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Monthly Insights
Thoughts from Pat Baillie, Director of Training & Professional Development

This month, being Pride month, we are hearing a lot of discussion about the longest running US federal bill for LGBT Equality - the Employment Discrimination Act or ENDA. The current bill has been introduced, discussed, tabled, passed by one house, and ignored for years so that today, LGBT employees still do not have federal protections in the workplace. Many people think these rights already exist but there are still 29 states where you can be fired based on your sexual orientation and 33 for your gender identity. Battles have been waged state by state but with midterm elections looming, ENDA has come up for discussion.  

ENDA includes a very broad religious exemption but still has not passed. The exemption includes:
  • A complete exemption for houses of worship, parochial and similar religious schools, and missions
  • A codification of the so-called "ministerial exemption" recognized by many federal courts, exempting positions at religious organizations that involve the teaching or spreading religion, religious governance, or the supervision of individuals engaged in these activities
  • A provision allowing religious organizations, for classes of jobs, to require employees and applicants to conform to a declared set of significant religious tenets, including ones which would bar LGBT people from holding the position
The third provision means that an employer who states that significant tenets exempt hiring LGBT employees is not subject to judicial review and is only applicable in proceedings under ENDA.

There is a discussion growing in the larger community to withdraw the current version of ENDA and introduce a new bill that removes these exemptions. An equally strong voice says we should get ENDA passed and in place and ensure workplace equality. I remember the discussion in 2008 about the inclusion or exclusion of gender identity in ENDA. It was a needed discussion and many groups felt passionately about their side. What I also remember is Congress basically saying to the LGBT community and allies, "go figure out what you want and come back to us when you have decided". This caused yet another series of delays as we worked to ensure full LGBT inclusion. 

We need to add our thoughts and opinions to this discussion and help shape the next few years of workplace equality. The companies who work with Out & Equal are already there and support full inclusion for LGBT employees but there are thousands of other companies who have not started that journey yet and should be getting the best law possible to begin those steps. 

So this Pride, remember to celebrate but remember to add your voice into the issues facing us not only in the US but around the globe!   


Pat Baillie

towncallTown Call

Executives Coming Out: The Next Generation

Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 12 pm Pacific Time, 1 pm Mountain | 2 pm Central | 3 pm Eastern

We have seen many national and global changes on LGBT workplace equality over the last few years since the release of the Out & Equal at Work: From Closet to Corner Office. What are today's executives and those emerging leaders who hope to become executives facing on the job? How does working with LGBT ERGs or being out in the workplace impact your chances to reach the corner office? Are we seeing culture changes across the sectors and around the world? Join us for this honest look at balancing your career path and bringing your whole self to the office as we hear from those living it today!

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Trainers' Corner
News for Out & Equal Certified Trainers

I have started adding a new exercise when I teach Building Bridges. After I finish up presenting the LGBT Community current history information, I ask participants to pair up and talk about their LGBT history. Why are they in this class, what do they know about the LGBT community, and when were they first aware of the LGBT community?

Taking 5-8 minutes to share with a partner is enlightening. For those of us who are LGBT, it gives us that chance to tell our coming out story. Allies find that they also have a story to share and for many, this is the first time they get to talk about why they are involved. For many who are just starting to be aware of LGBT employees in the workplace, it helps them to identify what they may have been taught in the past or to open up about any fears, stereotypes or questions that they are hesitant to ask. So far, every time I have done this exercise, there has been someone who realizes that they have a place in this discussion and are part of the work we are doing for LGBT equality.  

It goes back to the stories again. So use the facts and details but remember to share who you are and why you do this work!  Pride is a great time to celebrate our accomplishments, get to know each other better, and get recharged for challenges ahead!  Thanks for being part of history!



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