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Shoreline Christian School Alumni Monthly E-Newsletter
December 24, 2014
Where are you?
Presidential Report

In November, we sent out the Presidential Report with a special message from Tom Rietkerk, the current SCS School Board President. 


Take a minute to read the full report and consider giving to your alma mater. 




Many Thanks


What a fantastic year! We have enjoyed connecting with you, hearing your stories and sharing news of SCS/WG with you. 


We are grateful for the ways you've been involved -participating in the golf tournament, attending the auction, coming out for homecoming, reading the Lance, liking us on Facebook, and financially supporting the school and students. 



Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!



Tassie DeMoney

Director of Development and Marketing


Featured Alumni:  Kristian St. Clair


My first film "This Is Gary McFarland" about the famed in his time yet since forgotten Jazz arranger/composer/vibraphonist had a long gestation to finally being released this year. I first conceived of the film around 1999 shortly after I graduated from the University of Washington, right as the concept of desk-top filmmaking was starting to become a reality. I had interned on Bill Nye the Science Guy, worked at Local Video mecca Scarecrow Video, and majored in Journalism at the University of Washington. I shot the majority of the film from 2000 - 2004, editing a version that eventually premiered at SIFF and other film festivals in 2006 & 2007. I was never fully satisfied with that version and around 2010 decided to re-edit the film working with the film editor I'm working with on my current film project.

 Finally satisfied with the film itself and intending to self-release it myself, I happened to read about local NPR DJ Jim Wilke (Jazz after Hours) having a cache of unreleased tapes of jazz performances from Seattle's long gone jazz club, The Penthouse. I reached out to him and he graciously allowed me to release the recordings with my film. Once it was shaping up to be a DVD/CD combo package, local label Light in the Attic (2 of their releases are nominated this year for Grammys in Best Historical Package and Best Liner Notes) became interested and offered to distribute the title.


Senior Picture 1990

It would be remiss of me not to mention two of my teachers at Watson Groen who made a big impression on me and encouraged my intellectual curiosity in matters of art, literature, and cinema;  Richard Verver and Rose Kosen.  I think Mr. Verver appreciated that I was one of the few students who understood his "Rosebud" references (Citizen Kane, if you don't know), and I still remember Mrs. Kosen screening our Literature class Roman Polanski's film version of MacBeth, which completely blew me away at the time and remains a top favorite to this day. It is also still the best cinematic adaptation of Shakespeare to date.


I also need to mention my recently departed friend Kyle Warnick (Watson Groen class of '89) who I had known since the 4th Grade when we were both at Concordia Lutheran and continued to see when we both worked at Microsoft. We bonded early on over James Bond films, their incredible music scores by John Barry, and The Road Warrior. He loved hearing about my film work and I loved hearing his take on everything. I was really looking forward to giving him a copy and discussing this release with him. Sadly it was not to be.


To learn more about Kristian's film and his other projects visit: Century67 Films 

Homecoming 2014
We had a great turnout of alumni for the homecoming game on Dec. 12th against Darrington! Thanks to all the alumni who turned out to cheer on our teams as we swept the Darrington Loggers!

It was a fun night! Several of the alumni participated in a BUMP game before the boys' varsity game, which was won by Jessica Hoogerhyde ('13), and then enjoyed a reception following the games.

Do you recognize any of these alumni that were at the game? 

Eric van der Giessen ('76), Char DeKoekkoek ('78), Steve DeKoekkoek ('78), Dale Alberda ('80), Lois Deelstra ('80), Jenni Monillas ('81), Heidi Alberda ('82), Ron Alberda ('84), Julie Alberda ('85), Darla Jurgens ('85), Tom Rietkerk ('85), Todd Reynolds ('86), Tammie Haulter ('95), Jonathan Monillas ('05), Kathleen Foster ('05), Andrew Ott ('06), Nathan Weiford ('06), Julie DeKoekkoek ('07),  Maria Anderson ('11), Jessica Hoogerhyde ('13), Austin Lowell ('13),  Abby DeKoekkoek ('14), Natalie McPherson ('14), Danika Reynolds ('14)

Memorial Garden Plaques
In celebration of our 60th anniversary, a space was created for stories - past and present - a memorial garden. 

Now we need stories!  You can tell your story on a plaque that will be attached to the faces of the benches.  Learn more here.

Where Are You Now?
Each month we like to feature a different Alum in our newsletter.  It's a great way to re-connect. We would love to hear from you about what you're doing now.  Share your story with us.

Would You Like to Know What's Happening on a Weekly Basis at SCS?
If you would like to know about sporting events, class fundraisers, and other weekly events at Shoreline Christian, email us to be added to our weekly electronic greensheet or check out our schools' website billboard.

A Look Back at 2014

Here are just a few highlights from 2014:


In February we made the switch to our digital weekly Greensheet Newsletter.


The April issue of the Alumni Lance was our first digital monthly newsletter for Alumni.


After teaching 40 years at SCS, 6th grade teacher Wayne Clousing retired and Tiffany Davis took over 6th grade in September.


A mascot change was voted in.  We are now the Shoreline Christian Chargers.