which are the sounds of the heart valves closing.  A murmur is often described as a "shooshing" or "whooshing" sound that occurs in between the normal lub-dub-lub-dub sounds of the heart.  If severe, some murmurs can drown out the normal sounds of the heart and can even cause a vibration that can be felt - Click Here to read more.  
Introducing a New Cat
to the Household  
By: Dr. Amy Plankenhorn
June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat month, and thanks to a seasonal increase in the birth of litters of kittens, it is also the height of what we often call "kitten season." It's a great time to think about adopting a new cat into your family.  Adopting a new cat seems like a simple proposition, but there are some things to think about and prepare before bringing a new cat into your home.

Whether you are adopting your first cat or adding another one to your established cat family, it is important to have realistic expectations of how the new addition will work in your household.  Click Here to read some important considerations.  
Dog & Cat Behavior Sessions

How to Introduce a New Cat Into Your Home
AHNA Education Room - June 17th at 7pm

In recognition of June being Adopt-a-Cat Month, Animal Hospital of North Asheville will host a free, fun and informative Help Session on how to introduce a new cat into your home.

Happy Together - How to Manage a Multi-Dog Household

AHNA Education Room - June 24th at 7pm
Living in a multiple dog household has many rewards and benefits, but it also has its challenges.  In this free session, learn how to maximize the joy of living in a multi-dog household.


Click Here to get more information on the classes.  

Testimonial Puppy Preschool:
A Truly Wonderful Experience

We've just completed Animal Hospital of North Asheville Puppy Preschool, and we couldn't be more pleased. I understand that you are Dorothy and Evelyn's supervisors- and wanted you to know what a great job they did. The sessions were really well planned - a great combination of learning, socializing, and play. The topics each week were very important and demonstrated at a simple level - so rookie puppy owners like us could get it. But most important, Dorothy, Evelyn, Tye, and Kiri treated each puppy like the most special and wonderful puppy they had ever seen. All the puppies were showered with love and praise (and plenty of treats). Puppy oops (and ours had plenty) were greeted with a smile and a 'no problem' attitude. Click Here to read the entire testimonial.
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Animal Welfare 
Community Calendar 
There are many ways that you can help our local animal welfare groups. One way is to attend the fundraising and adoption events that each group hosts. For the complete calendar of upcoming events, Click Here.  

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