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Town Calls

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December 13 - The Business of Fighting HIV/AIDS: From Walking to Running

January 31 - Have Faith! Navigating LGBTA and Religion Issues at Work

February 20 -Out & Equal 2013 Annual Workplace Summit Kick Off

February 28 - What ERGs Need to Know About the Inclusion of People of Color

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Classroom Trainings/Events


January 23 - 27 - Creating Change, (Atlanta, GA)

Feb 15 -17 - Center for Excellence in School Counseling and Leadership [CESCAL], (San Diego, CA)

Out & Equal University Online Training

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  January 15, 22, 29 at 1:00pm Pacific for 75 minutes - Building Bridges Toward LGBT Diversity (LGBT 101 Cultural Competency) - prerequisite for Train the Trainer

February 6, 13, 20 at TBD Pacific for 75 minutes - Marketing to the LGBT Community (Bob Witeck and GLAAD)

February 7, 14, 21 at 1:00pm Pacific for 75 minutes - Train the Trainer Certification for LGBT Diversity/Ally Development

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February  5, 12, 19, 26 + March 5, 12 at 12:00pm Pacific for 75 minutes - Virtual Summit/Hurricane Series - 6 of the best rated and cancelled workshops from the 2012 Summit presented as live webinars (archived webinars will be available after the series)  
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Current Research
Bias in Hiring Based on Perception of Sexual Orientation

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Trainers' Corner

Thursday, January 17 2:00 pm PST        

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Moderated by Pat Baillie 

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Monthly Insights
Thoughts from
Pat Baillie, Director of Training & Professional Development
I was wandering around the internet tonight and found an article from the U.S. Post Office celebrating 100 years of delivering letters with children's wishes to Santa. In 1912, Postmaster General Frank Hitchcock authorized postal employees in New York City to respond to the letters, and invited the people of New York to join in, through a program that came to be known locally as "Letters to Santa."  My dad was a postal employee so this story made me think of him and what would be my holiday list this year.

First, I really appreciated the early gift from everyone in this country who went to vote their conscious. Then when we opened up the results, I was personally glad to see the administration return for four more years. So here's what I hope for this year:
  1. Just like in 1967 when the laws against interracial marriages were overturned, it is time we have our day in court. And it is time for the government to recognize the value and rights of people who love each other providing them full benefits under law.
  2. Action from the White House through Executive Orders to move beyond just policy protections to tangible inclusion through domestic partner benefits for mandating federal contractors to include sexual orientation and gender identity in their Equal Employment Opportunity polices.
  3. Another one of those early presents this year was from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission extending Title VII federal protections to employees based on their gender identity.  My hope is that in 2013, those same protections based on "gender stereotyping" will be extended to sexual orientation and there will be at last the first step to full LGBT workplace equality.
  4. I know I would like to put the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) on the front burner but the political experts think this isn't going to happen.  I think this is the decision point of "whether I believe Santa Claus or not".  I am not ready to let go of doing the right thing, continue to press for ENDA passage and take that next step toward full LGBT workplace inclusion.
I hope talking about my holiday wish list, getting others to think about it and getting involved every day to make a difference will be contagious and next year we will have more to celebrate!  Best of the holidays to you and yours and we will be back with more opportunities in 2013!

Pat Baillie 
Trainers' Corner

News for Out & Equal Certified Trainers


 You are ready to step up in front of the class and teach about LGBT Diversity in the workplace.  You know the concepts, the business case, how to talk about allies but what else do you need to think about before you start.  Malcolm Knowles, a pioneer in the study of adult learning, had some thoughts about what it means to work with adult learners.  He suggested that learning happens best when:

  1. Adults understand why something is important to know or do.
  2. They have the freedom to learn in their own way.
  3. They can go through learning that is experiential.
  4. The time is right for them to learn.
  5. The process is positive and encouraging.

Most of our trainings are open and optional for attendees so we usually have a head start on #2 & #4. Part of the philosophy of Out & Equal is to be positive and encouraging and letting people ask questions so we should have #5 covered. Let's take a look at #1 and #3.


It is our job as trainers to help attendees understand the why of the course and that they are part of changing the workplace and creating LGBT inclusion. Whether they are LGBT, have been an ally for years or just wanted to find out what all the talk about LGBT means, they need to know why what you are going to tell them is important. Talking about the bigger perspective of ALL our diversity and how there are times when we feel like we are the only ones goes a long way to bridging the "why" gap.

It is hard to take all the knowledge we have and move from informational giving to experiential learning. We have to start with some basic facts and information about the LGBT community but if our company has 100% on the Corporate Equality Index, we may not need to spend a lot of time on Domestic Partners or establishing Employee/Business Resource Group topics.

Be sure tools like the dyad exercise and using the Ally Tips provide the learners with a chance to try out new skills and ask questions.  

People want to learn when they come to our courses. Remembering that adult learners want more and want to make a difference can have amazing results. Thanks to all the trainers for your work in 2012 and looking forward to moving LGBT workplace equality forward in 2013!  


Please join us for our next monthly Trainers' Forum webinar on Thursday, January 17 at 2:00 pm (PDT). Contact Pat Baillie for more information. 

ResearchCurrent Research

Bias in Hiring Based on Perception of Sexual Orientation  


The "Study of the Month" column features LGBTA-related research studies conducted by members of the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP). SIOP is the premier membership organization for those practicing and teaching Industrial-Organizational Psychology, the scientific study of the workplace. For more information about SIOP, please visit


Individuals' perceptions of personality in gay male and lesbian applicants can potentially be a factor in the hiring process.  In the current study, we asked individuals to evaluate a resume and rate the applicant's personality, specifically the Big Five, masculinity, and femininity. The resume potentially included sexual orientation cues such as gay and lesbian affiliated organizations, reflecting a gay male or lesbian applicant. Results suggest that individuals rated the resume reflecting a gay male applicant as more feminine and less masculine than the resume reflecting a heterosexual male applicant. In addition, individuals rated the resume reflecting a lesbian applicant as less agreeable than the resume reflecting a heterosexual female applicant.


The most interesting and practical information garnered from these results is that individuals were able to form stereotypical perceptions of an applicant's personality based solely on a resume. A resume consists of limited cues and information regarding an applicant's sexual orientation; in this case organization affiliation. It is important to note that individuals were able to observe these limited cues and form stereotypical personality perceptions of the applicant on the basis of those cues.    


This study was presented at the annual Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology conference in April of 2010 by Megan B. Morris and Gary N. Burns. For more information, please contact Megan Morris at

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Out & Equal is committed to ending employment discrimination for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees. We believe that people should be judged by the work they do, not by their sexual orientation or gender identity. Every day, we work to protect and empower employees to be productive and successful-so they can support themselves, their families, and contribute to achieving a world free of discrimination for everyone.