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Shoreline Christian School Alumni Monthly E-Newsletter
January 22, 2015
Where are you?
Presidential Campaign 

We've  had great response to the Presidential Campaign. Thank you to all who have contributed! Our goal is $500,000 and so far we've raised $237,261. 


We still need your help!  If you didn't get a chance to give, it's not too late!  Please consider supporting our school with your donation.

Accreditation Survey Comments


In December, we sent out an accreditation survey to our community near and far. The response was terrific! Thank you to all who responded! We are still weeding through the data, but two trends have emerged from the comments. First - we have fantastic teachers. There are numerous comments about our great teaching staff.  


The second is the need for more students. We have been working hard to recruit new students, just this week we've talked to 15 prospective families. However, we can't do it alone! We are asking you, our alumni, to partner with us in recruiting new students. You have first hand experience to share!

Also please join us in praying for new students! 


Tassie DeMoney

Director of Development and Marketing


Featured Alumni:  Kari Holly
Submitted by Kari Holly

After graduating from SCS in the spring of 2013 I attended Azusa Pacific University.  Originally, APU was not the plan, but for some reason I felt called to go to school there, and when I went down to visit, it just felt right to me and my family.  After months of looking forward to moving down to California and going to school down there the time finally came, so we made the journey down and I started classes.  But somehow it all felt wrong.  I couldn't understand why God had led me to this school only to make me so miserable when I finally got there, but this fall I finally figured out why.


This past fall I got the incredible opportunity to be a part of the Disney College Program, in which I worked at Disneyland, primarily as a Skipper on the Jungle Cruise.  From the end of August through the first week of January I lived in Anaheim and drove to work every day at the Happiest Place on Earth.  As a skipper I got to take boatloads of guests through the jungles of Asia, Africa, and South America while trying to keep them entertained with joke after joke and pun after pun.  While some cruises seemed long and the days seemed even longer, it was a truly rewarding experience to help create that Disney magic that guests seem to experience every day.  In addition to rescuing boatloads of guests from charging hippos and frenzying piranhas, I could also be found waking up singing parrots to perform in the Tiki Room, and herding guests down Main Street during parades and fireworks.


While many days were far from easy-especially those spent working parade control-they taught me a lot about people.  I learned that some guests just need to be heard, whether it's a complaint about the terrible day they've had so far or a wonderful story about their daughter that dances in the parade, sometimes all you need to be is a listening ear.  But on the other side, I learned how little things like saying hi and smiling or taking time to read a nametag and calling the person by name can make such a big impact on a cast member's day (and I think that goes for most workers anywhere).  Working at Disneyland changed who I am; just like being at SCS molded me into the person I was before.  And now, as I attend UW, my life will change even more.  But the foundation built by what came before will still be there.


This past semester that I spent in California was more than I ever could have hoped for.  But it never would have happened if I had a different first year of college.  If I would have been happier at Azusa, or had gone to a different school to begin with, then I never would have sought out this opportunity. As we like to say on the Jungle Cruise: "When life gives you lemons, be glad you weren't a zebra!"


In all seriousness, we rarely know where God's plan is taking us, but a little blind faith and sometimes a whole lot of waiting can make things a whole lot clearer.


Mr. Arnold Vogel Remembered


Shoreline Christian is mourning the passing of beloved former teacher and administrator, Arnold Vogel. Mr. Vogel served at Watson Groen Christian School from 1970 - 1988.  Mr. Vogel went home to be with Jesus on Sunday morning, January 11th. We are blessed to have known him and will miss him dearly, but celebrate his new life in heaven. Please join us in praying for his family.



Memorial Garden Plaques
In celebration of our 60th anniversary, a space was created for stories - past and present - a memorial garden. 

Now we need stories!  You can tell your story on a plaque that will be attached to the faces of the benches.  Learn more here.

Where Are You Now?
Each month we like to feature a different Alum in our newsletter.  It's a great way to re-connect. We would love to hear from you about what you're doing now.  Share your story with us.

Would You Like to Know What's Happening on a Weekly Basis at SCS?
If you would like to know about sporting events, class fundraisers, and other weekly events at Shoreline Christian, email us to be added to our weekly electronic greensheet or check out our schools' website billboard.

Save the Date! 

SCS Chargers Golf Classic

Save the date for the annual golf classic and help support Shoreline Christian athletics and tuition assistance! We will once again be golfing at beautiful Echo Falls. Mark your calendar now so you don't miss out! Thursday, June 25, 2015.