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 October 29, 2012

                                                                                                 News Blast Vol. 3 No. 4   

The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity of Kansas State University held its annual "A Voteless People is a Hopeless People" event this past September registering over 800 new voters at K-State, as well as in Manhattan and Junction City, Kan.  Members spoke about how important it is to vote being citizens of the United States and how this famous fraternity event came about.  


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CECD Director David Procter Hosts National Webinar on Rural Groceries


A webinar presented to over 50 institutions across the nation discussed the importance of the Rural Grocery Initiative and why it is vital to make available low-cost loans to rural groceries and create successful, healthy communities.      



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ICDD Thanks You for Successful Political Participation This October


Thank you to everyone who attended our Economic Security Forum and our two DebateWatch events this October! ICDD was thrilled with the turnout and looks forward to continuing to teach about the political process and educate voters.  

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We are looking forward to yet again hosting Kids Voting Riley County on Election Day, November 6. Through this program, area schoolchildren get to participate in the political process by casting their own ballot in the presidential election. Interested in volunteering? Email Amanda at amein@ksu.edu.

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