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Shoreline Christian School Alumni Monthly E-Newsletter
February 26, 2015
Where are you?
Presidential Campaign 

We've  had great response to the Presidential Campaign. Thank you to all who have contributed! Our goal is $500,000 and so far we've raised $247,053. 


We still need your help! Please consider supporting the education and formation of the next generation so they too can be transforming influences in the world.

We're excited to have Rep. Ruth Kagi on campus March 14 @10 to share her vision for Early Learning and to help us understand where and how private childcares and preschools can be a part of that vision.

All are welcome to attend. Find out more...

A Gift


 In 1988, I was offered the opportunity to become the administrator for Watson Groen Christian School.  Arnie Vogel had told me that he was stepping way and invited me to apply.  I had grown to really appreciate Arnie's advice and openness to all my questions as I was working to help get Sunnyside Christian's new high school started.  When the job offer came,  I had to admit that I was scared.  Arnie had built quite a reputation, and I was not really worthy to be able to step into his shoes.


I was working with Terry Kok at the time.  Terry graduated from Watson Groen and was the Social Studies teacher along with being the Athletic Director at Sunnyside Christian.  In picking his brain about what I should do, I had to ask him about this high school Math teacher and Athletic Director whose reputation was larger than life.   He was tough, he was driven, and he had a high set of standards.  Terry laughed and told me that was all true, but that Denny Roosendaal had a heart the size of Washington State.  There would be plenty of room in Denny's heart for me and for my family.


Arnie got me started in administration and Denny kept me in it.  Over the past month, God has seen fit to take both of these men to be with Him.   The Watson Groen/Shoreline Christian community has been given a gift of coming together to tell stories, to laugh, to cry, and to reconnect because of what Arnie and Denny have meant in our lives.   Our current community is called to give thanks for what they get to enjoy because these two men cared about our school's future.


Tim Visser


Featured Alumni:  Aaron Nudelman
Submitted by Aaron Nudelman


I attended Shoreline Christian School from preschool through 12th grade - that's 15 years!  So it might come as a surprise that more than 15 years later, I'm still in school.


Just two months after graduation from SCS, I packed my bags for warmer days in sunny Santa Barbara, California, where I attended Westmont College.  My plan was to play baseball, sunbathe on the beach, and maybe do a bit of studying.  I did play baseball for Westmont my first two years, but I quickly found that it was not much fun juggling college sports and schoolwork, so junior year I retired from baseball and dove full-force into my studies.  I graduated from Westmont in 2003 with a BS in Biochemistry / Molecular Biology, and I immediately signed up for yet another stint in academics, this time a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the University of Washington. 


My time in graduate school was great.  Although it took me nearly six years to finish, it seemed that time flew by.  I worked long and hard hours studying and doing scientific research, but I still managed to find time to play soccer on three teams.  It was on one of these teams that I met my to-be wife, Emily.  We quickly realized that we wanted to be together forever, but our timing wasn't perfect.  Emily was on the verge of a one-year trip to Italy and neither one of us wanted to let our relationship get in the way of such an amazing opportunity.  So, we put our relationship on hold while she lived out her dreams in Florence and Venice and I buckled down to study for my General Exams. 


Fast-forwarding a few years, shortly after receiving my Ph.D., my adventurous, then six-month-pregnant wife, Emily, and our 100-pound golden retriever set off to Copenhagen, Denmark, so I could take a postdoctoral research position in a cancer research lab at the University of Copenhagen.  While postdocing in Denmark, I also had the privilege of working as a consultant for a start-up biotech in Boston, MA. 


Denmark was incredible.  This is one of the coolest cities I have ever visited.  It is completely flat, and the local government has created an infrastructure of curb-separated bike lanes throughout the city that make it incredibly safe and easy to bike-commute.  The result is that the majority of the population bikes everywhere.  We quickly bought a giant cargo bike called a Christiania Bike and used it as our car, emulating the Danes in every way we could, and especially in their anti-automobile spirit. 


Our life in Copenhagen was quiet and simple, and it really helped our family to learn who we are as Nudelmans, as Americans, and as children of God.  We experienced great tragedy while we were away, suffering attacks on our comfort when our neighbor invaded our home and stole money from us, and when we watched from afar while several cherished family members moved on to be with God.  But while in Copenhagen, we also enjoyed watching our family grow with the births of our son Ethan (nearly 6) and our daughter Addison (nearly 4).  Throughout this time, we learned to trust in God's providence and to rely on the comforting support of the Spirit.  


Now our family of four is back in Seattle and I have switched gears, moving out of research science and into the legal profession.  I'm working at a law firm here as a biotech/life sciences patent agent while attending law school at night at Seattle University. 


Our kids Ethan and Addison attend SCS kindergarten and preschool, respectively, and they are loving it!  It is so fun watching them grow and learn in the same place I was many years ago.   


Mr. Dennis Roosendaal Remembered


As a Shoreline Christian community our hearts are heavy with grief over the passing of Denny Roosendaal on January 31st.  Mr. Roosendaal taught at Watson Groen/Shoreline Christian for 43 years, starting in February of 1961 and retiring in June of 2004.  He was also the athletic director for 35 of those years. He exemplified the meaning of "love thy neighbor." 

Not only was he a well-loved and respected teacher and athletic director, but his wife, Vonnie, was also a teacher at Watson Groen Christian/Shoreline Christian for many years, and his children and some grandchildren are WGC/SCS alumni. "Mr. R" left quite a legacy and we are blessed to have known him.


Memorial Garden Plaques
In celebration of our 60th anniversary, a space was created for stories - past and present - a memorial garden. 

Now we need stories!  You can tell your story on a plaque that will be attached to the faces of the benches.  Learn more here.

Where Are You Now?
Each month we like to feature a different Alum in our newsletter.  It's a great way to re-connect. We would love to hear from you about what you're doing now.  Share your story with us.

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SCS Chargers Golf Classic

Save the date for the annual golf classic and help support Shoreline Christian athletics and tuition assistance! We will once again be golfing at beautiful Echo Falls. Mark your calendar now so you don't miss out! Thursday, June 25, 2015.