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I'm married to one, I'm raising four.

       I'm the daughter of one,  daughter-in-law of another. 

               I'm the big sis of two, sister-in-law of three more.

                      I'm neighbor, friend, co-worker, observer, stranger to many.


                                                    I live in a house of all men.

                                          I observe from the inside out.

                                 And I'm here to tell you, 

                        Father's Day or not...  

               Father or not...

 Little boys who grow up and take care of others become Supermen. 



I waited until a week after Father's Day to send out my Father's Day blog post.  I wanted to speak up after the gifts were open, the #happyfathersday phone calls were made; I chose to post post-Hallmark hype. 


Because I have a theory...


If you're a guy -- a nice young man let's say -- whether you have kids or pets; whether you're a loving husband or a good boyfriend; if you're the son of elderly parents, the brother of a shy sibling;  if you're the cousin of a special needs child, or you're an uncle who helps with his sister's kids.... 


If you're a guy who gives his seat to a pregnant lady, or holds the door for an old man, or offers your arm to a blind person at the crosswalk...  If you're an executive with interns, or you tutor an inner city kid;  if you sit on a charity board, coach a community sports team; if you clean the kitchen for your wife, do some laundry...  


you are caring for another. And that is good. 


Little girls are raised to do this. 

Boys, on the other hand, after a quick half-done chore are out the door. 


Girls are concerned, worry, feel, communicate, aid.

Boys say hmm and yep. 


So when boys grow up - or for some it happens sooner - and get a clue - and reach out to help without being asked - that's when they turn into superman. And there's nothing like it. It's a magical transformation. It takes a minute for your brain to process it. 


My oldest son and his wife and their new puppy stayed with us recently before their move to California. To watch him with Winnie, an 8 month old black lab, was the the most charming thing. One hundred percent focus was on his wife and their beloved puppy. He's taking care and keeping them safe. He's donned the S cape - ready to conquer. 


Since there's not a Hallmark day for great guys who take care of us, I'm dedicating this post and playlist to the Supermen in our lives. They deserve a daily celebration, not a day of celebration.  


Share this week's playlist with your supermen. It's got some great new artists to know, and the tunes are air-guitar-worthy. 


Give a listen:  SUPERMAN





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