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Shoreline Christian School Alumni Monthly E-Newsletter
April 28, 2016

Charger Golf Classic
Save the Date!

We'll be returning to the top notch Echo Falls Golf Course in Snohomish this summer for our annual Charger Golf Classic. This is a great event for teams as well as individuals, so maybe your office or company would like to join us for the day. We'll be teeing off on Thursday, June 23rd. Online registration will be linked here in the Lance later this spring.

Come Join the Fun 
The end of the school year must be drawing near. The calendar is full of events, activities and meetings. We invite you to join in the end of the year fun! Here's a quick list of places to connect:  

First-ever Chargers 5K
Society Meeting 
Senior Presentations  
Pops Concert 
Golf Tournament
Class Reunions 

Visit our website for more details and information on dates and times.  Hope to see you around!

Tassie DeMoney

Director of Development and Marketing

Charger 5K!

On Saturday, May 7, we are hosting the first-ever "Crazy Socks" Chargers 5K, beginning and ending at Matthews Beach. The junior high and high school students will be participating and collecting pledges to raise money for their class funds and extracurriculars. You can join in the fun by supporting a student or running in the 5K yourself! This event is open to the public and costs just $25 to register (includes a goodie bag!), so feel free to sign up with all your friends and family. Any runner can choose to join in the fundraising as well--it's as easy as sharing a link on Facebook. 

For more information, view the billboard post on our website: 

Featured Alumni:  Paul DeKoekkoek
 A Firm Foundation:  Submitted by Paul DeKoekkoek  - Class of 1973

I have been blessed to come from a great foundation in Christian Education.  Foundation is important! 

My grandfather was born in 1890.  He immigrated to the United State at age 18.  He believed in the foundation of Christian Education.  When the only Christian high school for his son, my father, was miles away he had my dad board with others during the school year so he could get a good Christian Education.  Later, my grandfather was able to be part of forming 3 Christian schools.  Foundation is important!
Because of this foundation my parents sent their 6 children to Watson Groen, now Shoreline Christian.  I spent my 12 years at Watson Groen having a foundation being built under me.  I didn't know it at the time, and some might even say they sure didn't either, but this foundation has served me well.  The closest friends we have are those who we knew while at Watson Groen.  One of the most enduring parts of my life are three couples, we have known from Watson Groen days, who have supported us, grieved with us, celebrated with us and praised God with us for over 50 years.  Foundation is important! 
Debbie and I are blessed with four children.  All four went to Shoreline Christian from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Because Shoreline Christian was an integral part of the community they grew up in, this "foundation" has now become part of who they are.  Loving the Lord, work ethic, community minded and just great parents all.  I do not take this lightly.  Yes, I had a great support system growing up and so did they. To be sure, a big part of that system was Shoreline Christian.  Foundation is important!
Now I am blessed to be the grandfather of two amazing girls who are attending Shoreline Christian.  I asked them what their favorite thing about Shoreline Christian is.  Evangeline who is in second grade said:  My favorite thing is the Jog-A-Thon.  I get to run and help others.  My favorite course is gym and I can almost climb the rope to the top!  The same gym teacher, Mr. B, who taught my kids now is teaching Evangeline.  What a blessing!  When I asked Aurora, who is in pre-school she said:  The favorite thing about school is my friends.  I love playing with them and just being with them. 
I get to be with them on Grandparents Day as well as many special event throughout the year.  I could not be prouder of them and of an institution that has served my family all these years.   
I don't know if I will still be around when they have kids but my hope and prayer would be to see great grand kids at Shoreline Christian one day. 
I have been richly blessed in the life God has given me.  For that I am truly thankful.  Shoreline Christian has been a large part of that blessing that continues every day.  Foundation is important!

New Gym Floor
The last four weeks Mr. B has held his PE classes outdoors. No, it's not part of a new outdoor curriculum. Actually, it was because we were given an opportunity to completely refurbish the gym floor. Since the gym was built back in the late '70s, the gym has been closed for a week once or twice a year for a gentle refinish. This year, thanks to a generous donation, we were able to accomplish a complete overhaul.

The first stage of this process was a sanding down of all the layers built up over the years. Paul Hopkins, building and grounds manager, states that they estimate there were about 60 refinishes-worth (keeping in mind that each time the floor was refinished, 2 coats were used) to sand through. In some ways, watching this process was like sifting through a time capsule. You may have noticed the above photo three weeks ago on our Facebook page. One alum believes it was the original Crusader logo from 1977, when the gym was built.

Not only were all of the layers of sealant sanded off, but the floor was completely stripped down to the wood. The lines for the various basketball and volleyball courts were repainted in school colors, the new logo was added, and some fresh coats of sealant were applied. The floor is now curing, and the PE classes should be back home by Monday.

It's looking fantastic, and we are so grateful for the donation that made this possible. If you're in the area, come stop by to see the "new"  floor in person!

Memorial Garden Plaques
In celebration of our 60th anniversary, a space was created for stories - past and present - a memorial garden. 

Now we need stories!  You can tell your story on a plaque that will be attached to the faces of the benches.  Learn more here.

Featured Alumni Stories:
Each month we like to feature an Alumni in our newsletter.  This is a great way for alumni to re-connect. We would love to hear from you about where you are and what you are doing now.  Share your story with us.

Would You Like to Know What's Happening on a Weekly Basis at SCS?
If you would like to know about sporting events, class fundraisers, and other weekly events at Shoreline Christian, email us to be added to our weekly electronic Charger News or check our our schools' website billboard.

Class of 2006 Summer Reunion
Information has gone out regarding the Class of 2006 summer reunion. We'll be gathering at the Swedish Club on Lake Union on July 30, 2016. If you did not receive the email a few weeks ago, contact Kendra Hoekzema at

Class of 1976 Summer Reunion
We are planning our reunion for this summer on August 12 & 13.  We have also created a page on Facebook:  Watson Groen alumni.  

Contact persons are:  Brian Odgers at 206-313-4628 or 
Cindy Patten at 
or 951-538-3918.