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April 2014, Vol. 1

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The Seventh Grade Play: Eleanor The Queen

Sixth Grade: Roman Army Day

I was so pleased to attend a dress rehearsal of the Seventh Grade's performance of their class play, Eleanor The Queen.  The students' poise (and comic timing) was truly impressive. We're in class play season now, and while some of the younger grades' performances are intended for families, the Fifth Grade invites you to their performance of Helen of Troy on April 10th. If you are the parent of a younger HVWS student, it is really fun to watch these upper grade performances and imagine what your own child has in store!  And if you are a potential HVWS parent, the class plays are another great way to catch a glimpse of Waldorf education in action. You can read more about class plays at HVWS on our most recent Blog entry.

Enjoy the warmer weather, sunshine, and mud,

Christina Dixcy
Communications and Outreach Director

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April 12th marks an historic anniversary for Housatonic Valley Waldorf School.  It was on this date in 1989 that the first group of parents met and planted the seeds that grew into HVWS!


Please help us begin to celebrate this quarter-century milestone by sharing what you love about Waldorf education and HVWS.



Rainbow Garden School Store Spring Sale


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM

HVWS Community House, North Campus


10% off your entire purchase!

Spring Basket Items, Books,

Home-Baked Refreshments, Coffee, and Tea


New Items: Beeswax Candles and Puzzles

Toys * Beeswax * Games * Arts & Crafts

Dolls * Candles & Luminaries * Books

Goatboy Soap * Honey * Uriel * Tea


Parent Wei Bertram will be there serving up Arogya Tea!
Arogya teas, Peabody Mountain Apiaries honey, hand-felted eggs

Fifth Grade Class Play



Eurythmy Room, Lower Level, Compass Hall.  

Please join the the Fifth Grade for their performance of Helen of Troy.

Earth Day: Volunteers Needed



Newtown Middle School, Queen St.  

We are looking for volunteers to represent HVWS at our booth during Newtown's Earth Day celebration. Please e-mail Christina Dixcy at if you might be able to help!


Poster Distribution Volunteer Needed


Do you live in or around Monroe and would you be willing to distribute posters for HVWS events to local businesses?  If so, please e-mail Allison Valentino at

Spring Benefit



  • Do you have hotel points you could donate? Could you help arrange a donation of a hotel room for one night in New York City? If so, please contact Marisa DelMonaco at
  • Would you like to help a group of parents and teachers sew a menagerie of animal finger puppets? We'd love your help!  Please contact Aliz Mihok at
  • Would your company like to advertise in our Spring Benefit Program? Full, Half, and Quarter page ads are available! Click HERE for specifications.
Annual Appeal: Matching Gift 

We have received a generous, anonymous matching gift for our Annual Appeal!  HVWS can receive an additional $25,000 if we can raise $25,000 -- this is a one-for-one match.  Every dollar donated becomes $2 with the matching gift. 


Please help us reach our goal of 100% school community participation by making a tax-deductible donation today!



Register Online for the second session of Parent-Child classes.

Inside the Classroom


Rose Kindergarten

Whether the weather is cold or whether the weather is hot, we will weather the weather whether we like it or not. The Rose children have been outside daily of course, enjoying the weather! During circle time we are asking King Winter to please step aside. We are the little brown bulbs in the ground jumping out of bed and we notice that all the birds have come back again.  Story time is a nature story about the first signs of Spring. The brown song sparrows tell the gnomes to wake the seed babies and root children, and to make a big pot of broth for all! 


Sunflower Kindergarten

The Sunflower children are getting ready for spring. This week they began making little yellow chicks. During the next two weeks they will be working on making their spring baskets, planting wheat seeds, painting eggs, and making wool butterflies. At circle time they become a brown bulb that doesn't move at all when King Winter roars. But when Lady Spring comes tiptoeing, they lift their heads and jump out of bed! Then they are hens, chickens, rabbits, spiders, fairies, and caterpillars that transform into butterflies. 


First Grade

In the last story of this Numbers block, we practiced our 2, 5, and 10 times tables as we learned about the old woman who had to serve dumplings 2 by 2 to the hungry goblins, using 10 grains of rice to make the flour for the dumplings, and piles of 5 fish thrown to the goblins when the dumplings ran out. Numbers are delicious! 



Second Grade

Second Grade is learning cursive writing using the Vimala alphabet, hearing Jakata tales, and looking forward to completing our auction project this month!  


Third Grade

Last week we found ourselves immersed in the wonders of Grammarland, while in story we learned of David's heroism and calm. We also finished our critter-feeding "gingerbread" house, which we carefully carried over and then ceremoniously presented to the Kindergartens and placed in their garden on Friday.


Fourth Grade

The Fourth Grade wrapped up their Human and Animal block with a visit from some very cute spring chicks! We are now embarking on a quest to read, create, and explore the world of map-making in our second Local Geography block.


Fifth Grade

As the Fifth Graders learn about Ancient Greece and Mythology, as well as the latest addition to the parts of speech (direct and indirect objects), they are also learning the lines of their class play, Helen of Troy, to be performed on April 10th at 6:30 PM (that's if we can have one day of class when all the students are present!). Backdrops, mask making, and setting the stage are only a few of the tasks they are engaged in for their performance.   


Sixth Grade

In March the Sixth Grade had Roman Army Day. We learned about the life of a Roman soldier during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-180 CE).  Our guide was Lucius V. Elerius, a time-traveling Ancient Roman, who stopped by to teach the class how to write Latin script on wax tablets, how to conduct a ceremony honoring the Roman gods, and how to play a large board game called Legio 172 AD, which the class is still playing. It is based on a true encounter between the Legions of Marcus Aurelius and a Barbarian army set north of the Alps in modern-day Germany. Will the Sixth Grade outcome match the true events of history? Next time we will provide the results! The class also went on a scavenger hunt in Dura-Europos, the Roman city excavated by Yale University and displayed in the University Art Gallery in New Haven. We studied and sketched Roman sculpture and even found the name of an Assyrian King written in cuneiform!  


Seventh Grade

The Seventh Grade had a great experience in working towards their performance last week of Eleanor the QueenWe are now busy studying the life of King Henry VIII and how he was instrumental in bringing the Reformation to England.  


Our deepest sympathy goes out to Patricia Campbell on the passing of her mother.
Our Gratitude
The Puppetry Committee would like to thank Lark Bergwin-Anderson, Maggie Disbrow, and Monica Mihok for helping us at our last puppet show.

Thank you to Elizabeth Reznikoff for assistance in the grades.


From the Early Childhood Teachers & Students: Thank you very much, Ms. Bergwin-Anderson and the Third Graders, for the beautiful gift you gave us! The bird seed houses are very pretty and we will enjoy seeing the birds coming to our playground to eat the seeds.

Thank you, Kara Reese, for your help with the Seventh Grade class play stage and costumes! Thank you, Melissa Merkling, for support with the music for the play.


Thank you, Lucius Vitricious Elerius, AKA Ed Wittkofski, for leading the Sixth Grade on Roman Army Day!  





"Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages

 in the biography of souls." 

~David Thomas





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