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AHNA Sponsors AHS Trivia Night
Puppy Playtime Video
Laparoscopic Gastropexy
Dog Park Update
Living Wage Certified
The Yellow Dog Project
Does My Pet Need a Dental Cleaning
Testimonial: Kindness & Understanding
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AHNA March 2013 Newsletter 
AHNA Sponsors Trivia Night for Asheville Humane Society
The Animal Hospital of North Asheville Trivia teams are gearing up once again for a fun night of Trivia! We had a blast at the last AHS Trivia Night and cannot wait.  Please join us on April 6th at the Asheville Event Centre for an event that will benefit Asheville's neediest animals as the funds raised will go to Asheville Humane Society's foster program. It is so much fun!  Even if you have never played trivia before, you will feel right at home and really enjoy this exhilarating evening filled with laughter, love and good-natured competition.  No one is put on the spot as you work as a team, and the questions are so much fun. Tables comprised of 8 people will compete for cash prizes and the coveted title of Asheville Humane Society's Smartest Life-Saving Team. Emceed by local celebrity - Click Here to read more about this fun night!
Puppy Playtime with Dr. Plankenhorn!
Snickie-TuTu looks like a little wind-up toy as she plays with Dr. Plankenhorn during her recent exam. Click Here or on the photo below to watch the video.
Laparoscopic Gastropexy to Prevent Possible Life Threatening Problem

Nikko is a wonderful, seven month old black standard poodle puppy who loves to be rocked to sleep in dad's lap. When he's not sleeping with his dad, he likes to run around and have fun. He has recently discovered the pond near his house where he likes to investigate the ducks, and he also enjoys trips to the beach.  Nikko's parents knew that having him neutered would prevent many health problems such as prostate disease and certain tumors, and also make him more content to stay at home. During his puppy physical examinations, Dr. Plankenhorn recognized that Nikko would grow up to be a large, deep chested dog, both risk factors for developing bloat.  Dr. Plankenhorn recommended that he have preventive gastropexy at the same time he underwent surgery for neutering - Click Here to read more.
North Asheville
Dog Park Update  
There was a very well attended meeting in the Meeting Room at Animal Hospital of North Asheville on the evening of March 4th. Julie Maccarin facilitated the meeting according to the agenda prepared and distributed by Nancy Alenier. City Councilman Chris Pelly was again present to report on the work being done to find and secure a location for the park. Bob Roepnack of Asheville Parks and Greenways gave an update on financial management of donations as our group will need a way to properly receive and manage funds once we move into fund raising for the park. While the most daunting task continues to be locating suitable land in the northern part of Asheville within the city limits, much progress was made - Click Here to read more.
AHNA Recognized as Rare in the Animal Care Industry: Living Wage Certified

Animal Hospital of North Asheville is proud to announce that we are Living Wage Certified by Just Economics. A Living Wage is the amount that a worker must earn to afford his or her basic necessities, without resorting to public or private assistance. The Living Wage takes in account our cost of living in WNC.

"We are proud to promote Animal Hospital of North Asheville as being Living Wage Certified," said Mark Hebbard, Living Wage Certification Coordinator.  "It is rare in the animal care industry to provide a Living Wage - Click Here to read more. 

Dogs in Need of  Space: The Yellow Dog Project
In life, at one time or another, every dog will need space when they encounter other dogs or people. You may have a dog learning basic manners, behavioral modification or specialized occupational training. Some dogs may have medical reasons such as recovering from an illness or surgery, or have a physical limitation such as being deaf, blind or arthritic. Service or working dogs need space to focus on the task at hand. Some dogs are fearful of unfamiliar people or dogs. Sometimes it is the family that may need space and prefer minimal interaction on walks. Whatever the reason, it is always good to give an oncoming dog and their family space - To read more about the Yellow Dog Project, Click Here.  
How Do I Know If My Pet Needs A Dental Cleaning?
Dental Case of the Month: Daisy
When Daisy was 14 months of age, Dr. Golden, Daisy's primary veterinarian, recommended a dental evaluation and cleaning because of tartar and gum inflammation.  

At Animal Hospital of North Asheville, each time your pet's teeth are professionally cleaned a comprehensive evaluation is included to be sure that all dental problems are identified.

Once Daisy was under anesthesia with a breathing tube in place - Click Here to read more.
Testimonial: Kindness & Understanding
A very special thank you to Dr. Earley and to Animal Hospital of North Asheville for the kindness and understanding you showed our Jack the Cat this morning! I have been coming to North Asheville Animal Hospital since 1986, and they have always treated my family with the greatest of care and respect.

Amanda Woodworth

To read all of our testimonials, Click Here.
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Here are links to articles that may be helpful to you in  taking care of your pets.

Local Behavior Center &
Dog Training Assistance 
Animal Welfare 
Community Calendar 
There are many ways that you can help our local animal       welfare groups. One way is to attend the fundraising and adoption events that each group hosts. For the complete calendar of upcoming events, Click Here.  
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By embracing new knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, our mission at AHNA is to provide the highest level of medical, dental and surgical care possible; to deliver it with integrity and compassion for our clients, but most importantly, to constantly see ourselves through the eyes of our voiceless patients who understand only that we are gentle and kind; to have as our first priority, relief of their pain and discomfort and to strive to minimize separation from the people they love.